Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Colorful View

Something to pass the time


I got this from  Marina and I don't know how to change the background color LOL

Things You See While at Your Computer - Color Pyramid

Name 6 red things that you see from where you sit.

1.    My Heb  I Care bracelet
2.    Joeys shirt on Friends

3.   a red heart on the Valentine Rick gave me

4.    Christmas stocking still hanging in living room.

5.    My shirt I am wearing.

6.   The nose on the clown my Dad painted

Name 5 blue things you see from where you sit.

1.     My Diet Pepsi bottle
2.    My Eagle hook rugs sky
3.     My computer duster
4.     My dolphin trashcan

5.     Ricks uniform shirt which is still on him as he sleeps in his chair.

Name 4 green things you see from where you sit.

1.     My calendar
2.    Ricks foot powder

3.    My paycheck
4.    My curtains

Name 3 yellow things yousee from where you sit.

1.    Tiny's stuffed animal

2.    Tinys squeak bone
3.    Rubber duckys on my shorts

Name 2 purple things you see from where you sit.

1.    Another one of Tinys toys

2.    A scary book

Name 1 black thing you see from where you sit.

1.    My camera case

Come play along!

It's harder than it looks LOL


lisa41076 said...

Barbara, love your answers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you on my buddy list again, Love Ya and Hugs Lisa XO

am4039 said...

it is hard, I don't think I have red things. How cute your little ducky shorts. LOL.

lsfp1960 said...

I did it !!!!!   Linda in Washington state  http://journals.aol.com/lsfp1960/LindasWorld/entries/2007/02/28/colorful-view/1484

fasttrack58 said...

I just did this a bit ago....
christmas stocking????
poor Rick asleep in the chair... lol...
which scary book is purple, I like scary books and purple...
Hope you are having a good week!!
Linda :)

acoward15 said...

This game excludes goths that only see black!

emabecmar said...

trying to catch up on the 89 alerts i have, lol. it's gonna be a long day, lol
did get my errands done today, 2 more errands tomorrow and i can  rest over the weekend, hopefully. (((((((hugs))))))))

randlprysock said...

I did a latch hook rug once too and darn it I wish I still had it.  I wonder where it ended up.  I would like to do another one.  Hugs,

xxroxymamaxx said...

Okay, I love this.  I'm going to do it.  However, I don't seem to be getting any alerts today.  What is up with that? Love ya and hope you are having a great weekend!  Shelly