Thursday, May 4, 2006

Recording Day

Okay..sorry but no pictures this batteries were recharging.

Yesterday I went in to record my second cd.

As I was getting ready to leave my friend Tomi (a girl) came over and so I invited her along.  She was so funny!  She was as excited as I was.

We were on our way to the studio and got pulled over by the policeman.  Ron the guy that I put harmony on his music had made an illegal turn.

The policeman gave him a warning...

We got there late and I was worried I wasn't going to be able to record all my songs.

First I added some harmony to another one of Rons songs.

Then it was my turn.

The first song was Mayberry.  There were a few setbacks with the equipment at first, but finally we got that one under.

From then on it was record the music, sing.

Okay Bill the recording pro said.  That is a take.

I said : Are you sure?

He said: Yes, it was perfect I won't let you do it again because we got great vocals.

It went like this through the whole recording session.

I got all the songs on the first take.

I will get my cd in 2 weeks.

It took us about 2 hours to record everything.

Bill was really funny.  As I was singing he was in another world.

Some one was actually jamming out to my music.

I had a blast!

He said I had an awesome voice and that it wasn't very often that someone could record that many songs on the first take and record a whole cd in one session.

I just wanted to get it right and not have to redo it.

I sang from my heart and God sent all his angels in to help me reach those high notes.

This was one of the most fun moments I have ever had in my life.

If you are a singer and sing to the dog like I do, you should give it a try too.

Bill said he would like to let some other people listen to my songs...if it was okay with me.

Hmm let me think...

HECK Yeah!

I sang all the songs. I was worried about the last one...My immortal because she has such a distinctive voice.  But Bill insisted it was good so I left it.

I can't wait to hear the whole thing on my own system.

So how did it go?

I'd say GREAT!

Thanks to everyone for all your support!

Once I get the original I can burn cds from my own computer if anyone is interested in hearing me sing.



rocketman685434 said...

Brilliant sounds like you enjoyed it.Congratulations are in order.We have a Star in our midst.Go girl

mtrib2 said...

I am glad that you had such a good experience at the recording session.    It must be encouraging for you to have done so well.     mark

nikg2005 said...

I'm so glad it went well for you!  I'd love to hear it!


butterflies4me04 said...

Aww, I am so glad that it went so well! I can't wait to hear! I bet it is absolutely amazing!


mawmellow said...

Glad it went smooth and you had fun !!!  I had no doubts.  Wanting to hear you sing ??? ME !!! I already have but I'm selfish....I wanna hear more !!!!!  Your voice is wonderful !!

stansgirl2004 said...

I can't wait to hear you sing!!!
Love, Marina

tpiez4me said...

Can you say "cha-ching" ?  You gotta pimp out those cd's!  You're gonna be a star, you already are in J-land!
Sharon -

inquestoftruth said...

Well, I want to hear it!!!

mindercella33 said...

Wow Barbara, I am so happy for you! I would love a copy of your CD when you get it. I will be able to say I knew you when. Sounds like you might just be going places. CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!
                         CYNDY, MENDOTA, IL

am4039 said...

OH that sounds like fun. I would love to have a cd. How exciting.

shadierush said...

You'd better start charging money for those CD's or you'll go broke sending them out! Let me know when your ready to send them & I will send you the shipping charges so you can send me one too!

queenb8261 said...

So cool.  Can't wait to hear ya singing.
Hugs sis.  Barb

fasttrack58 said...

I knew you would be great!!
and I know what I'm getting for my birthday... lol...
Linda :)

lifes2odd said...

Excellent! Put me on that list for a copy! Martha :-)

rjet33 said...

Woo Hoo!  So happy for you, Barbara!  I used to sing quite a bit, but for some reason, my voice cracks now.  Makes me sad cause I loved to sing!  ::sigh::

Best Wishes to ya!~