Sunday, October 1, 2006

Bryndans Birthday Party

This was a great party for kids!  Bryndon was so cute!  Everytime someone came in he would yell, "Happy Birthday!"

I think he has it confused with Christmas where it is everyones birthday!

The first present he opened was clothes.  He said...I don't want that!  Where are the toys!

He loved the dinosaurs I got him but he got alot of really nice presents.

He even got a Sponge Bob Television...13 inch color!

Wow I didn't get my own color tv until after I was married.!

I am going to try and post a cute movie I made of him next.

HOpe you had fun at the party!!!

xox Barbara 


ally123130585918 said...

Barbara loved the pictures glad Bryndon had such a lovely party ~ Ally

mtrib2 said...

Bryndon has a unique spelling of his name.    I think that is neat that he thought a birthday party was like Christmas and wished everyone 'Happy Birthday' !    When I was his age I knew it was my birthday and that I was the center of attention.    There were certainly a lot of people for his party.    What a great celebration and I hope he got many great gifts.    mark

radar446 said...

Its funny how kids never want clothes as presents, just toys.  Oh wait, not that funny at all.  I would still rather get toys than clothes any day.  Looks like a great time at the party.  


nana0014 said...

Hey Barbara,

Bryndon is the man. I LOVE THAT HOOKEM HORNS pic!

When I went to Texas last Christmas I bought Kyan anything UT I could buy. Then I was in the mall last weekend and saw a baby UT ballcap. I had to have it.

You would love it sometime if I find the pic.. my nephew had a chocolate UT groomsmen cake with chocolate dipped strawberries around it for his wedding. It was too cute.

Aww.. his daddy is going to Iraq. Is that his mom that is pregnant? Will daddy be around whenever the baby comes? I hope so.

LoL ya gotta love kids, where's the toys?. They tell it like it is.

To funny about the tv, I think I was in high school when I got my first tv. Heck, Kyan got portable DVD player when he was 11 months, but mostly for our sanity he hated being in a carseat and we were traveling 21 hours to Texas with a screaming baby. So that was heaven for us and kept him occupied the whole way. He also had a thing about being in the dark. He has to sleep with some light on.

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Have a great day.

Take care, Chrissie

fasttrack58 said...

Wow you are a party animal this week!! Two parties in one week...
What a great bday party. They were so cute in all the pictures, I love your commentary with the pictures...
Linda :)

rayne1123 said...


plieck30 said...

I had fun but who is Bryndon? Your nephew? Did I miss something along the way? Paula

lisa41076 said...

Great pictures, hope Bryndon had fun at the party, Hugs Lisa

nelishianatl said...

So glad he got a lot of stuff.  Kids are rotten spoiled with stuff these days.  I know what you mean about not having my own tv forever it seemed!

lv2trnscrb said...

Happy birthday Bryndon!! When is dad going to Iraq? Before or after little Aiden is born??

looks like a fantastic party! I'm going to my grand-niece's first birthday party on Saturday. Where did the year go?


rjet33 said...

Loved the birthday party pics.  Such pretty eyes he has.  I pray his Dad comes home safely from Iraq.



queenb8261 said...

Quite a party. When the kids around here do the Pinata, they are blindfolded spun around three times and THEN start swinging!!