Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ultrasound of RUQ

Had to fast this morning.....not fun....but when I read that Missie had to fast for 3 days, I thought...suck it up Barb....anyway I am having an ultrasound today at 12:30. I have to go into San Antonio to get it done because the small town I live in doesn't have that here. Or a Walmart either ...jus sayin...and so Rick will be going with me and he said he was going to take me out to eat after.
I will be going by my parents house to pick up the mail from their neighbor...she is an angel...she has been picking up my parents mail for 2 years now because as you know they are in Heaven now. She picks up the mail so it will look like someone lives there and it doesn't build up. They also park their truck over there. I don't worry about the house because if anything happens there I get a phone call. She watches that house like a hawk.
I am thinking of getting her something special for Christmas...but I don't know what.
Eric will be coming home late today when he gets off of work. He gets to stay with us until Sunday!!!!!
Sadie got kennel cough from her daughter Shelby, but they are both on medicine now and getting better.
Sadie and I have matching and green...I will try to take pictures later.
BTW for new readers Sadie is my puppy dog.
Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!
I will be back to let you know how the ultrasound went.
Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!
Love ya! xoixBarb

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm scared

I have been having stomach pain in the top part of my right side under my rib cage. I went to the doctor on Monday and he did blood tests. I called today and the nurse said my red blood count is high. They will be sceduleing an ultra sound soon. I don't know what this means. I am worried. I want to live to be 100. I hope it is something simple that can be fixed with medicine and that it is not life threatening. Please keep me in your prayers.
I would also like to take this time to tell each and everyone of you how much you all mean to me. You keep a smile on my face. I read alot of blogs here and don't always respond, but I do love you all very much.
I will keep you posted on the results of the tests. All of the other lab work came out good, so that is a great sign.
If anyone knows what causes high red blood count I would appreciate the advice.
I am going to try and put this aside so that we can have a good Christmas. I am ready. All the shopping is done and now we are just waiting on Santa Claus.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hi there!

Greeting cards have all been sent. The shopping and wrapping too. Now just counting the days until we can rip them all open and play with our new toys!

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Poem for Pam

Since I last wrote in here a tragedy has occured. My sister Pam was hit and killed by a poem for her.

The poem I wrote for my sister today....

I Never Said Goodbye by Barbara Masters for my sister Pam

Pam, I never said goodbye to you.
...It was always see you later.
It never made any sense to me to do.
Since I knew I would see you again soon.
I only say goodby to those I'll never see again
So to say those words to you....
Never occured to me.

One day I will see you again.
But I still have work to do.
So even though you're far way
I still feel near to you.

One day we will talk and laugh together again
In my heart I do believe
That death is not the end of life
It's but a short retreat.

I never said goodbye to you.
Instead I say I love you
As you wait in Heaven for me I hope I make you Proud.
I will live my life doing good
and helping others when they are down.

Your leaving made me cry.
I find it hard to breathe
But in the end I know
that I will see you again with me.
So I will never say goodbye....

I'll just say "See you later ♥

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HEY!!!'s me! Alot has been happening lately.
Where to start....
Ok I will start with my sister Pam. She was in a mental hospital and I was going to see her about once a week. She would get better and then she would get worse. I would bring her her favorite things. Gummy Bears, Churchs Fried Chicken and a roll of quarters and makeup and clothes. She worked in the salon there as a patient. It came to a point to where they said she was well enough to move out of the hospital, but she didn't want to leave. They sent her to a group home about 30 minutes away from where I live.
Recently I was able to pick her up and spend the day with her. I took her to the bank so she could open up a checking account, but she did not have updated information so we will have to wait on that.
When I picked her up she had orange hair. I took her to a salon and they fixed the color for her. We came home and she got on the computer and was trying to look up stuff about her husband. I did not think this was very healthy for her to do.
We ended up after a day of makeup and hair taking her home and I was suppose to pick her up again yesterday to celebrate her birthday. I called and she said she just wanted to stay home and sleep.
Just talked to her today and she again just wants to sleep. Part of me wants to just go and make her go out with me, but the other part is saying to give her time to adjust.
Rick and I are still not working and living off of our savings. I am still trying to get stuff organized and out of my parents house so that I can put it on the market to sell. Right now we are painting and refinishing the wood floor.
I feel overwhelmed at times trying to get everything done and looking back to see that even though I have done much more needs to be finished.
Eric is doing good in Austin.
Recently he was in a car crash and the person who hit him took off leaving his elderly mom in the truck. The police are after him, but since Eric did not get a good look at him he probably wouldn't be able to pick him out of a line up if they ever catch him.
Our insurance paid to have the car fixed and will be going after the other drivers insurance to get the money back including the 500.00 deductable I had to pay to get the car repaired.
Rick recently had hernia surgury which cost us close to 4000.00. The savings at this rate is almost gone.
I try not to worry about the money...but none is coming in and it is all going out.
I will not let this all get me down. Life is too short to worry. I know God will take care of me.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

Hey everybody! How are you all doing? I know...I know...about time!
Alot has been happening to me and ..nothing at all at the same time. I had a cancer scare. I thought I felt a lump in my breast. I did this after I found out that two of my closest and dearest friends had cancer.
My BFF Donna found a lump and went to have a mammogram. They discovered cancer. She is now undergoing chemo. I feel so bad for her as she got really sick..They told her that she would lose her hair. That would be one of the hardest things for me as I have long hair and quite attached to it. My other friend Vickie found out recently she has cancer too. They both underwent mastectomy's. Donna will be OK after 3 more chemo treatments and then she starts on the pills.
Vickie has cancer spread all throughout her body. Brain, breast, bone...she starts chemo next week.
I went in and had a mammogram. They had me come back for an ultrasound. I got a letter in the mail today that said the tests came back normal and negative for cancer. That was a big relief. I will be there for my two friends.
My husband Rick goes in to have a hernia operation next week. I have to drive him home.
I just read what I wrote...I sound like an old know the ones who talk about all these health problems.
Things aren't all bad, we did get to go for one last fishing trip before Ricks surgery last weekend. We stayed in a new place. It was really nice. It had satellite tv and everything...not really roughing it were we?
Still working on my parents estate. Hopefully we will be done this year. There is just still so much stuff. We have already had 3 yard sales and it doesn't look like we have even started yet.
Eric is doing good in Austin. He is working part time at Fion and full time for Jasons Deli. Shelby his is doing good too.
Our Sadie is still keeping us in laughter each day.
I am going to try to write more.
I am still on a diet, but at a platoe....or however you spell it...sound it out...plat toe...??? plautau?
I continue to enjoy singing each day.
Hope all is well with each of you. Hugs, Barb

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fishing Trip

Ok....first of all I would like to say,,,,, who are these people reading this blog and leaving comments that are spam. This blog is for me and my friends...please leave your ugly sexual comments on your own blog...

Ok now on to the fishing trip
This past weekend Rick and I went to Choke Canyon for a weekend of relaxation and fishing. Notice I separated those cuz if you are fishing like we did this weekend there wasn't much time for relaxation. LOL
We caught over 60 fish! I prayed on the way asking God to let us catch some and he came through for us.
It was suppose to be a weekend where we could relax. Spend time with Eric who was scheduled to arrive on Friday night after work.
An unexpected visitor arrived who ruined most of the weekend for me.
An old friend of ours named Johnny...yes that is his real name and I don't care.
We all use to be close friends, but he ruined it by trying to split Rick and I up and numerous other things. It came down to the point of me saying it was either me or him.
He just showed up at our camp uninvited and moved into our cabin and everything. I wanted to tell him to leave, but Rick didn't.
After he arrived the pole fishing wasn't as good because he would stomp out in the water to throw his pole out and pretty much scare off the fish that I was aiming for.
I tried not to let it ruin my time, but you have to understand . This guy is one of those who cusses, yells, drinks like a fish and is just plain annoying. Bragging about everything and repeating himself over and over.
I tried to stay away from him as much as possible. Rick doesn't even like him, but did not want to be "rude"/
I thought it was "rude" that he showed up at our camp and stayed for free in our cabin and helped himself to our food etc.
Plus we didn't get to spend quality time with Eric.
Ok....enough about that.
It was fun catching all the fish and spending time with Eric and Shelby.
Eric gave me a sweet Mothers Day card. Rick said he forgot it was Mothers Day and would make it up to me.....heard that before.
I was going to have a yard sale this weekend, but we are expecting I guess it will have to wait until next weekend.
I am planning a trip to Arkansas some time in June to meet a friend that I have talked to everyday who I met online.
Her name is Donna and she and I are like sisters. We tell each other everything. I am going to stay with her for a week. I can't wait!
I will be riding in a plane which I have not done for over 20 years. I am a little nervous about that, but also excited.
She is like a Mom to me. She was there for me when I lost my parents and I have been there for her in her losses as well. I really believe that God put us in contact with each other.
Other than that things are pretty much the same.
I haven't talked to my sister in a few days so I will be calling her to see if she wants me to come and visit.
Eric is doing great in Austin.
Sorry about the rant...but I am sure some of you have "been there and done that"
I just hope Johnny doesn't think he has a green light to start coming over to our house again.
Here are the reasons I will not allow it.
1. He is a druggie
2. He has told Rick that he should cheat on me
3. He went around town telling people we were getting a divorce.
4. He is loud and obnoxious
5. He is like Hotel California...he never wants to leave.

Ok....hopefully next time I write it will be about something pleasant.
Love you all, Barb

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A visit to my sister

I went to visit my sister today. I am sorry to report that she has had another relapse. She has lost the weight she had gained. She told me she wasn't eating again. I feel like we are back to square one. She has no desire to leave or even try to get better. She worries about things she has no control over. She worries that her children are not being taken care of. She has two children in college and one that is 14 yrs old and still living with her cheating, cruel and terrible husband which as someone commented conveniently forgot the part in the marriage vows that say in sickness and in health.
Also he is the reason she is sick now. We had a long talk....4 hours and most of it was about her finally coming to the terms that yes indeed he is a jerk. I am glad she realizes this. My parents tried to help her, but she could not see past the part about being true to her matter what.
I feel bad for her kids. They had to grow up in that household with their father being cruel and hateful to their mother. And now their mom is in a mental hospital with no hope.
I tried to encourage her the best I could. She mentioned that her doctor was trying to get hold of me so that I could take her out for a few hours and go out to eat or shopping or something. I told her just to let me know and I would come and we could do whatever she wanted to do.
I feel caught in the middle to an extent because I feel that the doctors should know that she is not eating. She tells them that she ate at the coffee shop. When in reality she is just not eating again.
Not sure what to do because if I do tell them....they will tell her I told them and then she won't trust me anymore.
I want to be there for her and help her in any way I can. But right now she has her mind up that things are never going to change and that she is just going to stay there for the rest of her life. She is only 50 years old.
She says there is no reason to get better because she will never have a car, a job or any reason to be out.
I wonder if they have changed her medicine....or maybe she is not taking it again. You know...pretending to and then spitting it out.
I miss my big sister. I wish that I would have known all this was going on. I would have MADE her leave him.
He is still having an affair with a married woman. He is still married to my sister.
He is the type of guy who is a charmer and everyone thinks he is a good guy....he isn't.
He does not have me fooled.
It's been a long day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

look it's me!!!

Hey everybody! How is everyone doing? I sure miss seemed so much easier to write more often. Anyway..
What is the world have I been up to?

Rick and I are doing great! We still have Sadie Marie and she is for the most part the joy of our lives. She recently bit me, but my finger has healed and she is getting more discipline now. No more sleeping with Mom and Dad :). I think she feels bad about it. Really!
Rick just brought in the mail and I got the latest truck bill and my Good Housekeeping magazine!!! Can't wait to go out on my deck in my new chair and read it!

Eric is doing great! He still lives in Austin and is working there. He lives with his best friend Chase and wife Amy. They split the bills three ways. All three are working so it works out pretty good. But I think this will be the last year. Eric needs his own place. There have been times where he has gone grocery shopping and come home to find it all gone. Also the same with the cleaning situation.
Amy does not cook or clean. Neither does Chase....
Anyway Eric is the Daddy of Sadies pup Shelby who is already big as a horse now. She is a doll and so sweet. They come home for visits often.
We have been going fishing some. Need to plan another trip soon.

I might be going to Arkansas for a week to meet one of my friends I met online. That is a book in itself.

My sister is still in the hospital and I am wondering if she might be there forever. She has no motivation to get out, she said if she does she is going to stop taking her medicine and I think she is better off there. She also said she would go back to not being there with the rules is best for her right now.

Her husband has filed for divorce and is trying to get custody of their son and child support...what a moron.

We are still dealing with the estate stuff. Yeah

I am just trying to take it one day at a time.
My new routine is Going up.
Get up early
Make up bed
Wash up
Look up..thank God for each day and ask for his guidance
Eat up healthy food
Dress up every day even if I never leave the house.
Read least an hour a day
Sing often as possible
And most important....NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

Ok that's about it for now...going to go read my new magazine and enjoy the beautiful day!

God Bless you all and never forget me! xoxBarb

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Mom-isms....How many of you heard your Mom say this?
And how many of you find yourself saying these expressions...

" A little "birdy" told me.

Now my Mom did say this to me quite often growing up. I said the same words to Eric. One day I saw him outside just staring up at the sky. I asked him what he was looking for and he told me he was looking for that little birdy that kept telling on him because he was gonna shoot it.

"Are you lying to me?"

Now I never did quite get this one...I mean if I WAS lying to her I was not about to tell her I was! And yet I found myself asking my child the same question.

"If it were a snake it would have bitten you"

OK, but it isn't a snake! Just tell me where I put it already!!!

"I'm doing this for your own good"

I mean really spanking me and putting me on restriction is really for my own good????

"Pick that up before somebody trips on it and breaks their neck!"

I mean really? How often has this actually happened???

"Shut your mouth and eat!"

Is this even possible???

"When you have your own house then you can make the rules"


"Always wear clean underwear in case you are in an accident"

I mean seriously....if you are in an accident...are you really gonna have Clean underwear?

"Turn off that light! Do you think we own the electric company?"

You mean we don't? LOL

"Watch your language!"

I mean is this even possible unless you are looking in a mirror???
And my favorite

"Go to your room and think about what you did"

I already knew what I did and I got in big trouble for it, so why would I want to waste the rest of my day thinking about it.

Tell me some of you mom-isms.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Aiden and the snowman.

Payton says Hello


Bryndon, Aiden and Rick

Emily, Matt and Payton

This is my niece and her children. She is a special person in my life. She needs prayers daily :) She is going through alot. It is hard to be a Mommy to three kids and life is not easy. She is hanging in there though. Love you Emily.,

Look how much these angels have grown!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 and a look back at 2009

2009 brought a lot of fun and adventure. It brought some work too. I made two new friends and I will treasure their friendships for life. Sometimes God puts people in our lives to help us through the rough times. Sometimes God puts us in other peoples lives to help them through theirs. I only hope that I help others as much as they have helped me. One of the first friends I would like to talk about is Scott aka Robert :) He is my duet partner on We have sang over 100 duets together. I like him because he gets me. We have the same wacky sense of humor and let me tell you the guy can sing! If you have a spare moment go to singsnap and check us out.

Scott aka Robert...thank you for being my friend!
This year I also got to reconnect with my big sister. We have been through a lot this year. She continues to improve and I go to see her about once a week. She is doing much better and is now smiling more. She is a true joy in my life and I thank God for my big sister.

Me and Pam as kids.

This year I played many roles...Friend, Sister, Aunt, Mom, Wife, you name it. Life is a dance you learn as you go. Sometimes I wished I could be a genie in a bottle and blink and everything would be perfect...But life is not that way.

Another friend I made this year was Donna. She is my new BFF. We have weathered many a storm. We have spent hours..and I do mean hours on the phone laughing and sharing. God definitely brought Donna into my life and I am so grateful he did. She is such a blessing to me. She is always there for me no matter what time of night or day. I am there for her as well. Hopefully I will be going to actually meet her in person in March of 2010. She lives in Arkansas.

Always the clown. Even though life may be hard right now I plan on keeping my sense of humor...Sometimes it is the only sense I got!

In 2009 we got the pleasure of taking a trip with Eric and our granddog Shelby. We went to Port Aransas for a week and had so much fun! We even had our own private swimming pool. Shelby is already about 2 times this size now.

I wore many hats this year I was a singer, a mother, a wife, a friend, a sister, an executrix, and well all that other stuff that goes along with all of that. Each day is a new adventure.

Eric's trip with us on the houseboat

in October. We had so much fun! We rented a houseboat for a week and spent many days and nights just having a blast. Sometimes you just gotta do that. Life is too short not to celebrate the beauty of Gods world. We did a lot of fishing, eating, and watching the sun set.

Rick chilin at Choke Canyon
We took a trip just the three of us. Rick me and Sadie. This was quite a mini trip. We were almost eaten by an alligator!

Fishing at Choke Canyon
At the time of this picture I did not know that you were not suppose to wade fish. There were huge alligators living in those waters. I enjoy fishing and this was a great catch!

Eric and Shelby at Choke Canyon

We were way out in the water when this was taken. We had both dogs swimming in the water...well I can guarantee we won't be swimming here any more LOL..but it was fun before we knew the danger. We had alot of fun with Eric on this trip.

Shelby Lynn was born

I digress I know...but this year 2009 Shelby Lynn was born to our little Sadie Marie. The Daddy is a border collie

April Fools Day

My contest on

Rick and Barb

Eric and Me

Happy New Year 2010
I hope this finds all of you happy and well. Looking forward to a new year. Starting with a clean slate...
Things I want to accomplish this year.
Places I want to see
Come along for the ride with me.
Love you all ,