Sunday, August 5, 2007


Hi Everyone!

It's know Miss Barbara

Remember me?

Ok well I just wanted to drop by and say that I went to see Eric this weekend.

He is still looking for a job in Austin, so if any of you know of any Chef jobs in the area I would REALLY appreciate you passing them on to me.

Eric has his associates degree in Culinary and needs a job to stay in Austin.

Also a bit of more sad computer went berserk.  I lost all my pictures, two books I was writing and numerous other things I don't even remember yet. I had to start over on everything.

THANK GOD  for this journal as I have put most of my pictures in it and I can at least retrieve them from here.

I learned a very important lesson....

Save everything that matters to a disc or something.

I just thought it was safely stored here in my computer....wrong ...again.

My Mom is pretty weak right now.  She will have another chemo treatment on Weds.  Please say a prayer for her.

I have not written because I like to be upbeat and things are on the down beat right now.

But don't worry I have not given up!

1.  Eric will find a job soon and one that he enjoys

2.  My Mom will get well.

3.  My family and friends love me and are praying for me.

4.  I have a good job and able to help Eric out.

5.  Rick has a good job and able to help Eric out.

6.  Tiny is doing great.

7.  My good luck is just around the corner.  I just need a ride there.

8.  God is great, but sometimes life ain't good. When I pray things don't always turn out like I think they should but I do it anyway.

I dream, I sing , I love anyway.

God Bless you all today and always.

Hanging in there and not about to let go....:) Barbara


am4039 said...

I miss you so much. I'm so sorry to hear about your computer. My prayers to your mom and hoping she starts feeling better soon. To Eric whom I hope finds a job asap. My love and hugs to you.

plieck30 said...

Been thinking about you. Hope everything turns out better for you and your family soon. Paula

lisa41076 said...

Barbara, nice to have an entry from you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have missed you lots, I'm so sorry you lost all your pictures, Hugs Lisa

lsfp1960 said...

There you are...I thought maybe you left the country.   I've found that God answers prayers but the answers are what He wants for us not what we necessarily want.  His answers and the timing of those answers are in His time and not ours.  But I'll pray for the healing of your mom and that perfect job for Eric.   Love ya...keep looking up ^   Linda in Washington state  

rocketman685434 said...

Hello Barbara nice to see you around again.Sorry to hear of your mum being weak.Hope Eric gets a job real soon.Sorry to hear of your computer going beserk.Yes always a good idea with photos etc to back em up to a disk or 2.Hey don't sit there in downbeat mode all the time you got friends out here.So holler out and dont be afraid.You are in my thoughts and prayers.

ukgal36 said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles..will add them to my prayers..
have a good week

radar446 said...

Its good to hear from you again, sorry for all the troubles.  It is possible to recover data from a crashed hard drive.  There are technicians out there that can get it done for you.  Don't write everything off just yet.


mosie1944 said...

I have missed you and wondered about you.  We all need an external hard drive to keep our important files on.  Wish I had one!  I'm saying a prayer for you.

ally123130585918 said...

Hi Barbara nice to see you back ~ Wish Eric Luck getting a job ~ I hope your Mum is OK will keep her in my thoughts ~ glad you are still singing ~ I know you would never give up and your 1 to 8 things prove that ~ hang in there ~ Ally x

pharmolo said...

You can write what you like - it's your life, and there's ups and downs in everybody's life. Good luck to Eric, and best wishes on your mom. I'm sorry you had a computer disaster, hope you can still recover some of the lost items.

rgossett4195 said...

Hi Barbara,

God truly does LOVE you and your family.  He will see you through this!  Being thankful I believe is the key to unlocking your blessings.

Hang in there, and I will too!

I never like to complain in my journal either...
xoxo Rose

emabecmar said...

(((((((((Barbara))))))))) I have been wondering where you were. I hope your son finds a great job real soon, and I pray your Mom gets better. And yep girlfriend good things are around the corner.

fasttrack58 said...

I'm always thinking of you.....
Hi Tiny!! give Mom a hug for me...
Linda :)

nay0114 said...

Barbara sorry about loosing all those things. I know how frustrating that is to have to start over again.
Sorry about your Mom. Hope she feels better soon.
Take care, Chrissie