Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HEY!!!'s me! Alot has been happening lately.
Where to start....
Ok I will start with my sister Pam. She was in a mental hospital and I was going to see her about once a week. She would get better and then she would get worse. I would bring her her favorite things. Gummy Bears, Churchs Fried Chicken and a roll of quarters and makeup and clothes. She worked in the salon there as a patient. It came to a point to where they said she was well enough to move out of the hospital, but she didn't want to leave. They sent her to a group home about 30 minutes away from where I live.
Recently I was able to pick her up and spend the day with her. I took her to the bank so she could open up a checking account, but she did not have updated information so we will have to wait on that.
When I picked her up she had orange hair. I took her to a salon and they fixed the color for her. We came home and she got on the computer and was trying to look up stuff about her husband. I did not think this was very healthy for her to do.
We ended up after a day of makeup and hair taking her home and I was suppose to pick her up again yesterday to celebrate her birthday. I called and she said she just wanted to stay home and sleep.
Just talked to her today and she again just wants to sleep. Part of me wants to just go and make her go out with me, but the other part is saying to give her time to adjust.
Rick and I are still not working and living off of our savings. I am still trying to get stuff organized and out of my parents house so that I can put it on the market to sell. Right now we are painting and refinishing the wood floor.
I feel overwhelmed at times trying to get everything done and looking back to see that even though I have done much more needs to be finished.
Eric is doing good in Austin.
Recently he was in a car crash and the person who hit him took off leaving his elderly mom in the truck. The police are after him, but since Eric did not get a good look at him he probably wouldn't be able to pick him out of a line up if they ever catch him.
Our insurance paid to have the car fixed and will be going after the other drivers insurance to get the money back including the 500.00 deductable I had to pay to get the car repaired.
Rick recently had hernia surgury which cost us close to 4000.00. The savings at this rate is almost gone.
I try not to worry about the money...but none is coming in and it is all going out.
I will not let this all get me down. Life is too short to worry. I know God will take care of me.


Missie said...

Mental illness runs in my also. Thank goodness Eric is okay.

Have a good week.

Lori said...

You have certainly had a lot going on. I'm so sorry about your sister. I hope that she does adjust and can get back on track. Maybe it will just take some time. She's lucky that she has you there. I hope you guys find some work soon too. We had to use some of our savings back in April when Thomas's company was on strike, and although it was just a month, it was hard on us. Take care!