Thursday, October 12, 2006

Witches Curtain

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Witch’s Curtain
Listen well, my pretties. If your home inspires anything short of sheer horror, you must shroud your entrance in darkness: strips of torn plastic to twist in the wind.

Lay a heavy-duty black garbage bag flat on a work surface, open end towards you. With scissors, cut 1 1/2-inch vertical strips from the bottom, stopping a few inches from the top. Cut open one side seam, then unfold bag. Use masking tape or tacks to hang. Then, with hands a few inches apart, grasp each strand and pull; stretch strands in several places for a decrepit effect.


robinngabster said...


emabecmar said...

hey that is a good idea. thank you for sharing. ((((hugs))))

fasttrack58 said...

That's a great idea!!
Linda :)

rayne1123 said...

cool thanks

rbrown6172 said...

great idea!  thanks.

ally123130585918 said...

What a great idea ~ it looks very Halloweeneeeee ~ Ally

stansgirl2004 said...

How cool!! Love it! Thanks
Hugs, Marina

randlprysock said...

Well now, that does seem like a lovely scary entrance.  Hmmmm, maybe I shall try this around here sometime.  We have some really grand decorations out for fall so far in our neighborhood but I still haven't changed the duck out of her 4th of July garb.  Well, she's a goose.  No, actually, I think I did put her witch outfit on.  I forget.  So busy these days.  Two more weeks of cheerleading and football and then I can breathe easy and start packing for the north.  Hugs,

mtrib2 said...

I think your scary entrance idea is spooky!    The kids will love it.    I can't help but notice also the beautiful front porch columns.    mark

queenb8261 said...


nana0014 said...

If Kyan went through that.. he'd wanna pull it all down. He's into grabbing everything now and pulling. UUggghh. Sounds really cute and the trick or treaters will love if you do that.
Take care, Chrissie