Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blessings Babys and Barbara


1.  Remember when I asked you all to pray for Eric to be able to get a car so that he would have his own transportation to work after our Tauras bit the dust?  This was a very big concern of mine, but I put it in Gods mailbox and asked for prayers from you....

God answered.  He now has some help and we will be car shopping soon!  The money was given by some very caring and loving people whom shall remain unnamed until I get permission from them to tell.  Or maybe it will remain a mystery.

2.  Remember when I told you we were having trouble with the people renting Ricks moms house?  They totally destroyed the inside of the trailer and were stealing electricity.  They lied and all kinds of ruckus was happening over here. 

They moved out and we already have new renters!

3.  Then since they were stealing the electricity, the electric company totally disconnected the line.

We had a family friend who fixed it for next to nothing .  Thanks Bob!

4.  Then the sewer system was all stopped up and pipes were broken...the sewer system lead to the yard of an older gentleman who doesn't even like for people to walk into his yard.  How were we going to tell him that we were going to have to dig a trench through his yard to fix it......we prayed.

He said...sure no problem do whatever needs to be done.

So prayer does work....please continue to pray for us.

Now on the the baby shower announcement....

I am in charge of doing the games for my nieces baby shower.

I have the games all ready to go.

1.  Baby adlib that I wrote and that they will supply the words to.

2.  I am going to freeze little plastic babies in icecubes and then we will have a contest to see whose baby is born first.

3.  The cotton ball game...see previous entry.

4. When they arrive I am going to give them each a nametag with a baby related item.  When everyone is settled I will tell them to read the name on their nametag and for the remainder of the party that will be their new name....I can't wait to see who gets named nipples. LOL

5.  If someone is caught calling someone by their wrong name they will either have to put a coin into a bottle bank, or sing a lullaby to the baby in Emilys tummy.

6.  At the end of the party I will ask them to guess the amount of money in the bottle bank and the winner will get all.  Then when we find out who the winner is I will hand them a box of ALL detergent...and Emily will get the money for the new baby.

7..We are also going to have a couple of races like diapering a member on their team, eating oatmeal and lots of laughter too.

Should be fun...only downside is that after the party I have to go to work for 6 hours....pray for me!

She is going to name him Aden Jacob after her brother who we lost...October 8th of this year will be exactly a year since Jacob was taken.

Barbara is doing fine...um that is me. LOL  I have to work only 4 hours today and I must get ready to go.

Just wanted to tell you all the good news and to thank you for the prayers and comments and great ideas!

Love and all that stuff!!!!! Barbara

Don't worry...the camera is coming with me to the shower and you will get to see all the fun....!!!!     


fasttrack58 said...

Answered prayers!! :)
You have the baby shower all under control...
Have a great day at work!!
I am not on my way to work at the moment as the car won't start...
Linda :)

lisa41076 said...

Barbara, glad your prayers were answered !!!!!!!!!! I'm really glad those other people that were renting from you are gone and you have new renters !!!!!!!!! I miss your comments in my journal, Hugs Always Lisa

pharmolo said...

Only goes to show, miracles still happen :-)


radar446 said...

So glad things are working out for you.  Always nice when the road ahead is an easier one.


tendernoggle said...


lsfp1960 said...

I was wondering about those renters.  Glad they moved on.  It sounds like everything is going well and the shower sounds like it will be a lot of fun.   Linda in WA  

rbrown6172 said...

wonderful praise report!!!

lv2trnscrb said...

awesome with the answers to prayers!!! cute baby shower games; sounds like they will have tons of fun :)


ally123130585918 said...

Sounds like everything is on the up ~ I am so glad ~ The "Baby Shower party sounds like you have it well organized ~ Ally

stansgirl2004 said...

I'm so happy that all your prayers are coming true
I love love love the games you came up with I wish i was there to play!
Couldn't you take off that day? YOu poor thing
Biggest hugs, Marina

cdittric77 said...

Pray we will!


am4039 said...

I'm so happy that things are working out and that eric will get a car. Happy about the renters and all the other good stuff. Good things happen to good people and your wonderful. Sorry it has taken me so long to read your journal. I'm so far behind. Love you always.

trickeytricky said...

That is so wonderful that things are working out for you! :-D

I'll keep praying and maybe you'll hit the lottery!!

Amanda :)

nelishianatl said...

This really is great and encouraging news!  Keeps faith alive.  the baby shower sounds like it's going to be a real hit.  Have a blast!

xxroxymamaxx said...

Wow, what great games you've come up!  I haven't heard of a lot of these!  Good luck.  : )  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

xxroxymamaxx said...

Yes, Blessings!  : ) Big hugs and GBU, Shelly

randlprysock said...

I love this entry!  Such wonderful and great news!!!!  God is so good!!!  I am so happy about the way all of these prayers have been answered for you and glad you took the time to share the answers.  And the games for the party sound awesome!!  I will pray that the hours at work go smoothly.  Hugs,

queenb8261 said...

So glad things are looking up.