Saturday, September 2, 2006

Lets Give em something to talk about

Stolen from Hadon who borrowed from Rhianna's survey, borrow from KelliBelli

Name:  Barbara Lynn Masters

Do you like your name? yes, i love my name

Would you change it if you could? To what?

 Anastasia Lyndsey (and some rich guys last name!)

What does your name mean?  it is what people call me..... 

Do you know what your name would have been if you were born the opp. sex?    I will have to ask my Mom about that one....  If my son was a girl he would have been Stacy Lynn

How did your parents come up with your name?

From their maid of honor (Barbara) and best man (Lynn)


Age: 45

What is your fav bday memory?  when I was a little girl, all of them.  My parents made all our birthdays special.  Now it is sometimes just another day.

Does your fam have any bday traditions?

My parents use to bring in a lit birthday cake and wake us up to them singing Happy Birthday.  Then we got to pick where we wanted to go for our birthday supper.

What do you want for your next bday?  Be 29

If you could plan the perfect bday celebration for yourself, what would it be?     A trip to Port Aransas!!!!

Sex: Yes, thank you

Do you think its easier to be male or female? A man because everything is done for them, but I love being a woman!

If you could change one thing about the opp. sex, what would it be?   Less grouchy

What about the same sex?   :Less gossip.


Do you believe in waiting for marriage?  Yes

What will you tell your children about sex? I think he probably knows more about it than I do. LOL  research and all...

Do you think sex changes things? it can make babies....

Does kissing lead to other things? if you are good at it

Where were you when you had your first kiss?   I was in the 8th grade behind the Piggly Wiggly grocery store....

What did you think the first time you saw the opp. sex naked?

On my wedding night


Location: Texas

House or Apt? house

Do you like where you live?  Kinda....I would like a house with walls maybe and closer to the beach

Whats the longest you've stayed in one place?  23 years

Why did you pick the place you're in now?  Property was owned by the family

Do you like your neighbors? I don't have close neighbors...

What is the name of your subdivision or apt complex?

   Masters Estates?

Have you seen any good police action lately?  no

What do you love about the house? location close to the woods and in the back where there is more privacy

Wheres the best place for a date? Be specific.

    Bowling Alley...not the movies because you don't talk

Where did you go on your very first date?

  Downtown San Antonio with my boyfriend Paul out to eat for his birthday or maybe the drive in movies

Do you have any good "worst date" stories? yes my "best friend" set me up with a huge obnoxious guy that kept grabbing at me all night.

If you're in a relationship...........

~How did y'all meet?  Bowling Alley

~Where was y'alls first date?   Bowling Alley

If you're married:

~How did you/he propose?  At his parents house while we were watching All in The Family on television. LOL

    sides of the family present......just us two

~How much did the wedding cost?   Not Sure.... 

~Did you enjoy the planning process?  It was alot of fun.

For the ladies:

~How much did/will your dress cost?borrowed

~How many did you try on? ...none

~What were/will be your wedding colors?pink and baby blue

~How did/will you do your hair?I  wore my hair down with a veil  Make-up? minimum

~Did/Will y'all do anything special or unique?  Port Aransas

~Did anything go wrong? ...     Our car was filled with hay and I thought someone put a rattlesnake in the car because of the noise that the cans made that were tied to the back

Occupation (including SAHM):  Cashier in a grocery store..................Do you enjoy it?   NO

I am getting tired of rude people.....

Will you be doing the same in 1 yr?  I hope not, I would like to become a proof reader/

Did you go to college?    YES

Did you finish? Not completely

What did you wanna be when you were

 5? Princess...a real one!

 10? A missionary in a traveling circus as a flying trapeze artist

15?  school teacher

Whats the oddest job you've had?  selling fireworks

Where would you never wanna work? outside in the heat!!!

If you have one, do you like your boss? some of them....

Who was your fav boss? Why?  Wes...he is funny and likes to make work fun

What was your fav job?   Childrens librarian Why ??    I love to work with kids

Have you ever walked out on a job? I finished out my shift....but left the next day.  That was my last job before this one.  I had been there for 7 years....I quit because of management.

Ok Linda...your turn


nelishianatl said...

Your answers are so fascinating.  We had several that was similar.  Thank you for borrowing it.  lol

lsfp1960 said...

I hope you meant another Linda, beacuse this Linda is hot (it's in the upper 80's today) old and tired right now.  If it is me....I'll do it later tonight.   Linda in WA

lisa41076 said...

Barbara, awesome answers !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are having a good weekend, Love You Lisa

queenb8261 said...

Always learn something new about you through these things. I wish I had time to do all of them
Hugs, Barb  

plieck30 said...

Now that kiss wouldn't have been behind Piggley Wiggley on Pleasanton Road would it? hope you don't mind me finding your journal and teasing you a little bit. There are lots of south side memories, mostly good. Paula

lv2trnscrb said...

I think its easier to be a woman; men have it really tough to have to provide for their families, take care of them, make sure their needs are met, etc. I think men have a lot more temptations, too, than women especially since men are so visual. If I had a choice, I'd be a dog; that is truly someone that has everything done for them, especially if they are Koda

but, then, if I was a dog, I couldn't have the type of relationship I have right now with the Lord.


randlprysock said...

Okay the flying trapieze missionary sounds like something I would cook up too.  We would have been friends in the same circus.  Am loving your answers, they are so interesting... Anastasia would be lovely.  So sorry people are being rude to you.  Want me to come over there and slap them?  Luv n Hugs,

luddie343 said...

Thought I knew ye, Barb, now I see another side lol!  Selling fireworks, yea!  So what's Port Aransas and why d'ya wanna go so badly?  Interesting...xoxo CATHY

shadierush said...

23 years in the same place! Wow I can't imagine that.

mtrib2 said...

I would not want to live near the beach as I have been seeing and reading about how homes in hurricanes pathes are being advised not to build there.    It would just be too much to lose a home.     Other than that I think the beach is a fantastic place to be.    I think your life went on an exceptionally good course as there are so many people that get divorced anymore.     You really thought out your life and put yourself on a course for a successful marriage.    I am not sure what you meant by a house with more walls in it but I am sure they could be added.    This will be the first year that I have a new room in my cabin and will be working to get it set up this winter.    I can not work on the construction of the addition over my kitchen and will find out my MRI results on Tuesday.    I just need to be happy with the work that has been accomplished and I know that little by little it will get completed.     I have learned a great deal about construction and know now that it can be accomplished when my back is better.     This problem has been going on since the wreck in 1973 and I hope this MRI will get to the reason I have been in constant pain that keeps stopping me from fullfilling my desire to work gainfully.   mark

stansgirl2004 said...

Love learning new stuff about you
Hugs, Marina

ashleekr said...

Fun!  I'll have to do this one.....

fasttrack58 said...

I was reading away intently and then I get to the bottom and there is my name in little letters... I'm still chuckleing... I haven't got to the last two I wanted to do, nor has hubby and I told him you said... :)
and as you can see I'm late in reading this one....
off to see what you have been up to in your absence...
Linda :)