Friday, May 26, 2006

FYI CD's ordered and sent

Yesterday I sent out my cd to all parts of the country.

Washington-  Thanks Linda I hope you enjoy it and that it gives you something to listen to there.

Ohio- Thanks Amanda, take it along on your shoe shopping trips to keep your spirits up

Texas- Thanks Barbara, play it when you are relaxing in your pool with the grandkids.

Illinois- Thanks Marla, enjoy it on your summer off from school.

California- Thanks Linda, enjoy it there in the sunny state. And have a Happy Birthday coming up soon.

Please let me know how you like it.  The package was really tight so you might have to tear it out of there.  I also wrote a note for you.

I haven't figured out the sizing on the cover yet, so I custom made you each your own covers.

Maybe I will just make each one different.

So be looking for a yellow padded envelope with your address written in black marker.

Should be there soon!

Thanks guys!  You rock! Barbara


trickeytricky said...

Yay! Yay! That better hurry up and get here before I pee my pants from all the excitement. :-D Don't worry I am sure it will live in my car and be my prep music for those shoe shopping extravaganzas.

I'll be sure to let you know, all though I doubt it is anything but wonderful.

Take Care!

Amanda :)

fasttrack58 said...

The suspense is killing me......
Have a great weekend!!!
Linda :)

lsfp1960 said...

I can't wait !! Plus it will be something in my mailbox besides a bill.  Linda in WA

queenb8261 said...

I can't wait to get it.  I'm so excited! And excited for you!  I know it's going to sound wonderful, as I've heard your speaking voice which is very lovely!!
Hope you have a great weekend.  Is it the weekend AGAIN already???? Yikes.
Love ya, sis!!!!!

butterflies4me04 said...

Oh I am so excited about this  .... I am sending my money out tomorrow! :)


lifes2odd said...

OMG Barbara! I completely fogot to send the check! I have it made out, in the envelope, stamped and everything. I just forgot to drop it in the box. It's been riding around in my purse all week!! I'm putting it on the table right now so I don't forget the next time I go out! Martha

am4039 said...

Oh I can't wait to listen to it. Thanks so much.