Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ultrasound of RUQ

Had to fast this morning.....not fun....but when I read that Missie had to fast for 3 days, I thought...suck it up Barb....anyway I am having an ultrasound today at 12:30. I have to go into San Antonio to get it done because the small town I live in doesn't have that here. Or a Walmart either ...jus sayin...and so Rick will be going with me and he said he was going to take me out to eat after.
I will be going by my parents house to pick up the mail from their neighbor...she is an angel...she has been picking up my parents mail for 2 years now because as you know they are in Heaven now. She picks up the mail so it will look like someone lives there and it doesn't build up. They also park their truck over there. I don't worry about the house because if anything happens there I get a phone call. She watches that house like a hawk.
I am thinking of getting her something special for Christmas...but I don't know what.
Eric will be coming home late today when he gets off of work. He gets to stay with us until Sunday!!!!!
Sadie got kennel cough from her daughter Shelby, but they are both on medicine now and getting better.
Sadie and I have matching and green...I will try to take pictures later.
BTW for new readers Sadie is my puppy dog.
Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!
I will be back to let you know how the ultrasound went.
Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!
Love ya! xoixBarb


LdyRoxx said...

Crossing everything...hope it goes well and you start feeling better soon. Glad to hear Eric will be home for Christmas!

Lisa said...

Barbara, thinking of you and sending hugs your way, Love You Lisa XO

Jimmy's Journal said...

Merry Christmsa Barbara and Sadie!


Janice said...

Hoping everything is all clear for you.