Monday, September 11, 2006

Michael Andrew Bane

My 911 Tribute to Michael Andrew Bane

In Memory of Michael Andrew Bane


Michael Andrew Bane, age 33.

Place killed: World Trade Center. Resident of Yardley, Pa. (USA).

Michael Andrew Bane

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Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups took action against the American public on September 11, 2001.  Michael Bane, was one of the thousands that were killed on that day as a result of their hate toward America and our people. Michael was employed by Marsh & McLennan as an Assistant Vice President of the casualty claims division. His office was on the 100th floor of the North Tower (tower one) of the World Trade Center. He was extremely proud to be working in the WTC. He was one of few people worldwide who worked so high up in the sky.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001, he got up for work at about 5:30 am, fed his dogs, and kissed his wife Tara goodbye. As he left their bedroom, he smiled at her and said, "I love you". He left his house at approximately 6:40 am - never to return.

Tara first learned of what happened at approx. 9:00 am. The radio stated that a small commuter plane struck the WTC. She thought was that he would be OK even if it hit his floor because he did not sit by the window. As she continued to drive to work she heard on another radio station that a second plane hit the towers and they were large commercial jets.

This station also indicated that it was a suspected terrorist attack. The intense fear overtook her. She was shaking uncontrollable and crying. Tara ran up to her office and ran for a phone. By this time she could not see the numbers on the telephone to dial because she was crying so much. Tara called to a coworker and informed her that her husband was in the buildings, her brother-in-law may be in the buildings and her father worked downtown. She was unable to contact any family members due to the phone lines being down. Tara returned home to her house in time to see the towers collapse. As a she watched the attacks with panic rising inside of her, she was still unable to determine if  other family members were ok. It took several hours to hear from the rest of her family members and to find out they were all safe. But they still did not hear from Michael.

The next few days were filled with making grueling phone calls to hospitals, and emergency hotlines, describing what her husband looked like, indicating any identifiable features including birthmarks, and what he was wearing on 9/11. She had family and friends visiting hospitals and other places in
New York City placing Michael's photo around in hopes of someone recognizing him and receiving some information as to his whereabouts. She had to collect DNA samples of her husband and track down dental records as well as past x-rays in hopes of identifying him either alive or dead. That first tortuous week and a half was spent with her family by her side, hoping, praying that Michael would be ok and waiting for that phone call stating so. During that time she was filled with the fears and panic of what Michael went through: If he jumped out a window in efforts to get away from the flames, if he was burned alive, if he was trapped and couldn't breath from all the smoke and flames, if he survived the plane crash and then had to suffer for the remainder of his life, if he was buried alive once the towers collapsed. These thoughts still plague her today. And to this day, she is filled with anxiety with regards to receiving that phone call notifying me of what body part of her husband was discovered, as well as the very real possibility of never having any piece of her husband be recovered.

Michael Bane was a fun loving, easy going, good guy. He loved to spend time with his nieces and nephews playing sports and games. He enjoyed his home and having family and friends over to visit, playing volleyball and BBQ-ing. He took care of his dogs and loved having them around. He recently began playing the guitar again which he did as a young adult.
Tara often would come home from work and find him playing the guitar and she would just listen and be soothed by it. Now, the music has stopped and Tara says she looks at the guitar and wishes she could see and hear him play it again - but that will never happen!

When her husband died there was a part of her that died also. It was the life that she had planned to share with Michael. It was raising children together, helping them to grow up as good moral, fair people as her and her husband are. It was growing old together enjoying a home and their lives together. And now her life is completely different, unfamiliar, and lonely. Her canvas has been wiped clear and she will have to rediscover that canvas, incorporating the right colors and forms.

“I will not give up on my life, and I will not give up on all Americans.  This giving me an opportunity to honor Michael and all those for whom life was cut short in the name of terrorism.” states Tara

” Those who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks need to be held accountable for their actions. And they are the terrorist groups, Al Qaeda and the others who finance and support them.
Al Qaeda and all the other terrorist groups, as well as those who harbor them and finance their actions have causeda tremendous amount of pain, suffering and agony to many of us. This destruction of life and land needs tostop.  We need to prevent them from inflicting the painand suffering that I have endured, onto any other American.” She continues

Our country, its people and all of our monuments, which represent the American dream, need not experience the tragedies of 9/11 ever again.
This was written by the wife of Michael Andrew Bane who lost his life at the tender age of 33.  He did not have to die. 
Tara did not have to lose her husband and best friend.

God Bless Tara and her family.  Michael you are missed greatly.


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Beautiful, a very heart felt tribute to an outstanding american.

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thank you for the wonderful tribute to this wonderful man.

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God Bless him and his family.  Lovely tribute.

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You wrote a beautiful tribute to a wonderful young man.  Very nice!

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