Thursday, November 9, 2006


I have 119 points towards the contest now.  There are only 3 hours left.  So I won't win this week.  Thanks to everyone who voted for me.  There is still a little time left....but the number one so far already has over 400.  So unless a miracle happens and everyone pimps me like mad this week is a bomb.

I will let you know asap for next week so that more of you can vote.....This weeks theme was Pop.  I hope next week is gospel.  I do love to sing Christian music!  Love you guys! Barbara

You did bring me up from 50th to 21st!  


emabecmar said...

how many times can i vote, cause if i can vote over and over i'll get to clicking now. (((((hugs)))))))))

rbrown6172 said...

cool!  and better luck next time.

lifes2odd said...

Bummer. I wasn't around during the week so I didn't go vote. Keep us posted for next week! Martha :-)