Monday, December 3, 2007

are you kidding?

Hey!  What is this?  A serious entry from me?


Gotta make it short and sweet though.

I am starting school today and have to leave in 20 minutes.  I have to drive myself to San Antonio and on the north side by the airport.  Don't know how long it will take so I have to leave early today.  I have to be there at 7:30am.   I am kinda nervous because I have never driven there before.  Once I get there I know school will be fine.

I am going to insurance school.  I have to go for the next three days and then hopefully pass a test so that I can sell insurance at my new job.  So far I have only been allowed to do quotes and file.

My boss and the other girl had to take the test more than once to pass it.....but beings how I hate to drive to SA you know I will give it all I got to pass it the first time.

It is alot to learn in three short days.

Everything else is about the same.

Eric is still in Austin and needs more hours at work.  We had to help him with his rent again this month.  I really don't mind, but it would be nice to have that extra money for Christmas.  But if he lived here it would go to groceries anyhow,,,and besides that's what Moms and Dads are for right :)...He is a great kid and is working so hard.  Just not enough hours being given out.

Rick is still working hard at his job and itching to go hunting.  He is probably going this weekend.  He has borrowed a gun.

Tiny has been having less spells, but her tummy is getting big...We know she isn't prego.....We just love her all we can.

My mom still needs your prayers.  She is going through another round of Chemo.

Dad needs your prayers too. He is trying to do it all.

Please pray for my sis too.

Ok enough.

I gotta go learn something.....sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have just stayed as a cashier and not have the stress of learning something new.....but then again the nights and weekends off have been a blessing.

I have a major soap opera going on that I can't write about yet.  Maybe soon.

Stay tuned......


luddie343 said...

As we, your friends, continue praying for your loved ones, you go out there and learn all you can, dig in deep and insist on your brain doing its job.  Give it fresh stimuation and it'll never let you down.  Good luck!  CATHY

pharmolo said...

Good luck with the drive and the school. You'll do just fine, and you'll never look back

buggieboo1 said...

good luck with the test  keep us posted!

~~Make it a Great day~~


fasttrack58 said...

You will do great on the test!!!
Big Hugs and Special Thoughts for everyone!
Love Ya!
Linda :)

lisa41076 said...

Barbara, good luck with your test, there is a Christmas card coming for you, Love You and keeping your mom in my prayers Lisa XOXO

plieck30 said...

I know the feeling of driving to the north side of S.A. I just won't do it unless  I have to. I thought of you yesterday. We went to a lodge party and there was a couple from Lytle there. Wish I could remember their name. I hope you will be glad you took the new job when you get all settled in. Don't throw in the towel yet. Learning new things takes time. Paula

lsfp1960 said...

Barb, glad to hear from you.  I almost had to go to insurance school back in 2000.  I had changed jobs at the hospital, into a customer service call center.  One of the things we were going to do was counsel people on what medical insurance was good for them.  After the boss paid for 2 people to go (which meant drining onto Seattle) she decided that we weren't going to be doing enough insurance stuff to make it worth our while to be licensed.  There were so many other agencies in the area doing it already. I was so relieved...I would have had a major panic attack if I would have had to drive into downtown Seattle.  But, you'll do fine....Linda in Washington state

queenb8261 said...

Hey stranger. Good to hear from you. You will do great with the Ins school. I know what ya mean about having to help out your kids. Sometimes it's just a fact of life. LOL Sorry to hear about your Mom. Will send prayers for them and for ya'll. What  do you think is wrong with Tiny?
Take care and GOOD LUCK with everything,
Hugs, Barb  

am4039 said...

I sure hope everything is ok. I know you'll do great at school. My prayers to your mom and dad and everyone else. I hope Eric gets more hours at work. Hugs and love my friend.

nay0114 said...

WOW I wondered what you wanted to be when you grew up.. an insurance agent. You'll do fine. My MIL sells insurance and she loved. She stopped when she got really sick. I may see Eric one day. I'm thinking about moving back home my family wants me closer now that the divorce is going through. Sorry to hear Tiny is having spells gosh hope nothing is wrong. Hope your mom is doing okay.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

randlprysock said...

Don't worry, if you don't pass the first time you can take it again!!!!!  You will be so glad when it is all over.  If they didn't pass the first time then don't expect yourself too either.  My first husband had to take a similar test and he said it was really hard  I had to help him study.  It was a lot of information.  Prayers!!!! Hugs,