Sunday, November 12, 2006

Vote For Barbara

Will You Love Me Tomorrow.....this was Rhythum and Blues...not my usual genre.  But this was the only one I could even attempt.  The person with the highest votes this week wins a microphone!  Please go vote for me!  Thanks and if I win I will be singing better with my new mic!   


fasttrack58 said...

I voted!!
Good Luck!
Linda :)

emabecmar said...

voted for you also. good luck. (((((hugs)))))))

redpoppy007 said...

I love your voice, you got my vote!
Good luck..

trickeytricky said...

I will always vote for you . . .

Oh and you're welcome . . . for the coffee up your nose!


Don't forget to ask your questions at:

mtrib2 said...

I listened to your song when Jeannette sent an email with the link.     It was broken up with hearing your voice for several seconds and then buffering and then your voice again on and off.     I did get through the entire song and thought you did an excellent recording.     The voting is not explained and there is the little circles with one thru ten and then a vote button.     Is ten the best vote to submit?   I will go back and vote when you send me the explaination.    mark

rbrown6172 said...

good luck!!!!

gotomaria said...

Nice Job Barbara...tried to vote for you but it didn't work....wanted me to log on and I couldn't figure that out.