Wednesday, October 17, 2007

They Don't Want Me To Leave

I worked today at my grocery store job.  I went in at 4:45am to do the candy.  At 7 my manager came in and went to her office.  I gave her a few minutes to get adjusted and then I went in and told her I would be giving two weeks notice.

Her face fell.  She was not a happy camper.  She asked what they could do to keep me.  I told her about my job offer and she said she would tell the other managers and maybe there would be something they could do to improve my current situation there with different hours and possibly a raise.

I think my mind and body is ready for a change though.

I went after work and talked to my new employer to be.  He is very excited to have me coming in as his new staff member.  He is ordering me a book for learning the insurance business.  He said I would have to go to school for three days and take a test to be licensed.  He said he would cover all the cost of the schooling and books.

He asked if there was any way I could start sooner than two weeks.  I offered to work there on my day off, but he said everyone needed their days off.

He said he could wait until my two weeks was over.

He gave me an old book to study until mine comes in.

I am kinda scared to study the older one as I might get confused when it comes to the new laws and old laws.

It looks kinda hard, but I am sure if I put my mind to it I can do it.

I will be talking to my current managers again on Friday.

I am off tomorrow and I plan to just relax and enjoy my time off.

I am excited about the change and hope I am making the right move.

My current manager said she really does not want me to leave because I am trained in so many areas in the store....candy pharmacy and cashier.

She said she hated to see me go because I am so good with the customers and they would miss me terribly.

I will miss everyone too, but I think it is time for Barbara to have a new beginning and how can I turn down such a great offer.  Schooling paid and the perfect scedule..  Not to mention the fact that Rick and I will be working the same time and have more time together.

I ask for your prayers that I will make the right decisions.

My motto has always been never look I am trying to focus on the future.

I pray God will lead me and guide me.

Also I need prayers for my brain to learn all this new stuff....sure I could just keep doing what I know and go on.....but why.

I think I need to just buck up and get busy learning new things.

What do you think?



xxroxymamaxx said...

I think you can do it!  There is some good money to be made in insurance as well.  My aunt is an agent and she is doing very well for herself. : )  good luck to you in whatever you do!  Love, Shelly

lsfp1960 said...

Barbara, the question you want to continue working at the store forever?  This is your big chance to learn something new, have decent hours, more money on payday and spend more time with Rick.  I think you'll find that God will agree these are all honorable.  Linda in Washington state

sharonna1955 said...

congrats on landing the new job isay go for it definately hours in the store will be cut down soon .and sleeping in later then 4 am will be great ....god bless you Sue  

emabecmar said...

your going to do great at your new job. i agree it is time for a change. ((((((hugs)))))

lisa41076 said...

Barbara, my sweet Anthony will be leaving World Market after Friday, today was his last day working with me, I'm sad, maybe I am ready for a change too, Love You Lisa XOXO

redpoppy007 said...

I would take the new job. Never look back.
Retail is a thankless profession.
You will love your new job!

plieck30 said...

I think you are doing the right thing. They are being nicey nice now because they don't want to lose you. You probably won't be on your feet as much either. That may not matter now but as you age it will matter. I think you will be good at this new job and I wish you well. paula

mosie1944 said...

Follow your gut feelings.  Sounds like it's time for a change.

pharmolo said...

Good luck, Barbara, sometimes you need a change in life.

ally123130585918 said...

Good Luck Barbara ~ "Never look Back" is my Motto as well ~ pity they didn't think yo offer you better hours and more money before you handed in your notice ~ glad you are not going to change your mind ~ you new boss sounds lovely ~ Ally x

mikev009 said...

Of course they don't want to have you leave since you're a good worker, but true success comes from being happy in what you do.  You seem very excited about the new job so go for it.  ~ Mike

fasttrack58 said...

I think you need to take the new job, of course it is scary, it's new and we all have trouble stepping out of our comfort zone... Don't let the old job make you feel guilty, they are just spoiled with you there and will have to work now...
I see other entries, off to see what you decided....
Linda :)

gehi6 said...

I think change and learning new things is always good.  I always found that to be so in my work years, but will you need to change the name of your jurnal?  Ha.  Well, I would wait a while to see if you like your new job.  I was intrigued by the title of your journal because I worked as a waitress for about ten years.  I was glad to go work in a cosmetics factory.   Gerry