Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fishing Trip

Ok....first of all I would like to say,,,,, who are these people reading this blog and leaving comments that are spam. This blog is for me and my friends...please leave your ugly sexual comments on your own blog...

Ok now on to the fishing trip
This past weekend Rick and I went to Choke Canyon for a weekend of relaxation and fishing. Notice I separated those two...lol cuz if you are fishing like we did this weekend there wasn't much time for relaxation. LOL
We caught over 60 fish! I prayed on the way asking God to let us catch some and he came through for us.
It was suppose to be a weekend where we could relax. Spend time with Eric who was scheduled to arrive on Friday night after work.
An unexpected visitor arrived who ruined most of the weekend for me.
An old friend of ours named Johnny...yes that is his real name and I don't care.
We all use to be close friends, but he ruined it by trying to split Rick and I up and numerous other things. It came down to the point of me saying it was either me or him.
He just showed up at our camp uninvited and moved into our cabin and everything. I wanted to tell him to leave, but Rick didn't.
After he arrived the pole fishing wasn't as good because he would stomp out in the water to throw his pole out and pretty much scare off the fish that I was aiming for.
I tried not to let it ruin my time, but you have to understand . This guy is one of those who cusses, yells, drinks like a fish and is just plain annoying. Bragging about everything and repeating himself over and over.
I tried to stay away from him as much as possible. Rick doesn't even like him, but did not want to be "rude"/
I thought it was "rude" that he showed up at our camp and stayed for free in our cabin and helped himself to our food etc.
Plus we didn't get to spend quality time with Eric.
Ok....enough about that.
It was fun catching all the fish and spending time with Eric and Shelby.
Eric gave me a sweet Mothers Day card. Rick said he forgot it was Mothers Day and would make it up to me.....heard that before.
I was going to have a yard sale this weekend, but we are expecting rain...so I guess it will have to wait until next weekend.
I am planning a trip to Arkansas some time in June to meet a friend that I have talked to everyday who I met online.
Her name is Donna and she and I are like sisters. We tell each other everything. I am going to stay with her for a week. I can't wait!
I will be riding in a plane which I have not done for over 20 years. I am a little nervous about that, but also excited.
She is like a Mom to me. She was there for me when I lost my parents and I have been there for her in her losses as well. I really believe that God put us in contact with each other.
Other than that things are pretty much the same.
I haven't talked to my sister in a few days so I will be calling her to see if she wants me to come and visit.
Eric is doing great in Austin.
Sorry about the rant...but I am sure some of you have "been there and done that"
I just hope Johnny doesn't think he has a green light to start coming over to our house again.
Here are the reasons I will not allow it.
1. He is a druggie
2. He has told Rick that he should cheat on me
3. He went around town telling people we were getting a divorce.
4. He is loud and obnoxious
5. He is like Hotel California...he never wants to leave.

Ok....hopefully next time I write it will be about something pleasant.
Love you all, Barb


Lisa said...

Barbara, Johnny sounds majorly annoying to me, your friend Donna sounds awesome, Take pics when you meet her please, Love Ya Lisa

Missie said...

I've had the spam problem a few weeks ago. I just delete and block. Have a good rest of your week.

Linda :) said...

So glad you had a get away and caught lots of fish... but not for the uninvited guest... and woo hoo another trip coming up... always special thoughts for your sister... :)

ADB said...

Sorry to hear your fishing trip was not the occasion you had hoped for, Barb. By the way, put comment moderation on, that will allow you to delete comments before they are displayed.