Monday, February 19, 2007

My Birthday Report

I had a great day on my birthday this year.  I spent the morning catching up on my journal reading and the afternoon cleaning.

BUT at night Rick and I went with our friends Amy and Gilbert out on the town.

We were going to go out to eat and bowling but all the restaurants were too crowded so we headed off to the bowling alley and decided we would munch there.

We bowled three games.  I never won, but I was never last.

My finger on my bowling hand is messed up , my bowling ball wouldn't even fit anymore, so I bowled with one from there.

As we were getting ready to leave they started up karaoke.....

I said " Oh I want to sing !"

Rick said, "No we are leaving"

I pouted and stomped my foot and told him it was MY BIRTHDAY!

He said, "ok one song."

I sang My Immortal by Evanescence.  The crowd seemed to like it.

I had a blast!

Ok about yesterday.

I cried at work.

This is very rare for me and I am so mad at myself for showing that.

But here is what happened.

They sent me out to do gas station even though I told them I had never been trained to use the machines and to set the gas pumps for people.

They gave me 15 minutes to learn everything and during that time there were only two cars for the training session.

As soon as I was left alone....yes by myself out there with no training.....All the pumps started filling up with people wanting to pump gas.

Every single pump was being used.

I was actually doing pretty good until I accidently set the wrong pump and since I was not shown did not know how to unset it.

I had two people screaming in my face.

They were very well dressed and I assume they were on their way to church and didn't want to be late because the stupid girl (me) didn't know what to do.

Yeah, their Christianity was really working.

I called into the store to request help and the manager sighed and said.  "What is your problem?"

I said "you just need to send help out here for me"

She was so aggrivated and told the other manager to go out and see what the problem was.

It was a small thing that would not have happened if I had been trained correctly.

I felt like such a stupid idiot.

And then the tears came out.

I hate when that happens.

I try so hard to do things right and when I don't that's it.

I promised myself that I would not cry again.

But it is too late, because it will be all over the store how I did.

Tomorrow I have to go out there again.

With no training

They don't care....... 

It doesn't help to refuse either because she will make me go out there.

Not only that but I have a certain amount of time to finish stocking the candy before they just make me put it up.

If it isn't organized on the cart the other candy girl gets hateful with me.

So yesterday I had to do the breaks for gas station which took an hour away from my candy time.

She sent me on my lunch break and said I could finish the candy after I got back.

When I went back in the cart was already put away and she said I didn't have time to finish because she needed me to check.

She had put the candy back onto the cart herself and took it to the back.

She just threw the candy on there and when I asked if I could go and straighten it out before I left she told me no, because I would be into overtime.

I asked if I could just go back real quick during my own time and fix it and she told me that I could not do it on my own time

She said she was my boss and if the other girl got mad she would just have to get over it.

Well....she is not the one that this girl will be hateful to because it isn't done to the way she wants it.

I like being home much better.

No stress, and no pressures.

Ok now that I have depressed one and all I will stop.

I really am ok I just don't know how to fix this.

I need to see my son.

His car is still in the shop.

I want to go and see him, or have him visit me.

He is without transportation.

Gotta go to bed and start all over again tomorrow.

I finished my Wolf picture and am now working on an under sea one.

I need to start writing my book again.

But for now I will find comfort in this song:by Martina McBride

by bAnyway - Martina McBride

You can spend your whole life building something from nothing
One storm can come and blow it all away
Build it anyway
You can chase a dream that seems so out of reach and you know it might not ever come your way
Dream it anyway

God is great, but sometimes life ain't good
And when I pray it doesn't always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway, I do it anyway

This world's gone crazy and it's hard to believe that tomorrow will be better than today
Believe it anyway
You can love someone with all your heart, for all the right reasons, and in a moment they can choose to walk away
Love 'em anyway

Repeat Chorus

You can pour your soul out singing a song you believe in that tomorrow they'll forget you ever sang
Sing it anyway, sing it anyway

I sing, I dream, I love, anyway

xox Barbara


radar446 said...

Happy birthday!  I wish I had been there to hear My Immortal...I really like Evanesence.


lsfp1960 said...

Glad you had a Happy Birthday !  Linda in Washington  

jckfrstross said...

Happy Birthday:) have a good week


plieck30 said...

Well your job stinks but at least you had a nice birthday and I'm glad. paula

fasttrack58 said...

Glad you got to sing on your bday!!!!!
Sorry work made you cry, mean ole work......
we don't get any training either, actually I have pretty much had to train all my bosses at the store I am at now, including the one I have now, and I trained myself before she got there...
Linda :)

lisa41076 said...

Barbara, glad you had a nice birthday but I'm sorry that some meanies made you cry, You're so sweet , I hate that some people are so mean to you, the jerkwads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Ya Lisa XO

mosie1944 said...

Sorry about  your difficult time on the job.  Stress on the job is no fun, I remember it well.

ukgal36 said...

I hate that ..crying at work I mean..glad you had a decent birthday and got to do what you love best..sing..have a better day today don't let 'em get ya down..

emabecmar said...

I'm happy you had a nice birthday, but those crabby people at work should not of treated you like that, and that manager, man i wanna smack her. (((((((hugs))))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxo

rayne1123 said...

happy late birthday!  i love that martina song as well.  and as for those nasty people that is all they are nasty. it is hard nnot to get upset or show emotion when working with people like that, i have gone and cried many times when i had problems like you did.  its ok just realize that you are better then them and leave it to god for the rest.  i pray it will be better for you the next time you work

queenb8261 said...

Hope you had a good birthday.  Sorry that you had such a time at work. How stupid are they to expect you to know how to run the pumps without training. IDIOTS.
Have a good day today. Barb  

ally123130585918 said...

Barbara I am glad you had a good Birthday ~ your job sounds horrible what nasty people you work with ~ and how silly not to let you straighten the candy in your own time ~ some people I will never understand :o( ~ Ally

kaydeejay5449 said...

PHEW!!!  That entry covered a lot of territory.  LOL  First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  We are birthday sisters.  Mine is on the 17th.   Next, just take a deep breath and let it out.  Relax.  Don't let anyone at work make you feel like you are less than the Queen you are!  You deserve to be treated with respect and anyone who doesn't has a problem - not you!
So there.  I do hope things have been going better.
Hugs,  Kathy

am4039 said...

did I forget your birthday I'm so sorry. What day is it? I get so far behind I can't remember things. Well hope your birthday was great. Mine was 2-22.