Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

Hey everybody! How are you all doing? I know...I know...about time!
Alot has been happening to me and ..nothing at all at the same time. I had a cancer scare. I thought I felt a lump in my breast. I did this after I found out that two of my closest and dearest friends had cancer.
My BFF Donna found a lump and went to have a mammogram. They discovered cancer. She is now undergoing chemo. I feel so bad for her as she got really sick..They told her that she would lose her hair. That would be one of the hardest things for me as I have long hair and quite attached to it. My other friend Vickie found out recently she has cancer too. They both underwent mastectomy's. Donna will be OK after 3 more chemo treatments and then she starts on the pills.
Vickie has cancer spread all throughout her body. Brain, breast, bone...she starts chemo next week.
I went in and had a mammogram. They had me come back for an ultrasound. I got a letter in the mail today that said the tests came back normal and negative for cancer. That was a big relief. I will be there for my two friends.
My husband Rick goes in to have a hernia operation next week. I have to drive him home.
I just read what I wrote...I sound like an old woman...you know the ones who talk about all these health problems.
Things aren't all bad, we did get to go for one last fishing trip before Ricks surgery last weekend. We stayed in a new place. It was really nice. It had satellite tv and everything...not really roughing it were we?
Still working on my parents estate. Hopefully we will be done this year. There is just still so much stuff. We have already had 3 yard sales and it doesn't look like we have even started yet.
Eric is doing good in Austin. He is working part time at Fion and full time for Jasons Deli. Shelby his pup...dog is doing good too.
Our Sadie is still keeping us in laughter each day.
I am going to try to write more.
I am still on a diet, but at a platoe....or however you spell it...sound it out...plat toe...??? plautau?
I continue to enjoy singing each day.
Hope all is well with each of you. Hugs, Barb


Linda :) said...

So glad you are fine and sending special thoughts for your friends... Mom is doing well here too... special thoughts for Rick too... Bill had two hernia operations before I met him, but of course we hear the story all the time... I had to have three C-sections just to one up him, lol... Woo Hoo on your weight loss! time to mix things up to get past your plateaus... I've lost 18lbs since May...
Happy Singing!! :)

Barb said...

Thanks Linda! Yeah,,,not lookin forward to being a nurse maid for 5 weeks or so...but...that kinda goes with the territory. And I do love him...soo...Wow we are both losing weight at the same time...wish we lived closer so that we cound do exercises together!

Anonymous said...


Barbara said...

I feel so mixed! So relieved for you that it wasn't the big C, but so sad for you and what your friends are going through. But I know you'll be there for them and help them through.

Good you and Rick are still spending time getting away together. Hope he heals quickly from the operation.

Good for you on the weight loss. Slow and steady really does win that race in the long run!

Lori said...

I'm so glad your tests came back negative, but am so sorry your friends are having to go through chemo. I do hope they will have good results.