Sunday, November 25, 2007

more than you probably want to know

One Hundred Truths

1. last beverage-
Diet Pepsi

2. last phone call-
Eric telling me that he just woke up and was glad I called.  He called yesterday to say that he was added to the catering team at work YEAH ERIC

3. last instant message-
from Eric saying....Stuffing for turkey?  He was asking me if he needed to buy stuff for the dressing for thanksgiving.  Didn't need it because Mom got the turkey and dressing from Lubys Eric and I made everything else to go with it.
4. last cd played
A CD of some of the bands that play at The Oasis where Eric works.  It is a fine dining restaurant that has a live band that plays outside to the people who eat out on the patio.

5. last time you cried-
Watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  It was about  a family who lost both of their parents.
6. what was the last thing you watched?
Cold Case

1. dated someone twice
Of course...if you mean only twice of course

2. been cheated on?-
Yes but the way I look at it it was his loss.  It was back when I was in high school.  My husband who I have been with for almost 27 years now has NEVER cheated on me...I think it is such a loser who cheats on their spouse.

3. kissed someone & regretted it? -
Afraid so....almost broke a tooth

4. lost someone special?-
Unfortunately yes
5. been depressed?
Sure, but not for long.  I just pull myself up and ask God to lead me through the storms and he does

6. been drunk and threw up? -
Um//yes.....I drank a whole bottle of Strawberry Hill.....not a wise decision......never again...
1. Aqua
2. Blue
3. red

1. Made a new friend - my new job I have become great friends with Ann and Gary
2. Laughed until you cried -
Many times.

3. Met someone who changed your life -
Jesus. At the age of nine.  He is the only one who can really change your life

4. Found out who your true friends were? -
As far as I can tell

5. Is there something you want to tell someone?
I love you all
6. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life?
I feel closer to you guys sometimes than I do the friends I see everyday

8. Do you have any pets?

Tiny and four kitten cats
9. Change your name -
If I did I wouldn't know if someone was speaking to me
1. What did you do for your last birthday?!
Went bowling with Rick, Amy and Gilbert.  I also sang a song in front of the whole bowling alley.

3. What were you doing at midnight last night?-
Sleeping while watching a movie

4. Name something you CANNOT wait for? -
Getting to meet some of you
5. Last time you saw your father? -
Thanksgiving day.  He had a big gash on his forehead because he fell earlier in the day and landed on his weights.

6. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life?
I wish Eric lived closer to home.  I wish me and my big sister could get together and do stuff
8. Have you ever talked to Tom?-

9. Who's getting on your nerves right now?
my neice.....

9 1/2. Who is always getting on your nerves?
my neice
10. Most visited webpage?

001. Whats your real name-
My friends know my name....
002. Nicknames?
Hannah Montana
003. Status -

004. Zodiac sign-

005. Male or female-

010. Natural Hair color -
dark brown...believe it or not
11. Long or short hair
015. Are you health freak? -
Nah, but I need to be.

016. Height -

017. Do you have a crush on someone?-
Matthew Mc Connaghag
018. Do you like yourself -

019. Piercings -

020. Tattoo -

021.Righty or lefty -

022. First surgery -

023. First piercing -

024. First Ever best friend -
Matthew and Mark twins in kindergarden
025. First award -
long jump
026. First sport you joined -
27. First pet - really and she looked just like the original too

028. First vacation-

029. First concert -

030. First crush -
Matthew and Mark LOL
049. Eating -
50.Drinking -
Diet Pepsi

052. I'm about to -
Go to bed

053. Listening to -
television....don't know the name of the show....just back ground noise.

055. Waiting for -
this survey to finish

058. Want kids?
God already gave me the best one he made...waiting on the 10 grandkids now........

059. Want to get married-
You are a little late with that question seeing as how I have been married over 26 years now, lol.

060. Careers in mind?
I guess I am going to be an Insurance Agent

079. Drank hard liquor-

080. Lost glasses/contacts -
oh yeah, not a good thing.I lost my contact down the drain and had to wait over two months toget another one...seeing with one eye only.
081. Ran away from home -

084. Broken someone's heart -
Yes, but I didn't mean to.

085. Been arrested -

086. Turned someone down -
Yes a drunk who asked me to dance
087. Cried when someone died -
what a stupid question
089. Yourself -

090. Miracles-

093. Santa Claus-
Of course!~

095. Kiss on the first date-
Depended on the guy LOL
096. Angels?
Of course.


097. Do you love anyone?
outside of family and friends? God

098. Had more then one boyfriend/girlfriend at same time?
um yes and one of them was Rick but they both knew about it

099. Do you believe in God?
With all my heart and soul.

100. Posting this as 100 Truths?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Name 5

Meme: 5 Things

A. Found in my room

1.  Many, many books
2. Clothes that I don't wear that I will grow back into...
3.  2 alarm each side of bed...
4.  papers and old magazines I am going to read one day
5.  Tiny and all her babies
B. I have always wanted to
1.  Go to Italy
2.  teach children
3.  become a child psychologist
4.  lose weight
5.  have more free time

C. Found in my Bag

1. Cell phone
2. paid bill receipts
3. change
4. Ibuprofen
5. keys

D. Found in my Wallet

3 credit cards
5. drivers License

E. I am currently into

1.  This hot cup of coffee I am drinking with creme Brule creamer
2. don't say..;-)
3.  My cozy house...
4.  Reading
5.  LIFE!!!!!!!

F.  Non Family/Friends Phone Numbers in my Cell
1.  doctors office
2.  the bank...
3.  Work. my old job
4. renters number
5. Eric's apartment office.
G/ Things in your Fridge
1. food LOL
2. half a gallon of 2 percent milk
3. 6 eggs
4. snickers with almonds!
5.  bell peppers.
H. People you buy gifts for
1. Rick
2. Eric
3. My side of the family
4. The kids on Ricks side of the family
5. Tiny
I. Things on your wall
1. Eagle hook rug
2. Angel bear hook rug
3. Erics pictures
4. Calendars
5.  Picture of Lindas kids
J. Things on your desk
1. mouse
2. coffee cup
3. blank cd'a
4. microphone
5. my angel
K. Fun places you have been
1. Erics
2. Six Flags
3. Disneyland
4. Sea World
5. Papa and Grans house
L. Things in your car
1. 4 little icechests...they were on sale
2. 3 bottles of detergent....on sale LOL
3. empty coffee cups
4. jug of water
5. jumper cables
M. Things you Need to buy
1. more milk
2. Christmas presents
3. new broom
4. more stamps
5. socks
N. Things you can't live without
1. Jesus
2. Rick and Eric Pepsi
4. jland friends
5. music
O. Best Books U Have Read
1. Bible
2. The Rapture of Canaan
3. Sybil
4. Fern Michaels
5. VC Andrews
P. Songs you love
1. all of them except RAP
2. He Keeps Me Singing
3. Amazing Grace
4. Anyway by Martina McBride
5. Josh Groban songs
 Q. Names You Have Been Called
1. Barbara
2. Barb
3. Hannah Montana
4. Barbie
5. Bug eyes....mean boys in jr high.....
R. Reasons you love your job
1. great hours
2. great people to work with
3. weekends and nights off
4. no more rude customers
5. challenging
S Seasonings you use alot
1. salt
2. pepper
3. garlic
4. chili powder
5. onion
T. Sites you visit most online
I am Waitressangel there.  Come by and hear me sing.
2. My journal
3. Your journals
4. My space
5. Mail
U. Things you can't stand to do
1. dishes
2. shop for groceries
3. say goodbye
4. go to dentist
5. get a shot
V. People you miss
1. Christi
2. Eric
3. Pam
4. Mom and Dad
5. nieces and nephews
W. Great women you have met online
1. Both Lindas
2. Robin
3. Both Lisas
4. Barbara
5. Ally, Mosie, Marsha, Holly, Amanda, MANY MANY MANY MORE>>>if your name is not here I still love you..Marina, Win etc.
X. Great men you have met online'
1. Hadonfield
2. Mike
3. Pharmalo
4. John
5. Beardy
Y Year you most loved
1. 1979 year I graduated
2. 1981 year I got married
3. 1984 - present Eric
4. 2007 its a new day
5. 1968 I got my baby sister
Z. Dreams you have had
1. about a house
2. to become a child psychologist
3. to become a famous writer
4. to become a famous singer
5. to meet YOU

Friday, November 2, 2007

Yep I'ts Another One

1. Is there someone you wanna date? Matthew McConahy and when I do I will learn to spell his name....only I don't think Rick would let me....maybe if we doubled with him and Jennifer Aniston.....
2. Name one annoying thing? Telemarketers!~And people calling my house for student loans and telling me that I won something only to go and listen to some boring talk and pressure selling condos I can't afford and then winning a trip to Florida only you have to pay for a place to stay there and even if all that was taken care of I couldn't get Rick to go with me....

4. What is your name? Barbara.

5. Name a quote from the song your listening to: Animal Crackers in my soup, animal crackers loop the loop....and I don't even have small children here LOL

6. How is life going for you right now? Pretty good I job better hours  Eric is doing well and Rick is too
8. Are you keeping a secret from someone that needs to know the truth?
Yes, but I am not suppose to know about it
9. What are you watching? There is some old preacher on tv but the sound is muted.  No wait I think he could be a doctor.nope a preacher

What do you think of your siblings? I miss my little sister very much.  She is now an angel in Heaven.  I miss my older sister too. She lives in another city.  I love her so much and wish I could see her more.  Today is her birthday!  Happy Birthday Pam!
11. What was the reason you last cried? I was sad this morning when I called Pam to wish her Happy Birthday but I didn't cry..... I guess it was when someone cussed me at my old job

12. What was the first thing you said when you woke up today?:
Good morning is what I said to Rick....I told myself...that was a great nights sleep!

13. Last time you couldn't take your eyes off someone?:
Today at work there was the cutest little boy.  He recited the Pledge of Alligence for me he was little and could almost say the whole thing.
14. What do most people call you? Barb, Barbara and one little boys swears that I am Hannah Montana.
15. Who is your celebrity crush? Matthew...we discussed this already.

16. Have you ever hated someone, but ended up being friends with them?:
In junior high maybe
17. What do you think of people who don't have sex before marriage?:
I think that they were raised by parents who taught them right from wrong....but....some people aren't that does not make me love them any less.
19. Are you more independent or dependent?:

20. Ever had the opposite sex over when no one was home?:
Who me?

24. How did you meet the 2nd and 4th person in your top?:
There are no people in my shirt

25. How old are they?:
They are 46 thanks for asking

26. Who will you see tomorrow?:
Rick and Tiny IM OFF!!!!

27. Have you ever been cheated on?:
yes in high school long story and also a couple of times when I played Monopoly with my sister
28. Where will you drive when you drive next?:
Probably the dollar store for cat food....

29 Do you listen to loud music while your driving? When I am with Rick or Eric
30. When was the last time you went to the mall?:
With Eric when I went to Austin

31. What'd you buy?:
nothing.....but then we went to Best Buy and I got some computer games

32. Do you give out second chances too easily?: Yes everyone deserves a second chance

33. Where was your last car ride to and from?:
to work and home

34. Do you hold grudges?:
No because if you hold them too long they pee on you.....
35. Ever felt that no one related to you?:
Once a week
36. Had plans and broke them?
who makes plans anymore besides Martha Stewart

37. Believe in the phrase "dont put off until tomorrow what you can do today"?
yep, but I do tend to be a procrastinator. ::sigh::

38. What is the last book you read? Insurance Text Book
39. What are you reading now?: Insurance Text Book

40. Are you a tease?: no I wear my hair straight
41. Who are you jealous of?: rich people

42. What can always make you laugh? Eric and Tiny and definately Rick when he isn't making me crazy
43. Where do you see yourself in 4 years? Selling insurance