Saturday, September 9, 2006

Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Guilty

I have decided to tell you a little about my job.

As you all know I am a cashier at a grocery store.

I am one of the oldest cashiers who works I am not old.

Most of the people who work there are teenagers to 20 year olds.

I will describe some of them to you

.First we have the managers...

Mr. Nice Guy is just 18 years old. 

How he is a manager at this tender age has something to do with the fact of people he "knows". 

 Any way I really like this kid. He makes working there fun.  He isn't serious all the time and looking for mistakes or talking down to anyone. 

When I first worked there though I did see him get on to one of the little bagger girls in front of everyone.  I took him to the side and told him that that was not a professional way to handle the situation.  Since then he has changed his policy of dealing with his employees. 

 Good for you Mr. Nice Guy!

Mrs. she is older than me and drives me CRAZY.

She just got promoted to some level and it has really gone to her head. 

She is so picky about EVERYTHING.  One day she made one of the baggers (who is very shy) go home early because he did not greet on of the customers.  Hello can anyone say Warning??? 

 Anyway she critizes everyone from how many items they put per bag to putting stickers on everything that is too big to be put into a bag. 

 If you are back from your break one minute late (because maybe you had to pee...) you get a 5 minute lecture....hello who is wasting time here?

Then we have Mr. Kiss Butt.  He has to shake your hand and say hello to you everytime

you clock in.  He asks the customers if they need help with their grocerys for the third time after he hears the cashier ask "no"

Bagger asks "oh no thanks" 

 and then he asks again "NO!"  Some people actually get offended if you ask them if they want help out...but it is required.  Especially the big macho guys, the old guys and the independant older ladies.

Miss Stay In The Office On the Phone

really drives me batty.  If we need an override or help on the register it takes forever for her to get there.  And then she walks as slow as a turtle like

 there is no end to a day.  And then she acts like she was so bothered to be interupted and had to get off her ....... to come do her job.

Okey and Dokey are two other managers

 that I like. 

 They are always there when you need them and appear like magic as soon as you call them. I like working with those two.

Well I guess this will have to have part two or three. Barbara

How does Lisa make all those long entrys without running out of room?




lisa41076 said...

Barbara, hi wow your manager is only 18 ? So young, glad he listened to you that time when he singled that young bagger out-smart guy !!!!!!!! I wish you could meet my gorgeous manager Anthony and see him in person !!!!!!! He is so great with the customers !!!!!!!!!  Love You Lisa XO

plieck30 said...

Cute entry but not to you probably. I think I like the turtle lady, NOT, just her name. Paula

lsfp1960 said...

I think all work places are the same. There are some who are really there to work & others who are there to look like they are working and then there are some who are there to make life miserable for everyone, whether they are working their rears off or not.   I can identify all of those characters in the office I work in.    Linda in Washington state  

luddie343 said...

I thoroughly enjoy ppl who find the HUMOR amongst the flotsom and jetsum of everyday jobs, which is what you've done beautifully!  Think I'll re-read this. xoxo  CATHY

lv2trnscrb said...

because of you being a cashier, Barbara, I always try to remember to be kind to cashiers in stores and baggers. Always try to say hi and make eye contact and ask about them and how they are doing. its a hard job; you guys don't get enough appreciation or money in my opinion


am4039 said...

oh sounds like you work with a variety of people. 18 and your boss. Well at least he learned from you not to yell at people in front of other people. Miss Bossy she needs a good kick somewhere. LOL.

fasttrack58 said...

Part two and three???? No wonder you don't have any hours, all the bosses are using up all the payroll... lol...
Linda :)

tpiez4me said...

Ahhhhh life and times of an Angel Waitress / Cashier.....the joy never ends!

rayne1123 said...


nelishianatl said...

I am really enjoying how you are describing everything.  I can picture it all.  I wish they'd read it and recognize themselves and change behavior.  What do you mean it's not a perfect world?   lol  I was hoping it was.  roflmao.  You are very good at painting a picture for us. TY

virdra said...

Gee I wonder who is who......Just kidding got you.

moodymyke7 said...

Haaaaa, I think you know why I am laughing.  I am one of the oldest cashiers at my store.  My boss is 20 and doesnt know much but is a nice guy.  The baggers are just as you described.  A couple of the cashiers are very young and try to be fast and that makes for broken eggs and smashed bread as they fling them downto the bagger.  It is maddening but also alot of fun.  I meet alot of nice people and a lot of crabby ones.  But as working girls we must keep a smile on our faces.....                     Hugs to you     Love Myke