Thursday, September 21, 2006

Calling All Creative MInds HELP

My niece Emily is having a baby shower next week and she has put me in charge of the games...I want something new and different...Here is what I have come up with so far....but I need more options! 

The Cotton Ball Game <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

With this game you will need two large bowls, one of which should be filled with cotton balls plus a large kitchen spoon and a cloth to use as a blindfold.
Each guest in turn competes in this game. Blindfold the guest and give one minute to transfer as many cotton balls from one bowl to the other just using the kitchen spoon.
Make a note of how many of the cotton balls each guest can transfer in exactly one minute. The guest who transfers the most cotton balls is the winner.
Due to the fact that the spoon is quite heavy and the cotton balls are quite light it is very difficult for the guests to tell whilst blindfolded whether they have anything in the spoon, consequently they will spend most of their time transferring an empty spoon. This is very amusing for the other guests to watch. 

Clay Babies
You will need about one can of dough for every two people. pass out the dough and have the players make little babies. the mother-to-be then judges and the winner gets a prize


Diaper <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Derby

To play, you need a 4 roll pkg of toilet paper.  At shower divide guests into 4 teams.  Give each tema a roll of paper.

Using only that each group should dress one of their team members in a diaper.

They can’t use pins, staples or anything else to hold it together.  Emily picks the best diapered baby and the whole team wins a small prize….an oreo cookie.

Eat the Oreo.

Everyone is given a oreo cookie.  At go everyone must lick all the frosting off the cookies, show the judge and then eat it until completely gone.  Winner gets a pint of milk to wash it down.


Wheres the Nuk?

Have three people race.

Three bowls filled with oatmeal.

Tied their hands behind their back and have them race eating the oatmeal until they find the Nuk at the bottom.

First one to find it wins.

Catch….there is no Nuk.

The Bag Game

You'll need large paper bags (you can get them free at the grocery store!)

Give all your guests a bag and have them place the bag over their heads. Then ask the participants to take off something they really don't need. It may sound boring but it is so funny when you see women taking off rings, shoes and even clothing not thinking it's the bag on their head that they really don't need. And of course whomever takes off the bag first is the winner! And the participants who still have the bag on, you continue to ask them to take off something they really don't need, if the participants still don't get the hint just tell them without laughing too loud to take that silly bag off their head(s).

 Baby Socks Matching Game

In the center of the room, place a pile of (separated) 10-15 pairs of baby socks (solids, patterned, and different sizes). Each guest gets 10 seconds to match them. The guest with most pairs of matching socks wins a prize. (* the more patterned socks, the harder).

Also, you may want to ask each guest via their invitation to bring in a pair of baby socks to save on party costs). At the end, the mother-to-be takes home all the socks.



Chimp Race

Players: Smallto large groups


Set up teams and play area. The first person on each team is to bend over with feet apart and grab their ankles. On “go”, they are to race down the course and back without letting go of their ankles. Each person on the team repeats the relay. The first team done is the winner.

This would be with other things in some kind of relay race.....

Email ideas to  ....  I only have a few days to prepare!!!!

Thanks! BArbara.


hunybea4him said...

Those sound fun!  You could also do the baby picture game.. where ppl bring in their baby pics and you mix them all up and the one who guessess the most of who's pic goes with who wins.

Much Love,

robinngabster said...

mtrib2 said...

I won't be doing any 'chimp racing' for awhile Barbara.    I mis-read my appointment sheet and missed my last physical therapy appointment this morning but was called by the physical therapist and was squeezed in this afternoon.    My left hip and leg have not improved but is actually getting worse.    The therapist showed me on a model of the spine how my Stenosis is putting pressure on my spinal cord.    There is a nerve that wraps around the hip bone and it is in severe pain.     I used to get relief from back pain by laying down and reading on my board/cushion, but this afternoon and now tonight even laying down the pain in my hip stays severe.    I found out the Nuerosurgeon's office is waiting for an approval from Medicaid based on my MRI diagnosis.    My physical therapist told me that if the spinal cord continues with the pressure from the bone growth that I could risk permanent nerve damage.     Needless to say my house addition project is impossible for me to get much done on and I will sit out in a chair and watch my worker and get up briefly to help on something.     mark

lv2trnscrb said...

those are all great games! At Jessica's baby shower (the last shower I went to) we played a word search type game. She knew she was having a boy and she knew what she was naming him. We took that name and wrote out how many words we could make losing the letters in his name. Had 2 minutes and whoever had the most words got a prize.

have fun!!


lsfp1960 said...

I was at a baby shower last spring, and the hostess used those little hard cardboard kid books, she had even gotten some of them at a used book store,  for table decorations and then the mom-to be got to keep them.  There's also that game where each person is given a 3 x 5 index card and they write an answer on their card. The hostess gathers up the answers and then she reads a question (like; when the baby won't stop crying at midnight, you should:) and then she asks one of the guests to pull out a card with an answer and read it.  Have plenty of questions and have each guest take an "answer card" can be hilarious.  The answer to that question could end up being something like "drink a bottle of wine."  You just never know what card will be drawn.   Linda in WA    

trickeytricky said...

I was at a baby shower where they did this:

Everyone sits in a circle (Kum-Bye-Ya) then you pass around a roll of toilet paper, everyone tears off a section they think it would take to make it around the proud momma's baby belly. Then once everyone has their guess in hand, one by one they give their strands of toilet paper to the momma to try out as a "belt" the person with the accurate guess wins.

It was a hoot.

Amanda :)

queenb8261 said...

Sounds like fun.


fasttrack58 said...

The clothespin game: they play this at every single baby shower I have been to....
when everyone first arrives they recieve a clothespin to wear, now for the rest of the shower you can not cross your legs or ankles, etc.... everyone keeps an eye on each other and when you catch someone crossing their legs, you get their clothespin/s... whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins...
Linda :)