Thursday, May 18, 2006


There are many kinds of time.  How many can you think of?  I decided to write an alpabetical time.

A- About time.    

As in it is about time you came by to read my journal, now say hi!

B- Bedtime 

When is this for you?  For me it is when I can't keep my eyes open any longer

C- Computer Time 

Some of us need more than others

D- Day Lights Saving Time

I hate this time.Why not just keep the clocks the same all year?  I don't want to lose an hour and I don't need an extra one.

E- Everytime

Usually it isn't everytime so why would you say that? 

F- Father Time

Who is this guy anyway?

G- Giving time 

Usually followed by and not sure I like that one either

H-Having Time 

If we had time what would we do with it?

I- Interesting time 

Usually means you kinda had fun

J-Just in Time 

Whew!  Thank Goodness!

K-Keeping Time

Kinda like keeping track

L-Listen this time

Because you didn't the Last time

M- Making Time 

With what ingrediants?

N-Never Enough time 

Is there really ever enough?

O- Only Time

Yeah right!

P- Party Time

Woo Hoo!

Q- Quality Time 

What more kids these days need

R- Relaxation Time

Now you're talking!

S-Supper Time

My favorite time of the day if I don't have to cook...wait most days I do...nevermind.

T- Tickle Time

Run!  But this is better than Time Out!

U- Under the Time Limit

Good For You!

V- Vitamin Time

Every day after breakfast.

W- Wash Time

Every Saturday night!

X- eXit Time

Almost there!

Y- Your own Time

Go ahead and take it, you earned it


ZZZZ time...goodnight

It is time for me to go now.  I will write again some other time.  I will be here same place same time.  If you have time come by and read about my times. 



ally123130585918 said...

that was very clever ~ I liked your alphabet ~ Ally

am4039 said...

so cute barbara you are so funny.

mawmellow said...

It's about time you wrote this timely entry !!  LOL Loved it !!

inquestoftruth said...

That was a really cute entry!

valphish said...

LOL  I only wash on Saturdays, too! LOL  This was great, Barb.  Very clever!  xox

trickeytricky said...

Very creative! For S I would have went with "Shoe Shopping Time" - but that is just me, I would forfit the supper time for the shoe shopping kinda time. :-D Who would have thunk?

Take care,


tpiez4me said...

You have such a creative time is NEVER ENOUGH TIME! and WHERE DID THE TIME GO?
Sharon -

cyndygee said...

Your fun, colorful and creative entry was great!  I loved the imagination you've shown in this entry!.  You made me so glad that I picked you!  Excellent!

inafrnz247 said...

This was very creative!!  Love your journal!  Michelle

queenb8261 said...

A timely entry. " If I could catch time in a bottle.  The first thing that I'd like to do" ... One of my favorite songs of all time.  Time is a hard concept to teach a child.  One more time, next time, all the time, time out, today, tomorrow, yesterday, next week, next month, next year.  Everything is "last night" with one of my granddaughters.  Even if it happened a month ago.  LOL
This was a GREAT entry sis.  Until next time....
Hugs, Barb

sunnyside46 said...

You are a clever girl

hunybea4him said...

LOL ohh that was excellent!  Yaaa.. about Time I stopped by.. why have I never seen this wonderful journal before??  Congrates on being on the Guest Editor's List this week.

Much Love,

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi ! Congratulations on being picked this week ~ I was too!! I'm from England, near London :-) I have done my entry on time too if you would like to see it ~ I'd be delighted to see you! Your entry is very good ~ a clever idea, I like it !! Hope you're having a great weekend.
hugs Debbie ~xxx~

fasttrack58 said...

I'm thinking you have too much "time" on your hands... lol...
Linda :)

butterflies4me04 said...

I have to agree with the previous commenter! WAY too much time! :)
It was definitely cute though!


luddie343 said...

Congrats on being chosen an Editor's Pick, and may I say I agree, Daylight Savings Time sure is a pain - if only the earth would stop rotating, we wouldn't need it!  Journal on, Cathy