Thursday, January 10, 2008


Somebody needs to give me ideas on how to get a stubborn doggie to take her medicine.

I wrap it in cheese and she eats the cheese and spits the pill on the floor.

Same with bread, hot dog, and even tapioca.

Then I tried crushing the pills and put it in her favorite treat...would not eat it.

We eventually had to put it in the back of her throat and held her mouth shut until she swallowed....this took awhile and was stressful for her and me.

Doctor said to put it in peanut butter and put it on the roof of her mouth.

All I know is that it takes forever to get her to ingest it.  There has got to be an easier way.  Tomorrow I am going to go and buy some baby food, grind it up and try that....only problem is that if she doewn't eat it all she will be missing some of the medicine.....I thought about getting a sirenge and putting it in milk and shooting it down her throat.


Now she has to take half of a giant pill, 1 and a half tiny pills and another pill cut in half in the mornng.

At night she gets a whole heart pill, one and a half tiny pills and half of another pill.

She just isn't hungry.

Oh she ate a cookie right away though.....

They did give her an iv and pumped some of the fluid out of her manually.  The bandaid was from the iv.  She has a hole in her stomach too.

The vet gave her antibotic.

I just want her to get better soon.

 The doctor did blood tests and they came out really good.

She does have heart worms but it is too late to treat them.

One of the reasons she is having a hard time.


lisa41076 said...

Awwwwww hon have you tried putting her pill in with her dry food, I hope she takes her pill for you, Love You Lisa XOXO

lv2trnscrb said...

I sympathize, Koda does the same thing, spit the pill out but eat the treat; etc.  Jim will take a piece of bread or bagel and somehow mold it around the pill so it can't escape Koda's mouth when he gets it in there.  He entices him with some cheese and when Koda thinks it will be another piece of cheese, he throws the piece of bread to Koda, Koda catches it in his mouth and eats it. It doesn't work for me though.

they are smarter than us sometimes


tpiez4me said...

I like betty's trickery.......maybe Tiny will get the hint and realize she's just gotta take her meds.

magran42 said...

My father had beagles and when he had to medicate them he did the same as you.  drop the pill as far back as possible...hold the mouth....rub the throat until the pill is gone.  After a few times she will get the idea....swallow and it is over.  Sorry you are having to go through this.

mosie1944 said...

Oh no, heartworms?

pharmolo said...

I'm sorry you're having such a job giving meds to Tiny. They just KNOW there's a nasty pill in whatever food you try to hide it in.

robinngabster said...

We crush the pill put it in a spoon and cover the top of the medicine with plain yogurt.  The vet told us the yogurt is good for the dog as it fights bacteria in her stomach.  Princess licks the yogurt up so fast off the spoon she doesn't realize there is medicine there.

I hear heartworm is just awful...what is her prognosis?  Poor Tiny...

ma24179 said...

I think the sirenge idea is a good one! Try that. You made me cringe when you said she has heart worms... poor dog. Hope you have  a great day -Missy

fasttrack58 said...

Oh Tiny you are worse than a toddler... :)  I thought I asked you to be good for mommy and take your medicine... I'm thinking the sirenge is a good idea but Robin's way sounds really good too but then again the tapioca didn't work.... Oh Tiny......
Get well soon!
Linda :)

chat2missie said...

I have a little yorkie that has been on different meds for different reasons.  The best way to give him a pill is crush it up on peanut butter.  Oliver loves the peanut butter and can't spit the pills out while licking up the peanut butter.  Hope all goes well with Tiny.  Check out my journal when you have time.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Awww..poor thing!  I hpe you can get her meds down her! TerryAnn

ally123130585918 said...

Hope Tiny take's her pills ~ we just pop the pills in a little Pate' to cover it completely has never failed for our dogs ~ Ally x

pengboo said...

I've never had a dog refuse Braunschweiger.  Smells horrible to us, but they love it!

emabecmar said...

go get yourself a chunk of liverwurst from the deli, crush up the pills fold in liverwurst, she'll eat it that way. (((((hugs))))))