Monday, July 31, 2006

Problem solved

Okay it is back to normal now!  Please continue to leave your comments because I love reading each one.  I will answer you back if you do...even if it is just to say how much I love each and every one of you...

Rick is working out of town this week, so I am a bachollerette.

I can eat when I feel like eating, sleep when I feel like sleeping and spend as much time as I want on the computer...

But I do miss him already!!!!!

My Dad came today to pick up his book that I finished proof reading for him.  I got paid!!!!

Also I won 58 dollars on a scratch off lottery ticket yesterday..

And as I was going through my mail I found a rebate check for 49.99!

And I am getting 25 hours for next week at work.

Keep praying!!!!  I am loving the results!!!!

I am being truly blessed.

Please keep praying for Eric as I know God has something special planned for his transportation situation!!!

Off to read a book and chill!


For Instance...I never got any of these comment alerts!!!!

I can not believe Tiny poses like that. My dog would never. Love all your postcards. In Feb. I want you to sing to me too.
Comment from am4039 - 7/30/06 11:07 PM

  Ok Miss Marla...I will remember to call you on Feb 22 and sing to you!!!!  Yes Tiny is quite the ham!!!!  The only problem is that she kept trying to shake hands and knocking the cards off the chair!!!! LOL Barbara 

Aren't j-friends the best? Love the pictures. Paula
Comment from plieck30 - 7/30/06 9:29 PM

  Yes!!!!!!! Jland friends are the best!!!!  I love you all!!!!

oops; forgot to say, Tiny is a great model :)

Comment from lv2trnscrb - 7/30/06 8:19 PM   

Barbara; great postcards you got! I follow most of those journals too :)

Comment from lv2trnscrb - 7/30/06 8:18 PM

   It was so cool to get mail besides bills!  And like I said...Miss Tiny is a ham!!

YAY!! You FINALLY got one of my postcards! The one from Disney never showed up? I'm so bummed out. I had a note to Tiny that Pluto said hi on it!
You are such a sweetie! Martha :-)
Comment from lifes2odd - 7/30/06 7:00 PM

  Yes!!!! Thank you Martha!!!  And I still have something to look forward to!!!! 

Tiny should model:)

Comment from jckfrstross - 7/30/06 4:34 PM

  She wants to be Lassie when she grows up. LOL  She is so spoiled!

I got a postcard from Linda in CA too.  It was a nice surprise.  Sorry I have not been around to visit much.  Have been sooooooooooooooo busy and had sooooooooooo much going on.  Love the pics of your baby with the postcards, toooooo cute!~

Blessings my friend!~
Comment from rjet33 - 7/30/06 3:06 PM

  Yes, LInda is a real doll!  I just love her and her family! I miss you!  Stop being so busy and come by more often!!!

How sweet to be spoiled like that
Tiny cracks me up modeling LOL
enjoy your sunday Luv, Marina
Comment from stansgirl2004 - 7/30/06 11:56 AM

  Hi Marina!  I miss our daily chats!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Let's talk soon! Barbara

Yippe!!!  I so love you!  Thank you for the pimp!  Tiny looks so natural posing for pictures!  She should be on the cover of a doggie magazine!  xoxoxoxo
Comment from tpiez4me - 7/30/06 11:42 AM

  I loves ya right back!!!!!  Tiny says to tell everyone Hi!....I wonder if I should send Tinys picture in for a calendar??? 

Again, thanks to our dear Robin for starting the postcard exchange.  The nice thing about it is, now we have addresses for future cards, postcards and notes. Little surprises from time to time.  Linda in WA
Comment from lsfp1960 - 7/30/06 11:31 AM

  Robin rocks!  She always has such great ideas!!!!  I am happy that I have some of your addresses so that I can spoil you back!!!!
OK guys...I know this is cheating....but do you realize how long it would take for me to do these separately?  I just hope that I start getting my comment alerts again....did they stop doing that?  If so...I don't like it.  I like sending everyone their own personal comments to my comments..... any comments????LOL
Until next time...Love you all Barbara 

About Your Comments...

I was wondering why I wasn't getting any comments and guess what?  I was...But APPARENTLY..... Aol isn't giving us all of our comment or new entry alerts....So please keep commenting and I will just have to start checking my journal more.  I am going to go and answer the comments now.....Thanks for the understanding and patience with me.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Got Permission!

Cellphone VS. Bible


Makes you stop and think where our priorities are.......
> **************************
> Cell Phone vs. Bible
> I wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phones?

> What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?
> What if we turned back to go get it if we for got it?
> What if we flipped through it several times a day?
> What if we used it to receive messages from the text?
> What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?
> What if we gave it to kids as gifts?
> What if we used it as we traveled?
> What if we used it in case of an emergency?
> What if we upgraded it to get the latest version?
> This is something to make you go...hmmm...where is my Bible?
> Oh, and one more thing. Unlike our cell phone, we don't ever have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill!


Written by herheadsnacloud . Link to this entry

Bambi wrote this entry and I asked to post it in my journal.  She sweetly gave me permission to use it.  Go by and check out her journal!  This one is a keeper!

Thanks Bambi!!!!

You've Got Mail and some Doggy Tail

Angel BlessingYesterday when I went to the post office I recieved a great surprise.  There in the box along with bills was a great and wonderful prize.  I got a postcard from both sides of the states!

From My friend Sharon in NC I got the Myrtle Beach post card:

Hey Sis

Wipe that frown off your face- put a smile in it's place!  Got my guest room ready yet? xoxox

Tiny:  You need to start your own blog!  Love ya "Coastal Comfort"

The card was addressed to Tiny too, it was her first postcard so it will be going in her baby book.

Next I got a postcard fromMartha in Florida:

Hi Barbara!

This is where I live!  My house is right there under the spray from the boat.  That is the beach that I walk on, play on, and got to watch the sunsets!  Love Ya! Martha :-)

What a lucky duck she is!!!

Then I got one from Barb of Mount Rushmore...I am not telling what she wrote because it was only for me.  Thanks Barb!

And last but surely not least was my postcard from Linda in California!

Hello from California!  My favorite part of Yosemite- the waterfalls- only two hours from Fresno.  B proposed to me rafting on the river in Yosemite and then we went back for our honeymoon in a tent....Sending hugs and Smiles...Linda

Linda, Barb, Martha and Sharon are truly friends to treasure.  They all have great journals and brighten my day.

Sharon is a mom and wife in NC and has the most beautiful daughter.  Go by for a visit and you will never want to leave


Martha is a blessing to me also and I am just getting to learn more about her.  Always there with a smile and kind words

Barb just had a birthday yesterday and I called her at 5:30am to sing for her....she didn't recognize my voice at first....I hope she had a great day!  Go by and wish her a happy year

And my wonderful family in California Linda and her crew of boys can turn my frowns upsidedown and they are always so busy!!!!  I think Linda is one of the most caring and kind people I have met here in Jland.  Thanks Linda!

Go by and say Hello if you know these girls...if not go and meet them , they are my sunshine on the dark days, laugh with and at me on the good days, and always there for me.

All of you are special to me and I look forward to hearing about what is going on in your world! XOX Barbara

Oh and by the way....has anyone noticed that I have a name twin here in Jland?  She has a journal that she started recently.  Her name is BLynn like mine.  I love her journal it is full of great tips and stories...Go by and visit her and tell her I said Hi.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Tiny is the Queen

We had a visitor the other night.  The neighbors kitten came in to see what Tiny was always bragging about living in her castle.

Tiny was extremely rude and chased her under Ricks chair.

Needless to say we had to bring her back home.

She was not a welcome guest..

Too bad because I love cats!

But if I have to choose it is Tiny hands down.

Scavenger Hunt #85

Scavenger Hunt #85


The entries for Scavenger Hunt #85 will be due on Sunday, July 30 at 11:00 PM EST.

The subject this week is:  Glass

To Play visit Krissy at Sometimes I Think...

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family.  This is Leroy.  I found him yesterday doing the dishes.  What a great kid, does housework and everything!

I let him out for a walk on the flowers and had a hard time getting him to go back to his glass.

Tiny has been guarding her kibbles with every move Leroy makes.  She stands by her bowl and growls.....

The 5er



      Hi guys!!! 

If you want to play all you do is cut and paste these questions into your journal. (there is no deadline as to when you can do "The 5'er) When you have answered them come back and leave a link in Robins comment section.  On the following Friday she will have a new set of questions! Have fun!




1.  Do you think McDonald's has the best french fries or Buger King?  McDonalds...although since seeing the movie Super Size Me I won't eat there anymore...if you love McDonlads don't watch it!


2.  If you could change the month right now what month would you make it and why?

I would make it October because Rick, Eric and I are going to try to go on vacation together to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary that was in June.....

3.  When you put on a pair of shoes which foot do you put the shoe on first?

I believe I do my left foot first.

4.  What is the biggest lie your parents ever told you?

My parents would never tell a lie...yeah ok...maybe a white one like on April Fools day...the only day when it is legal.

5.  Do you keep your eggs in the carton they come in or in the special egg spot on the refrigerator door?

They stay fresher if you keep them in the carton because everytime you open the door they are exposed to heat. So I keep them in the carton.

That was a bunch of odd questions.. but what else would you expect from the great and wonderful Robin!!!.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

You Asked!

    I sang that number a little differently it went something like this - - Miss Suzie had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell TOOT TOOT, Miss Suzie went to heaven the steamboat went to HELLo operator give me number 9 if you disconnect me I'll chop off your behind the refridgerator there was a piece of glass Miss Suzie feel upon it and broker her little ask me  . . . blah blah and so on.

    Oh well . . .

    Q. If you were stuck in the movie ground hog day, what day of your life would you want to have to live over and over and over and over and over and over?

    Amanda :)

    Comment from trickeytricky - 7/27/06 12:31 PM

      I'm not sure I would want to live any day over...maybe my wedding day and I would be more relaxed and not all freaked out and enjoy the day.  I would love to have one of Erics good childhood days back like maybe a trip to Del Rio where we went swimming and fishing.  Those were the days my friend, you wish they'd never end we'd sing and dance forever and a day. 

    okay; another one: When did you accept Jesus as your Savior?

    Comment from
    lv2trnscrb - 7/27/06 12:14 PM

      I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior on February 9th 1970.  I was baptised the next sunday on my birthday at the age of 9 years old.  I was raised in a Baptist church and attended everytime the doors were open.  I cherish my memories of church as a child and the time I spent in youth group learning more about Jesus from some very spiritual youth directors.  I know that Jesus lives in my heart and that one day I will go to Heaven to spend eternity with Him.  Thanks Betty great question!   

    oh my gosh, I just read Robin's question!!!! I will do one not quite so daring. Do you remember what the first order was that you took at the restaurant you used to work for?

    Comment from
    lv2trnscrb - 7/26/06 11:17 PM

      Yes Robin has been sent to the naughty chair and she is still in time out!  Now as for the answer to your question...I honestly can not remember what my first order was.  I worked there for 7 years....It could have been their specialty pig sandwich....or maybe something for breakfast like pancakes and bacon.  

    Hey Barbara,
    This is kinda a personal question, did you choose just to have one child or did you want more and just couldn't have them? Just wondered some people choose one child others want a big family. You're so sweet you seem like you would have been a great mom for a big family.
    Then if you could travel anywhere in the world for free and do whatever you wanted, where would that be and what would you do?
    Take care, Chrissie
    Comment from nana0014 - 7/26/06 11:07 PM

      Not personal at all Chrissie...did you see Robins question? OM goodness LOL...anyway I always wanted alot of children.  Rick really just wanted a girl and a boy.  But God looked through his angels and went me the best one he had.  God knew that I would be busy working with other peoples children and would need time to do his work.  He did bless me with the most wonderful child and I thank the Lord daily for him.  I am waiting now on that child to produce me about 10 grandchildren.....hint hint...
    It isn't that we didn't try to have another child...I just never concieved after Eric. Thank you for your sweet comments
    If I could travel anywhere for free I would love to go to Italy and see the birthplace of my grandma and grandpa.  I think the scenery there is beautiful.  I would love to scuba dive in a blue ocean. 

    Where do you come up with these things, I never heard that but its cute. Paula
    Comment from
    plieck30 - 7/26/06 5:00 PM

      I steal them from other the poem is just something we would say as kids out of the ear shot of Mom and Dad because this kind of language would mean a trip to the spanking session...yes my parents did spank us...mostly Mom...Daddy was the softie as far as spankings go...My mom was an expert...she was the one that the kids were went to at school for licks....I am glad I was brought up in a house that cared about my actions and disaplined me when I needed it.  That is what is wrong with alot of children today...they get to be the boss.

    I remember that little rhyme! :)

    Comment from
    butterflies4me04 - 7/26/06 4:30 PM


    How old were you when you lost your virginity and were you married at the time?
    Comment from
    robinngabster - 7/26/06 3:13 PM

      Robin, Robin, to the naughty chair with you!
    If you must know I was 21 and I have only been with Rick.  I was raised by the word of God which says that you should be married.  I do not judge what others choose to do, I am only responsible for me.
 if anyone else has a burning question they would like answered....Ask On!
    I ain't Hadon says and I ain't scared neither!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Peter Peter pumpkin eater

Had a wife and couldn't keep her

Put her in a pumpkin shell

And there she went to

Hello operator give me number nine

And if you disconnect me I'll kick your big

Behind the refrigeator there was a piece of glass

Sally slipped upon it and fell on her great big

Ask me no more questions

Tell me no more lies

The boys are in the bathroom

Pulling down their

Flys are in the city

Bees are in the park

The boys and girls are kissing in the D A R K darkdarkdark.

Ok go ahead shoot...Ask me anything your heart desires.....



Quiz for grownups...

Quiz for grownups...
This one comes from fasttrack my friend Linda
1.Assisted living or nursing home?Definately assisted living! I did not sacrifice all my extra time and effort into this house to be put out of it when I got old.
2.What is your least favorite clinic to go to? all of them, I'm not good with doctors...also I hate to go to the dentist
3.If you won the lottery, which loan would you pay off first? Erics student loans,  credit cards, get a new car for Eric,then Vacation...
4.What do you want to be when your kids grow up? A grandma with ten grandchildren!!!!

5.Do you still remember who your first grade teacher was? Mrs.Lynn and my best friend was Susan and I am still friends with her today!

6.How many years has it been since you graduated? twenty seven years...

7.How many hours of sleep (including naps) do you need each day? seven

8.Sex: weekly, monthly, or annually? whenever we feel like it why do you want to know?  Are you writing a book?LOL

9.X-lax or Metamucil? Neither

10.Happiness is to know the Savior living a life within his favor having a change in my behavior Happiness is the Lord.

After that everything else just falls into place.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday Feathers To Tickle Your Funny Bones


Dear Friends,

After opening the medicine cabinet door caused my hairbrush to tumble out, ricochet off the sink and into the toilet for the third time in a week, I decided I needed to make a little room in the cabinet.

The first thing I pulled down was a bottle of pills that had been prescribed by a doctor who died six years ago. At this point I had no idea what the prescription was for and, frankly, I'm not even sure it was for me, as the label had faded a long time ago. But since I don't know what it's for, I'll never know when I'll need it. So I put it back.

I suppose I'll keep my half-full jar of liniment. I indulged myself in a week-long addiction to this stuff after I strained a muscle in my neck. This brand uses heat to soothe aching muscles and it works pretty quickly. Next to it is a bottle of calamine lotion. It was used only once -- when I burned my neck rubbing too much liniment on it.

I should also probably keep my vertigo pills, even though a yellow sticker on the side warns: May Cause Dizziness! Now, you can look at this two ways. 1.) Don't take anything that might cause dizziness; or 2.) While the vertigo will make me dizzy in one direction, the pills will make me dizzy in another direction, countering the effects.

I was wrong. There was nothing I could part with. So I made a decision: I just won't open my medicine cabinet door anymore.


Why do mermaids wear seashells?
Because B-shells are too small and D-shells are too big.

LOL  Live Laugh and Love today!!!! 


OREO® Ice Cream Shop Pie

Prep Time: 15 min
Total Time: 4 hr 15 min
Makes: 10 servings


1/2 cup hot fudge dessert topping, divided
1 HONEY MAID Graham Pie Crust (6 oz.)
1 tub (8 oz.) COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed, divided
1-1/4 cups cold milk
2 pkg. (4-serving size each) JELL-O OREO Flavor Instant Pudding & Pie Filling

REMOVE 2 Tbsp. of the fudge topping; set aside. Spoon remaining topping into crust; spread to evenly cover bottom of crust. Top with half of the whipped topping; freeze 10 min.
POUR milk into large bowl. Add dry pudding mixes. Beat with wire whisk 2 min. or until well blended. (Mixture will be thick.) Gently stir in remaining whipped topping. Spoon over whipped topping layer in crust.
FREEZE 4 hours or until firm. Remove pie from freezer 15 min. before serving. Let stand at room temperature to soften slightly. Drizzle with the reserved 2 Tbsp. fudge topping. Store leftover pie in freezer.

Jazz It Up
For more chocolate flavor, prepare as directed using an OREO Pie Crust.

Make it Easy
If fudge topping is cold, remove cap and microwave on HIGH 30 sec. or until easy to spread.


Call me when it is ready...I will bring the spoons!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Ya'll Be Good!!!

If you don't believe that God answers are quite mistaken.

I had some prayer request only a few days ago:


Things I need prayer for: 

1.  Eric will get a good and dependable car that he can afford Keep praying on this one!!!

2.  I will get more hours at work Last week I only got 11 hours for the whole week...with your prayer I got 20 this week!  Keep praying...I could use a few's a wonderful start though!

3.  My white car will get fixed Rick fixed my car!!! It was just a loose wire and didn't cost a dime to fix!  Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.  I will keep up beat and not let this get me down  I am still praying along with you and I have a happy outlook!

5.Everyone will stay healthy.We are all healthy and feeling great!

And an unexpected source bought a weeks worth of groceries and now we can pay Mr. Bill on time!

So if something or someone needs prayer in your life my best advice is to put it in the Lords hands.  Why worry when you can pray about it?  I know that something good will happen in the Eric situation.  I believe!!!!

Also I got a side job as a proof reader for a soon to be released book.  So if you don't see me around too much do not worry about me.

I am doing the Lords work!


Please continue to keep me and my family in yourprayers.  We have some awesome prayer warriors in this group and I am proud to call you friends!

Thank you and may God Bless you and your loved ones. 

Sunday Funnys On Monday

Get What You Pay For

ON THEIR WAY home from Sunday worship, Willy and Wanda were complaining about their church—the pews were too hard, the sermon too long and the organ too loud.

In the backseat, little Wally quietly listened to all his parents’ complaints. Finally, he piped up, “What do you expect for a dollar?”


You May Be in a Country Church if...
  • • PRAYERS ABOUT the weather are a standard part of every worship service.
  • • The pastor is wearing boots.
  • • High notes on the organ set dogs in the parking lot to howling.
  • • There is at least one pledge of two calves in the annual stewardship drive.
  • • The minister never has to buy any meat or vegetables.
  • • When it rains, everyone is smiling.
  • • The church directory doesn’t need last names.
  • • Finding and returning lost sheep is not just a parable.
  • • Four generations of one family sit together in worship every Sunday.
That’s a Bright Idea

A COUPLE OF country bumpkins, Harry and Larry, ran away from home. Since it was dark, they carried a flashlight to find their way.

Eventually, they came to a large body of water. “I know how we can get across,” Harry said. “I’ll flash the light on the water, and you can walk across on the beam.”

Larry shook his head. “I may not be very smart, but I know that’s not going to work. As soon as I get halfway across, you’ll turn off the light.”


English Major

EMPLOYER: Sure I can give you a job. Start by sweeping out the store.

Employee-to-be: But, sir...I’m a college graduate.

Employer: That’s OK. I’ll show you how.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Don't Pull My Tail!!!

Ok so last night when I was going to sleep I had an idea for an entry.

Lately I know I have been a sour gummy worm and I am sorry about that...but it is called LIFE>

Any way I got to thinking about stuff that annoyed me...

One of my biggest pet peeves is my hair.

I have long straight hair down to the lower middle of my back.  With the summer heat I wear it up in a pony tail most days.

Here is what gets me.

No matter where I go people seem to think this is like a rope to get my attention.

People are constantly pulling on my pony tail.

Reasons this bugs me are:\

1..Well first of all it hurts!

2.  This almost always causes me to have a headache for the rest of the day.

3.  Lord knows where their hands have been.

4. I have a name....try saying it instead of yanking on my pony tail.

5.  It pulls the hair out of the band and my head

6.  It is attached to my head.

7.  How would you feel if I reached over and pulled your hair?

8.  It breaks my concentration when I am at work and waiting on a customer.

9.  It is annoying

10.  I almost slapped the preachers wife when she did this one day when I was at work....It was just a reaction

So I guess what I am trying to say is.....

Don't Pull My Tail!

Anyone else have long hair and have the same problem?  Does it irritate you too or am I just getting old?

Now that was so much more uplifting don't cha think? LOL


Saturday, July 22, 2006


Name:  Barbara

Single or Taken: Taken
Happy about that? Extatic

Eye color: Blue
Shoe size: 6 and a half

Height: 4'11 and a half inches
What are you wearing right now? pajama shorts, shirt I made with bear at school that says School is Fun pearl necklace and earrings

Where do you live: Texas
Righty or lefty: Righty
Can you make a dollar in change right now: I am a cashier so what kind of question is that?  If I can't give change I lose my job-----------------------------------------------------------
Kind of pants:  Capris

Animal: Leopards and Dragonflies
Drink: Diet Pepsi
Month: April

Juice: Lemon

Favorite cartoon character: Taz
Have You Ever...
Given anyone a bath: Yes...Eric as a baby, Rick, Tiny and two iguannas

Bungee Jumped? I am not crazy yet!

Made yourself throw-up? Yep
Gone skinny dipping? Back when I was.  Loved someone so much it made you cry? Yep
Broken a bone: Fish bones, chicken bones and arm bone.

Played truth or dare?  Yes, 
Been in a physical fight: I'm a lover nor a fighter and a big chicken!

Been on a plane: Twice...once to Chicago Ill and once to California
Came close to dying:  not yet
Been in a hot tub: Yep
Fallen asleep in school: There is a picture of me in my high school yearbook fast asleep with my face down on my droll Thank God!

Ran away: Once when I was 18...but only for one day
Broken someone's heart: Oh yes I was quite the heart breaker...but I never liked it.

Cried when someone died: Always.  Sheesh, silly question. 
Fell off your chair: Isn't this a daily occurance when you read your email?

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: Yes and he never did...scum

Saved AIM conversations: Once from a girl at work and the ones Eric sent me from school.
Made out with JUST a friend?  No
Used someone: No. 
Been cheated on: Yes, but not by Rick

What is...
New fav:  Sour gummy worms! 
Last thing you ate: Corn on the cob
Ever Had...
Chicken pox: yep
Sore Throat: yep
Stitches: yes...on my eye from a car wreck, my arm, my knee surgery and cesarian

Broken nose: no

Do You...
Believe in love at first sight: Yes

Believe in long distant relationships: Has to be a strong love like Robin and Michael

Like school: yes and no

Question yourself:  Yes and I even answer myself too

Who was the last person that called you?  Eric
Who makes you smile the most: Eric. 
Who knows you the best: Tiny

Do you...
Do you like filling these out:  Yes 
Do you wear contact lenses or glasses: Contacts and I wish I had back up glasses
Do you get along with your family?  Very much so
Final Questions...
What did you do yesterday:  Gave a music lesson to a friend from work
What car/truck do you wish to have: 

One that works.
Good driver: Yes

Good Singer: I love to be the judge

Have a lava lamp:Eric does
Are you double jointed? I don't do drugs!When you last showered: This morning
Scary or Funny Movies? Funny
Chocolate or Vanilla: both

Rootbeer or Dr.Pepper: neither Diet Pepsi
Summer or winter: SUMMER
Silver or Gold: Silver
Diamond or pearl: Blue topaz

Sprite or 7up: I played that game in elementary

Coffee or tea: Cappuccino
Phone or in person: both
Today did you...
Talk to someone you liked: yes
Buy something: yep
Get sick? yes

Talked to an ex: NO
Miss someone: Yes!

 Last person who....
Slept in your bed:  Rick and Tiny

Saw/heard you cry:  Tiny

Made you cry: No need to go into that.
Went to the movies with? Eric

Said "I Love You": Eric

Ever been in a fight with your pet? yes...bath time

Been to Mexico: yes

Been to Canada: no

Been to Europe: no


Do you have a crush on someone right now:  ...Matthew McCaughnehey,

What book are you reading right now: Bitter Harvest by Ann Rule

Best feeling in the world? A huge hug from Eric

Future KIDS names: ?!?!?!?!?!  God already gave me his best I get to pick?  I like Savannah and Michael

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: No

What's under your bed: Scared to look

 sports to watch: none..except maybe ice skating and gymnastics

Favorite Locations: Beach
tattoo's or piercings: piercings ears only

What are you most scared of right now? insecurity

Do you have a job? yes, cashier

Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with: Who hasn't?
Are you lonely right now? No

Song that's stuck in your head right now? None right now..I am concentrating on this

Have you ever played strip poker: No

Have you ever gotten beat up?Yes

Have you ever been on radio/TV: No I weigh too much and would break them

Have you ever been in a mosh-pit: no
Ever liked someone, but thought they never noticed you? Yep


what color is your underwear right now?why would you want to know that?
Whats the first things you notice about the opposite sex? eyes

Your Favorite Food? Chinese

ever get so drunk you dont remember? No

Are you too shy to ask someone out?No

Hugs or Kisses? Both
dogs or cats?  both
Favorite Flower? daisys.
Have you ever fired a gun? Yes and it knocked me on my butt

How many pillows do you sleep with? 1

Who are you missing right now? Eric

Do you think (any of) your ex(s) miss you?They should LOL

Friday, July 21, 2006

Robins 5er

The 5'er
From Robin at;


      Hi guys!!! 

If you want to play all you do is cut and paste these questions into your journal. (there is no deadline as to when you can do "The 5'er) When you have answered them come back and leave a link in Robins comment section.  On the following Friday she will have a new set of questions! Have fun!



1.  Does anyone really care if Oprah is gay or not???

Not really!  I do not judge anyone.  I don't think it is anyones business what someone else is. 

2.  What is your favorite old time game show on tv?

The NewlyWed and my little sister Christi use to pick numbers before the show and root for that couple!  My parents were picked to play a version of this on a cruise they went on once.  They asked my Dad what my Moms bra size was and he said...oh I don't know I guess a Double D....My Mom is more like a B....anyway for the rest of the cruise everyone was teasing her about that and making room for the little lady with the big boobs...sorry mom LOL


3.  I had waffles for breakfast and I was wondering what do other people put on their waffle?

When I get real adventurous I will put chocolate syrup and whipped cream...HEY  I heard chocolate was good for you now. and that is why I have added a nightly diet of a brownie and milk before bed...gotta keep up my strength!


4.  Who do you think would make a good President of the United States? 

My Dad  He is the most honest (despite answer #2..I think he honestly did not know), sincere, loyal and thoughtful person I know

5.  If you could do anything this weekend what would it be?

I'd like to be sitting with Robin and Linda on her couch and watching several  half naked, strong men unpack the rest of her  boxes and bring her a cold glass of ice tea and Linda a Dr. Pepper and me a Diet Pepsi when he gets sweaty. Yup !!

Robin is A True Friend To Me

I have been a little down and trying not to be.  It is just the little things that get to me sometimes.  I try to be uplifting in my journal to help my friends...but sometimes you have to be willing to be the one who is helped.

Robin sent me this wonderful email today and I was so touched.  Thank you to all of you who truly care about me and my family.

I will be strong, I will not let it get me down.  God has a purpose for everything and only he knows .  But I have read the back of the Bible and I know that as a Christian I will win.

God will never give you more than you can handle.

He is always beside me holding my hand.

I just have to remember that he knows best.

God Bless You All


Real Newspaper Ads 
8 years old.  Hateful little dog.   Bites.

1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's dog.

Mother, AKC German Shepherd.
Father, Super to leap tall fences in a single bound.

Looks like a  rat. Been out a while.
Better be a reward.

Also, 1 gay bull for sale.

$300  Hardly used, call Chubby.

California grown - 89 cents/lb.

Must sell washer and dryer  $300.

Call Stephanie.


Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica, 45 volumes.
Excellent condition.
$1,000 or best offer.
No longer needed, got married last month.
Wife knows everything

Hey!!! I Know You!

Last night as I was getting ready to turn off my computer I decided to check my email first and saw an email from a lady who has a journal here named Paula.  I im'd her because she had emailed me that her daughter went to my highschool.  I asked her what year she graduated and she said 1979.

No way!  So did I! 

Then I asked her for her daughters is Leah.

Leah?  Well guess what.....In the sixth grade me and her daughter were best friends!

My mom taught physical education at a middle school where I grew up and since me and my older sister did not get along so well my mom took me to her middle school for the sixth grade.

That's own mom was my sixth grade P.E. coach.

I thought I would have it made!


My Mom made sure I followed all the rules and was tougher on me than the rest of her students.

The first day we went to the gym to play volleyball and gum was not allowed in the gym...I knew this...but come Mom was the coach......

She caught me chewing it and made me put it on my nose and run laps around the own mother!

Anyway this is where I met Leah and we became friends. 

IN seventh grade I moved to the middle school closer to my house as my older sister was now in high school.

We kinda lost touch and Leah later went to my highschool.

We didn't hang around each other by then only because we had both made new friends.

I was shocked after all these years to run into Leahs Mom by her reading my journal.

Leah now lives in Austin very close to where my son is now living. 

Wouldn't it be wierd if I ran into her at the grocery store when I went to visit?

Do you ever wonder if maybe people around you are old friends from school that we don't recognize?

I work in a grocery store now and have run into many people that I have not seen in years.

One day a lady came in and we got to talking.  She was from San Antonio and knew my Dad....they were even presently in an art class together.

It just goes to show you that we must always be on our best behavior because you never know who you might run into from the past.

So I just want to give a shout out today to my friend Leah

Hey girl!!!!  I would love to catch up on the years that have gone by!

Just a quick update....

When it rains it pours...... 

Eric's car is poof.  We will be going up next weekend to see if it can be fixed.  If not we will be towing it back home to be fixed or buried.....I need all my pray warriors to pray about this situation....Eric needs a ride to work and he needs a car fast.

Right now he is riding to work with his chef friends but this is not going to be a good solution for long.

I am keeping a smile on my face and a song in my heart because I know God is keeping me in the palm of his hand and will provide.   

One of my friends from work is coming over later today. She wants to make a tape of her singing...this will be a good distraction for me. 

Things I need prayer for: 

1.  Eric will get a good and dependable car that he can afford

2.  I will get more hours at work

3.  My white car will get fixed

4.  I will keep up beat and not let this get me down 

5.Everyone will stay healthy.

Ok that is it for now....


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ARe YOU Laughing At Me? It's OK

The young man from Texas A&M came running into the store and said to his   buddy, "Bubba, somebody just stole your pickup truck from the parking lot!"

Bubba replied, "Did you see who it was?"

The young man answered, "I couldn't tell, but I got the license



A Texas State trooper pulled over a pickup on I-20.

The trooper asked, "Got any ID?"

The driver replied, "Bout whut?"


A man in Tyler had a flat tire, pulled off on the side of the road, and proceeded to put a bouquet of flowers in front of the car and one behind   it. Then he got back in the car to wait.

A passerby studied the scene as   he drove by and was so curious he turned around and went back. He asked the fellow what the problem was.

 The man replied, "I have a flat tire."

The passerby asked, "But what's with the flowers?" The man responded,

"When you break down they tell you to put flares in the front and flares   in the back!

 I never did understand it either


My friend,
My companion,
Through good times and bad,
My friend,
My buddy,
Through happy and sad,
Beside me you stand,
Beside me you walk,
You're there to listen,
You're there to talk,
With happiness,
With smiles,
With pain and tears,
I know you'll be there, throughout the years!
You are all good friends to me and I am grateful to you
Thank you for being my friends!
XOX Barbara aka Waitress Angel

Barbara...You've Got Mail!!!!

I got mail!!!!!!

Imagine my excitement when I found these two postcards in my mail box along with some letters from Mr. Bill.

Linda from Washington   sent me a gorgoious postcard of boats. 

Hello friend Barbara:

Here is your Washington postcard I wanted to send you one with our maountain, but couldn't find one with water and the mountain....imagine having your own mountain in your backyard!!!

The fancy domed building up in the right corner is our old Union Depot, now contains offices and federal court rooms.  When I was little that's where we went to catch the train to grandmas house....what a great memory

Take care and God Bless-L

Thank you so much Linda!  This made my day brighter knowing you thought of me. 

Then I got another card among the bad mail from Sharon

This girl is so crazy...she gets me and my sense of humor....

She writes:\

Let's get on this boat and vegg for awhile!  Don't we need it?

Now that is what I am talking about!!!! Love ya! Sharon

If you have not met these two wonderful ladies you are missing out BIG TIME.  They light up my life every day and sometimes into the wee mornings. 

Thanks girls...You Rock~!!!!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Listen Here!

111WussiestSongs  Have a listen...I am loving these songs!!!!

Life is Like a ........

Well I guess it is time for an entry.....

A few things have been going on.....

First of all let's get the bad news over with....

Eric called to tell us that on the way to work a few days ago the car started acting up again.  He had to get to work so he had to leave it on the median of Austin highway.

Luckily after work he got it towed to his apartment for 30 dollars...but now we have a broken car until Rick can go check out the situation.

Luckily he has good friends that he works with that he can get a ride to work which is in the next town and too far to walk.

He has given them rides in the past and they are kind enough to return the favor.

I guess Rick is going to have to go and get the car and tow it back here and see if he can fix it.

I am driving the black car again on a spare tire until the flat gets fixed.

The white car doesn't want to start again.....

I hate cars..............

Other than that things are going ok.

I am listening to Aols 111 wussiest far I like all of I am guessing I must be a wuss.

Right now Ben is playing.  Before that If which was one of my wedding songs.

  I was only sceduled for 11 hours at work so I know that is going to pay alot of bills.

Yesterday Rick gave me 30 to go grocery shopping.....HELOO

Have you ever run out of tp and had to search the house for a restaurant napkin?

Have you ever used a coffee filter to drain french fries?

This is my life and welcome to it.

I am looking for the silver lining....the rainbow after the storm and I am one loop short of a bowl of fruit loops.

But life goes on and tomorrow will be here with a whole new set of challenges and I shall soon forget what was driving me crazy today.

Paper Products and Detergents 49.95

Groceries and other stuff we needed 75.39

Car problems....who knows

Jland friends....Priceless!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt #84

EST.  From Krissy at;

The subject this week is:  Things that start with the first letter of your name

Interpret this any way you like.  No rules!  Just have fun!

I DID!!!  Thanks Krissy!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt #83

I know I am late...but I had to work and tomorrow I will let you know about the day I had...... 

I chose to feature the jewlery my sister left me when she went to Heaven.

And my angel here who keeps me strong.

She is there for me when I am happy to play with

She is there for me when I am sad and lays next to me with a sad look upon her face and licks the tears from mine

She is there for me when I sing...she really listens.

She greets me at the window first with a wave and then at the door when I come home from work.

I love her sooo much.

For Martha Who Wants A Dog Named Fugger

Past - Present - Future
Name five things from your past that you have experienced or accomplished, five things you are happy with presently and five goals or dreams for your future.
Here's my answers...
1. Spent every Summer traveling to Illinois to visit my relatives because we were the only ones who lived in Texas
2. Taught childrens music and that reading is fun!!!
3. Worked in a restaurant where I played the piano for tips in between waiting tables
4. Lived on and managed a bow hunting ranch, where me and my sister in law were the only two women for miles
5. Gave birth to the most wonderful angel God sent to me, and the sister in law above had her baby on the exact same day nine hours before me...did I ever tell ya'll that story???
1. Living with my super husband who is the best at everything....and I do mean everything!
2. Am very proud of my one and only son who is already a chef at the age of 22.
3. Live in a little house by the woods in the middle of the city
4. Work with the public who make it my goal to make them happier and loved before they leave my checkout line
5. Love all my new friends in Jland!
1. Vacation in Italy...maybe even move there
2. Meet some of my Jland friends
3. Finsih writing my books
4. Record my own music and have my first concert and give front row seats to all my Jland friends and their families
5.  Live in a house with walls and floors....
Answerin your own journal but be sure to leave a link here in the comments. Come on, play along! For me? Pleeease! :-)


by lifes2odd

Great job my friend!!!!

What Is He Typing?

What is he typing?
He's typing "Barbara is a child of the King!" linda in WA
I love you, I have no idea. marla
I don't know... lol... He's checking his email!! Or probably playing a game... lol
Beats me. LOL what's up with that? LOL  Barbara in Lubbock
huh ? mawmellow
I think he is typing that Jland Rules!!!! me

Saturday, July 15, 2006

They Want Me Back Now

Let me bring up up to date:

In October I will be at my new job as a cashier for a grocery store a year already.

Before this I was a waitress across the street at a restaurant.  I was there for 7 years,

I worked my way up to asst. manager and was offered the management position 4 times.

I always declined because I did not want to be tied down to a job.

I survived 6 managers.

The last one was an evil witch. She had no experience in a restaurant and I still cannot figure out how she got hired in this position.

After I taught her how to do everything she demoted me to waitress again and gave my title to her cousin who had worked there before and was doing credit card fraud on the customer.

I walked out the same day.

There was alot of people doing illegal activities there including drugs.

I called the owner to warn him of his restaurant going under with her as his manager.  He chose to side with her.

Finally he has seen her true colors and she has been fired.

Now they want me back.

The same cooks are there.  They talk bad about people when they aren't included and act like your best friend to your face.

 They have hired in new wait staff all family members of the last manager.

These girls have attitude and treat the customers terrible. They are rude, talk on their cell phones while taking an order forget to put in orders, bring out cold food.

The business has lost a of regular customers.

I hear everyday about how bad it is.

Now they want me to go back and straighten it all out.

There is a lotof back stabbing that goes on there.

I do not feel safe going back

But I do need more money and hours......

talk me out of it.

I love working where I do now except for the amount of hours and no tip money.

What do you think?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm Back!!!!

Martin the repair guy to the rescue!!!! He came by yesterday and changed out the mother board......

Not the problem....

Came out today and put in new processor!

Thank goodness I am still under warranty.  I was going to take his picture, but he seemed kinda shy.

I am just glad to be back!

I still have a flat tire, a broken down white car and trash bags coming that I will have to send back...

But my computer who cares!

Next week they only gave me 11 hours again.....I don't know what to do about that.  they cut every ones hours again.

My old job is begging me to come back...but I do not want to go there again.

Too much back stabbing and no chance for a raise or any benefits....

Right now I get few hours, no benefits yet because I am part time .

But I have gotten a raise already after 6 months and guaranteed a raise every six months if I am doing a good job.

Also I have received two bonuses there.

The Lord will provide and lead me...I just have to be patient....

Ok now I am going to go and check up on my 92 alerts and see what you guys have been up to.

Thank goodness I had this quick fix.....

Love ya, Barbara