Saturday, September 16, 2006

Canada Calling Texas!!!i

I have just had the most interesting talk on the phone.

That is right I have added another dear friend from Jland to my list of angels that I have actually talked to.

So far I have talked to my wonderful friend Robin who used to live in Texas and is now is California. Which I so wish I had met for lunch while she was here.  Such a blessing to my life.


My friend Sharon from  North Carolina with the accent that cracks me up and I love her so. She even called Rick and told him to get me something good for our anniversary...didn't work but it was nice she tried LOL

My sister Barbara in Lubbock that I absolutely adore and wouldn't trade for all the cattle in Texas.  She is the queen!

Now I have also recieved some wonderful mail from these girls and from  my other terricfic friends like Linda in California, Martha in Florida, Linda in Washington,Lisa from World Market. Bambi from Florida, Avon from Lisa in Florida,

And now....

I have talked to Treesrgreen from Canada!  We like alot of the same things, painting and clouds.

She also have an only son like me!

Stop by and say hello to her, she is a great person to get to know!

I am missing some of the people I use to talk to like Theresa...where are you?

And Jessica....I am calling you out!

And hadonfield.....

you know who you are.  don't make an old lady worry about you. 

if your name isn't here, it does not mean that I don't love you like Marla..who I talk with often and Mosie who writes entrys everyday like me, so I know you guys are ok.

Ally you know I adore you.  Sharonna and Mawmellow same goes for you too.

And Stevie I hope you are feeling better.

Shout out to Jackie!

Paula and I are going to meet for lunch soon I hope as we live close together only one town apart.

Marina I hope you are feeling better!!!!

Mary I adore your comments too.

Rocketman my English friend, you know I adore you!

Greg, Mike, Mark and others I look forward to reading your guys need to write more.

Ok who am I forgetting......drop me a line and yell at me and I will write a whole entry on you.

Love you guys!

Wait there is Betty and Val and Krissy and inspirations! 

Ok let me have it......  


fasttrack58 said...

Oh Miss Barbara... brings me back to the days of Romper Room, remember that show... bomper boo. I had a crush on a guy in school that I later found out had been on Romper Room. lol...
You are the greatest and we all love you right back!!
Linda :)

lifes2odd said...

We all love you Barbara -- by the way, I still have your Florida souvenir sitting here, yours and the queens. Sorry I'm such a big procrastinator! You'll get it one of these days!!! Hugs, Martha :-)

treesrgreen78 said...

This is very strange today I talked to someone in Texas, what a lovely person, she likes everything the same as me.  It was truly a pleasure talking to you, Barbara.  Hope to do so again soon.  Have a good weekend, god bless.


lisa41076 said...

Barbara, If you would like to talk on the phone sometime we can !!!!!!!!!!! I think it would be fun !!!!!!!!! Let me know what you think, Hugs!!!!!!!!!! Love You Lisa

plieck30 said...

Isn't j-land more fun then eating candy on Christmas? Can't wait to see you when it gets cooler. Paula

radar446 said...

That is sure one long roll call!!  Looks like you have lots of folks in your corner.   I'm happy and honored to be in that list!


treesrgreen78 said...

It was a pleasure calling from Canada to you barbara a very intresting, charming and wonderful lady, with many of the same interests as myself.  I look forward to speakign with you again.  Thanks for your encouragement with the journal and for taking the time to talk with me.  

Trees from Canada

seraphoflove9001 said...

Great to hear how many friends you have in J-Land! :o)

jckfrstross said...

isn't j-land great? :)


queenb8261 said...

:) Sounds like you have a wonderful list of friends here in JLand (as we all do). And you've talked to someone from another country! Hope you are having a good weekend Sis. Hugs, Barb  

ally123130585918 said...

You are lovely to have as a friend ~ I am glad J~land has brought us all together ~ Ally

pharmolo said...

You've got some blogroll there, Barbara, it's great to extend the contacts to beyond cyberspace :)

luddie343 said...

..and they say you can't make real friends online - HA!  Glad to see you're getting to know Trees, this is one heckofa lady, very brave, very compassionate.   I love how we can cross any border w/one little machine.  CATHY

randlprysock said...

You are awesome!!!  I am so glad to know you Barbara and this is a great entry.  J Land is awesome and there is nothing else like this place... but maybe heaven will be kinda similar in some ways.  

xxroxymamaxx said...

You have so many wonderful friends here!  It just amazes me how this community fits together. : )  GBU, Shelly

lv2trnscrb said...

so neat you got to talk with your friend from Canada!!!