Sunday, April 8, 2007

I Made it

Easter BasketHappy Easter!

Well as you see I survived.  I felt your prayers all around me.  I just kept singing to myself

Open the eyes of my heart Lord.

I had this one lady who had a bill of over 200.00 and then she handed me her food stamp card. 

I showed her the machine that she was suppose to use to swipe her card and put in her pin number.

She didn't know how to use it so I helped her.

Then when it came to the part about the pin number she all of a sudden spoke no English.

I had to get a translater.  She told him she had no number, could we just let her have the grocerys?

Ok so, no.  We had to void the order and return all the items to the shelves.

I kinda felt sorry for her.

Her husband went before her and bought beer.

He took out a wad of cash to pay for it.

He didn't even try to give her any money for the food, he just walked away.

But God gave me a loving attitude about it.

We were really busy, but I made it through.

I am off today and will be spending Easter with Rick and Tiny.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter! xox Barbara 


lisa41076 said...

Barbara, Happy Easter Best Friend !!!!!!!!!! Love You Lisa XOXOXO

rocketman685434 said...

Barbara thats terrible about the guy paying for the beer and not givin his wife any for the food.Have a good Easter

ally123130585918 said...

Glad you survived ~ Hope that Lady managed to get some groceries What an awful man to pay for his beer and not the groceries ~ Ally x

fasttrack58 said...

Have a wonderfuly restful day!!!!
Linda :)

rgossett4195 said...

ah my friend so wise of you not to judge.  we never really know the full story.  Hope you have a happy easter!  rose

rayne1123 said...

hello, poor lady i wish her hubbby would have helped her out.  it i s hard not to judge people but better that you didnt.  hope your easter was wonderful