Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!

My Dad teaching Eric about God


My Dad has many friends




You Raise Me Up dedicated to my Dad


Here is the poem I wrote for him. 


                     Happy Fathers Day Daddy

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On this special Fathers Day Id like to say to you.

I remember all the fun times, they were never few


The mornings when we got up early, went to play some golf.

The early mornings of breakfast, sausage and biscuits you bought.


Asking you on Sundays what we were going to do that day.

You said we were going to relax, on the special day God made.

I remember playing the piano for you, at your special church.

How you showed me kindness by all the lives you touched.


Not a holiday went by that you did not make so special.

You even made up a few, just to make us feel your love.

Like the first day of school, when you told me I would be just fine.

And visiting my apartment, even though you knew I was alright.


Some things you did, because you love me so.

I would just like to tell you, of this I really know.

You showed me that to be a good person I should always be true.

Your love showed me the way to go in all I say and do.


I know sometimes I do not do all the things you taught me.

But never once have you said to me you did not do this well.

You let me make my own mistakes and learn a thing or two.

But you were always there to pick me up and to see things through.


So on this special day, Id like to say to you

I love you my sweet Daddy and all that you say and do.

Just remember all the fun times, the special days we shared

And know that my special love for you will always be right here.


Thank you for being the father of my dreams




I would just like to say Happy Fathers Day to all you guys in Jland!



plieck30 said...

Very nice tribute to your Dad Barb. Paula

ally123130585918 said...

Barbara ~ what a lovely poem you wrote for your Dad ~ Ally x

valphish said...

This is so touching, Barb.  The poem gave me a big smile =).  I loved meeting your Dad.  What a lovely tribute.  Can submit this to the Photo hunt on Father's Day.  You put a link in the Father's Day entry in my journal but it didn't come to this entry, so I was wondering if you had intended for me to submit this??  I would be honored.  Your Mom is in my prayers, honey as are you and your son.  Love, Val xox

rayne1123 said...

such a special entry, thank you for sharing it with us. i love the photos!

am4039 said...

that is just beautiful, your dad sounds like one great father.

lsfp1960 said...

What a beautiful tribute to another special dad.  Linda in Washington state

kaydeejay5449 said...

Your dad looks like a kind, sweethearted man! Your tribute was very sweet.
Hugs,  Kathy

emabecmar said...

beautiful pictures and a very lovely poem. Happy Father's Day to your Dad. I am so late in getting to alerts. only 150 more to go, lol. (((((((hugs)))))))))

fisherkristina said...

You must have a very special dad.

Krissy :)

randlprysock said...

Awwwwww, this is the bestest entry ever!!  A very nice tribute to your dad.  I love that picture of him with Eric!!!  Too adorable!!  I think of my grandpa in exactly the same way.  Hugs,

lisa41076 said...

Happy Father's Day to your dad, XOXO Lisa