Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I Know...It's About Time!!!

Hello everybody!  It's me!

Sorry it has been such a long time since I wrote a serious entry.

We are all doing fine.

I have been adopted by the neighbors cats.  I guess since they show up here everyday I should name them.  The black and white one is a kitten. He is hilarious.  He waits by the door and when you open it up he pounces and says Hello.  He is funny to watch. He is always sneaking up on grass and pecans laying in the yard.

The second cat is the shyiest.  He hardly makes any noise unless he is thristy and then he lets you know right away.

The third cat is the loudest.  He meows at you over and over even after you feed him.

They are all craving attention.  I don't know why they picked me to adopt.  I don't even have cat food.  So I have been giving them shrimp tails and vienna sausages.  I also had a little milk left over today and where else could I have poured it?

Rick says it is because I feed them....whatever.

Tiny is not a happy camper.  She tolerates them but they are not allowed in the house.  She has been eating all her food as soon as we feed her....just in case the cats figure out how to sneak in!

Rick is gone to work through the week and I have been gettng more hours too.

Eric is doing great in Austin...just needs a car still.  Waiting on the Lord.

Work for me has been ok.  We have had a few new people and managers, but I am just putting in my time.

I have working on my book on my days off.  I have about 5 chapters written now.

Maybe one day it will be in print....

I am off tomorrow too so I will chill and get ready to watch Big Brother...Any fans?  I am one of the biggest fans...even more than Lisa is with CSI....and that is ALOT

I have added more pictures to my postcard wall.  Thanks to all of you who have sent them to me.

I am going to be mailing my magnet tomorrow....I bet you want to know who I got...too bad Robin swore me to secrecy

Speaking of Robin...I am so proud of her for starting her new job.  Go and wish her luck.  This is a extremely talented lady and those kids are in for a wonderful experience with a teacher like her.  She is so creative and fun.  Way to go Robin!

I am proud of all of you and thankful that you are my friends.

I wish I had more time to write more...but I am really concentrating on my book and improving my typing skills. 

So I am here and I will try to visit everyones journals as I get the alerts.  I always try to leave some kind of comment. 

Hope everyone is happy and well



lisa41076 said...

Barbara, Awwwwwwwwwww what beautiful kittys !!!!!!!!!! That is so nice of you to feed them, lol at the CSI comment you wrote about me, that show is my passion !!!!!!!! Congrats to Robin for getting that new job !!!! Love You Lisa

ally123130585918 said...

The Cats are lovely ~ I think they must like what you are feeding them sounds much nicer than cat food ~ Hope Eric gets a car soon ~ I hope one day you get your book published ~ I havn't watched BB but I know it does have a lot of fans ~ Ally

lsfp1960 said...

Those cats are beautiful.  I love their markings.  Linda in WA  

nelishianatl said...

Those kitty's knew they'd found a softy.  He's right.  You fed them and they trained you.  hehe.  They are sweet.  I had to laugh when I read the spirit of slap come all over you regarding the lady in my building.  I started to email you the number to the front desk so you could call there and speak your mind. lol  Anyway, glad the alerts are working.  Also, way to go, ROBIN!

magran42 said...

Awwwww.  I want the black and white kitty.  Glad to have a serious entry!

radar446 said...

I'm a cat person myself and one thing that I've found is that cats are a very good judge of character.  If they have adopted you, there is a reaon, and they must trust you.  This is a good thing!!  Congratulations on the new additions, great pictures.


robinngabster said...

Well no wonder those cats like you...SHRIMP!   They are living the high life at your house.  :)   Have a good day and can't wait to see BB!!!  GO JANELLE!!!

stansgirl2004 said...

How about a pic of your magnets Love the kitty pics
Glad is well love ya, Marina

tpiez4me said...

Yay Barbara is in da house!  Cute kitties...I've got one I'll send ya.

pharmolo said...

You got it in one - the cats adopt you, don't they LOL

lifes2odd said...

Cute pictures. I also have cats that aren't mine, LOL!
I told you Barbara, you should go work at the school board too! You would also be perfect and it would give you lots of time off to work on your book!!
Martha :-)

lv2trnscrb said...

Barbara, so neat that you are busy writing your book and that you are concentrating on that! I feel for poor Tiny, though, but I know she's always top dog in your house and those cats don't stand a chance for the majority of your affection.

take care of yourself; glad you are getting more hours at the store


am4039 said...

the book sounds exciting, Can't wait to read it someday. So tiny is not happy about the cats. Neither would Ozzie be. They came to you because they know your nice.

fasttrack58 said...

Of course the kitties like you, you are the greatest, and you have shrimp, sheesh... lol...
Don't worry Tiny, the kitties do not want your doggy food...
I can't wait to read the book!!!!!! Type faster... :)
and I'm still waiting to see that postcard wall....
I'm so excited for Robin too!!
Have a great weekend!
Love ya, Linda :)

queenb8261 said...

That black and white kitten is beautiful. If I could find a cat like that I think I would adopt it. LOL And I'm not a cat person. But I have been thinking about getting a kitten for the kids. Poor Tiny all threatened by the kitties. We love you Tiny. Nobody can replace you...ever.  Enjoy your Big Brother night. Not a fan anymore. Have a great weekend. Barb

shadierush said...

Great pics of your new friends. Hope things get less busy for you.