Saturday, May 19, 2007




The Dark Side Survey


Imagine that, for some reason, you've now been forced to consider the following:

1. You're forced to choose between one of the following vices. You have to choose, and do, one of them: Smoking, drinking, illicit drugs. Which would be the most acceptable to you? Drinking makes me act stupid, Smoking can kill you, and I just say NO to drugs, so I pick......eating chocolate!

2. You're forced to give up one of these senses: sight or hearing. Which one do you give up? I must save my sight to see all the wonders God has given me.  My hearing affects my singing and I want to hear my family say I love I pick......losing 2 centes.

3. Disregarding the previous question, you're only allowed to enjoy one thing from now on :music player (CD, iPod) or DVD player. Which would you keep? CD player plays my music, the DVD player plays my movies so I pick......the toaster

4. You have to give up one of these for 3 days: eating or drinking. Which would you choose to do? If I don't eat I start to shake, if I don't drink my tongue would dry I pick......I will give up washing dishes and use paper plates instead.

5. You have to choose one: perpetual daytime, or perpetual night time. Which one do you think you could live with?  In the day I see the flowers, the sun, the blue skys of Texas, In the night I see the moon and stars so I will give up the second Tuesday of next week.

6. You can only choose one type of treat for life: salty snacks (potato chips, Doritos, etc) or candy. Which one? Salty snacks are good for you, they help you retain water...and me give up chocolate?  Have you lost your mind?  I will give up liver

7. Your life partner has to be one of the following: heavy smoker or heavy drinker. Which one? Neither please.

8. Your life partner also has to be one of the following: Democrat or Republican. Which one could you live with?   Christian

9. You can only watch one forever: CNN or FOX News Channel. Which one? Reality tv

10. You can only have one: a computer or a TV. Which one do you keep? Computer, but I would watch my tv shows on it.

11. You have to live in one of the following places: The Sahara Desert or Antarctica. Where do you Go? Too Hot, Too Cold, Decisions, Decisions...I pick Hawaii!

12. You have to give up one: MySpace or your cell phone. Which one do you keep? I hate My Space.....gotta have my cell phone.

13. You have to do one of the following: create 1000 email surveys or answer 1000 email surveys. Which one?   I don't have to do anything.....


So I say be a leader and just say no, Be a follower, but follow wisely. Be a good example and above all else....Eat Chocolate

No one can FORCE you to do anything:)Barbara


lisa41076 said...

Barbara , love your answers !!!!!!!!!! I miss you Love You Too Lisa XO

fasttrack58 said...

Hey you cheated! lol! love your answers!!
oh that kitty is too cute!
Where have you been!! I've missed you!
Linda :)

plieck30 said...

Awww cute answers. i've wondered where you were. Working hard I presume. Paula

robinngabster said...

Hmmmm I think you didn't follow the rules on this one.  Cheater.

lsfp1960 said...

Cute little kitten.   And by golly you put your foot down and answered those questions like you wanted to.  Linda in Washington state    

queenb8261 said...

Unique answers. You did it youuuuurrrrrr way.

rocketman685434 said...

Great entry ;)

ally123130585918 said...

Loved the little Kitten ~ LOL barbara rules are made to be broken and you just broke a few ~ but I loved and laughed at your replies ~ :o) ~ Ally

butterflies4me04 said...

you are too funny girl!!! The little kitten is sooooo cute!!!


fisherkristina said...

You cheated!

Krissy :)

xxroxymamaxx said...

amen!  I love your answers!  Love, Shelly

memes121 said...

Hello friend. I just want to let you know of a new journal. All are welcome! Thanks, Tammy

tpiez4me said...

Hear Hear!  I will stand with you Barbara my friend and EAT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!

lsfp1960 said...

Mrs Barbara,  I haven't seen an entry from you for a long time.  Are you ok?
Linda in Washington