Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Up Close And Personal For Pineapple

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I Live: in the middle of the city out in the country by the woods.

I Work: at a grocery store as a cashier and candy stocker.  I'm a candy girl now.


I Talk: too much and sometimes you find me

with my foot in my mouth because I talk

without thinking much!


I Wish: I could spend more time with Eric my



I Enjoy: painting, singing, making music and



I Look: for the good things about people


I Find: stray kittens after a hard rain 


I Smell: when I don't take a bath LOL


I Listen: less than I talk


I Hide: money from myself so that I won't

spend it and then I forget where I put it....


I Pray: everyday for all my friends and family

I Walk: only when I have to.

I Write: the songs that make the whole world sing...

well that is in my ultimate dream life

I See: saw when I go to the park.  Do you 



I Sing: every chance I get

I Laugh: all the time.

I Can: do all things through Christ who

strengthens me.

I Watch: all my favorite shows like Survivor

and do not allow anyone to talk...only on

commercials....I won't even answer my phone.

I Yearn: to earn. So that I will have money

to burn!!!!!

I Daydream: about Matthew M.....

I Fall: when I trip

I Want: to teach the world to sing in perfect

harmony...no really...wouldn't that be awesome

if we could all get together and sing!

I Cry: at sappy old movies.

I Burn: ready to cook bacon P U!!!!

I Read: as much as I can.  I like all books

I Love: my family and friends

I Rode: a horse in high school

I Sometimes: stay up too late and go to work

with only 3 hours of sleep....zzzz

I Hurt: my foot today when I dropped a heavy

box on it.

I Fear: nothing any more I used to be scared

to drive until Eric moved away and it was either

get over it or never see him


I Hope: you dance 

I Break: dance...not

I Eat: when I remember to 

I Bathe: once a week whether I need it or 

not!  If it is on Sunday I even use soap! 

I Drink: Diet Pepsi like I should drink water.


I Stop: people when I see them being

mean to someone!!!! 

I Save: everything!!!! Eric is 22 and I still

have all of his baby clothes!  I finally threw

away his first diaper...just kidding,

but I really do have all his baby clothes!

I Hug: anyone who needs one

I Meditate: while I procrastinate

I Play: many instruments

I Miss: my angels

I Hold: my breathe underwater

I Forgive: everyone....I let God deal with them

I Drive: because I can!

I Learned: that life is shorter than you think 

I Dream: vivid dreams every night 

I Have: to go Christmas shopping soon! 

I Don't: have to be me til Friday!!!!

I Made: that up.... 

I Believe: that Jesus lives in my heart.

I Wait: for children and old people

I Need: another vacation!!!!

I Owe: too much 

I Hate: mean rude people.

I Feel: with my fingers

I Know: my savior lives.

I Wonder: how God made all these wonderful


I Applaud: all of the courageous people who are

fighting cancer

I Love: my life!

There you go...more than you care to know once again!

Love ya, Barbara



emabecmar said...

cool answers, i loved them. hope you have a wonderful evening. (((((((hugs)))))))))

lifes2odd said...

Thanks for dedicating that for my Pineapple!
Best of luck on this week's contest!  Martha :-)

robinngabster said...

Love them all!!!  Candy stocker en?

rbrown6172 said...

great answers!! i especially like those that let your light shine thru.  :)

kaydeejay5449 said...

I remembered to vote (thanks to a nudge from Jeannette) and I loved this entry! I leared a lot about you.
Hugs,  Kathy

queenb8261 said...

Great entry.  (And I have voted!)
Hugs, Barb

nelishianatl said...

I learned alot about you.  Thanks this sounds like fun.  May I borrow it?  Might decide to post one myself. If that's ok I mean.
I'm thinking about picking a song and playing along too.  I just want to sing but I get half way through the song, start hating it and stop.  And picking a song to do is so hard...  

trickeytricky said...

Oh girl . . . I think we all dream about Matthew McC . . . .


Loved this little survey! As always, you've got my vote.

Amanda :)

fourpineapples said...

For me? :D
Loved your survey, especially the seesaw part. I seesaw at the park...whenever I'm not on the swings, that is.