Thursday, September 11, 2008


If you came to my house…

You would see: That we are still under construction....You would see a great yard surrounded by woods. Hopefully you would not see dirty dishes in the sink.....this is for you Rick LOL wash those dishes after you clean out the refrigerator. LOL.

I’d probably feed you: Spagetti, enchiladas or some of Ricks famous Barbeque with the hot sauce he just made last week.

And offer you this to drink: Diet Pepsi, sweet tea, or if you hang out with Rick he might have a beer or two.

I would undoubtedly ask if you have read: my Dad;s books or an author I was currently reading.

I would d want to play this music for you: Some of my songs on under waitressangel.

I would want to tell you about: our upcoming trip.

I would probably suggest a game of: 31

I would definitely show off: our new truck.

I might get on the computer and show you: my journal

If it was a long enough visit, we might watch: some movies or Sadie do tricks


a1montelongo said...

That is a nice story, i love read your journal, haven't commented in a long time, lost my password, in other word i couldn't rember it.  so, how are you and the family? how is you sister? well, take care.

a1montelongo said...

i did go to your house and it was very well constructed.. you did offer us spagetti and my grandson really liked it.  i broguht you a deit pepsi and you did should us your books.  you did let us listed you sing on sinsnap, which was a great joy to hear you sing.  we never played the game of 31, but you did show me your new truck.   i really enjoy our visited but i still haven't tried you husband's famous bbq or bbq sauce or that famous hot sauce.   it was really nice visiting you that day, me and my family enjoyed spending with you