Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thirty Questions

I found this on Robins journal which she found on Lindas.  So I decided to do it too.

But before I do I know all of you have been praying for my family.  I can feel the prayer around me. Don't stop!

Quick up date:

Eric is looking for a new job.  Was talking about trying to find a cheaper place to live.  I suggested he move back home until he got on his feet instead of throwing every penny he makes towards his apartment.  He likes being on his own.  I completely understand, but he could live here for free.

And it isn't that we are not close because we are.  I would let him do what he wanted to, he is an adult now.  All of 23 years old and all.

Anyway please pray for him that he will seek God's will and that whichever way it works out that is will be easy for him.


Now my Mom celebrated her birthday yesterday.  She has had one chemo treatment so far.  Her hair is already falling out.  She went with Dad yesterday to look at wigs.  If anyone knows how I can get ahold of those people who call themselves Chemo Angels please email me.

She is in good spirits and a fighter.  She worrys more about those around her than she does herself.

I think the Chemo Angels make these hats you can wear to keep your head warm.  So if anyone knows about this please let me know.

Ok now I know my Mom likes me best when I am a little silly so on to the thirty questions dedicated to Mom who taught me to have a sense of humor......

Thirty Questions


1. What is your nationality? Itallian on my Moms side and Irish on my Dads.
2. Do you believe in angels? Yes
3. Can you cook? Yes, and according to Eric the best in the whole wide world.  He is my son and a chef.  And yet when I go to visit him, or he comes here, he just wants me to make him some of my home cookin, so I guess I will say yes
4. What part of your body is the most attractive? My heart-Beauty is on the inside
5. Name 1 thing you regret? Not asking my grandparents more questions before they went to Heaven.  I also regret eating that pizza for supper as I now have heart burn.
6. Do you sing in the shower? Those of you who know me....what do you think LOL I love the acostics in there!
7. What is your sign? The cross which tells me that Jesus died for my sins and I will go to Heaven one day
8. What is your favorite t. v. show? Survivor and Big Brother
9. Are you afraid of the dark? only when the light is off
10. Do you believe everyone has a soul mate? I believe that when God creates us he creates the perfect person for us as well, and that he decides when we will meet.
11. What time do u go to bed? this varys on what I will be working the next day.  Tomorrow I have to be at work by 5am so it will be early tonight.  Now if I don't have to work I could stay up til around 3am
12. If you had one wish what would it be? That they would find a cure for Cancer
 13. What's the last thing you do before you go to bed? take my eyes out, and then squint to set my phone why do I do it in that order????
  14. Do you think your psychic? no, but sometimes I can tell what I am thinking
15. Name one person that makes you smile. Eric, my son
16. What is your favorite clothing store?   What is that?  Oh you mean at the does the Dollar Store count?
17. Who's the last person who called you? Rick from Del Rio where he is working right now.
18. love or lustlove
19. What's the last thing you purchased? A mighty kids meal from McDonalds...I am collecting the kid prizes...I already have 2!
 20. Do you like candles? Yes!
21. How many computer's do you own? 1
22. What's your favorite room in the house? The new room, hey guess what I got Rick for his birthday and Fathers day!!!  Two windows for the new room!!!
24. Do you save or spend? save
25. Are you picture happy? No I don't like pictures of me, but I do like taking pictures
26. What's your favorite number? 7
27. Are you happy with your name? Yes I was named after George Washington ( he was born before me so I couldn't have been named before him LOL)
28. Have you ever called someone the wrong name? Yes
29. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?  get my balance and go put in my contacts
30. What is a good policy? Don't Do Drugs


ok there you have it folks.  try it yourself i would love to read your answers!



plieck30 said...

My favorite number is seven also. Still praying. Paula

lsfp1960 said...

Here's the link:
Linda in Washington state  

fasttrack58 said...

Son1 called... wanted to know if the offer to come home was still offered... not that he needed it yet, just needed to know... he and girlfriend have not been getting along too well the last few weeks... he still doesn't have a running car... if Eric doesn't come home, can son1 come to your house... just kidding, lol, although hubby won't be laughing...
and what will you do with the kid prizes...
and how is the new room, you haven't mentioned it in a while...
you were named 'after' George Washington.. you are too funny...
Have a good day!
Big hugs!
Linda :)

robinngabster said...

I was thinking soon if not now it will be too hot in Texas for your Mom to wear a hat.  I saw some cute cancer head wrap thingys the other day in a boutique downtown.  I will see if I can find a pic and see if that is something she would wear.  :)

mosie1944 said...

My favorite number is also 7.  This year my birthday falls on 07/07/07.

am4039 said...

praying for your mom I'm happy that you are getting the good vibes. Also praying for Eric and hopes he finds a job. After living away from home as much as we want the kids back they usually don't like coming back even though they love us. LOL. Loved all your answers  and happy that you are enjoying the new room.

butterflies4me04 said...

I will surely have to do this one! I have to scat right now out the door but when I get a chance to sit down I will do it :) I always love your answers to these things!!!

I sure hope your mom feels better soon! :( I pray for the best for Eric and your mom!!!


luddie343 said...

Power-prayers on the way.  CATHY

lisa41076 said...

Barbara, your mom and Eric and you are always in my prayers, I wish Eric good luck with finding a new job, I love you Lisa XOXOXO

nay0114 said...

Hey Barbara,
I know something will come along for your son. He knows the door is always open, but I'm sure he'd love his own space. I've learned that it's hard when you're an adult to live with your parents again. Just something about saying that regardless of the fact that he could save every penny and get back on his feet so much faster. He'll figure it out.
Hugs to your mom. That's the true mother in her worrying about everyone else putting herself last. I hope you can find those people that you are trying to find. I wish I knew the answer to help you out, but I can't do anything but offer my prayers for your family.
I loved your answers to the questions. They were great.
Take care, Chrissie
New s/n: Nay0114
New journal:

queenb8261 said...

Still sending good vibes & prayers for your Mom & for all of you.
Love ya kid, Barb