Sunday, May 14, 2006

Praise The Lord and Pass The Shrimp!

First of all I would like to say...

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the feast Rick and I prepared.

Ribeye Steak medium rare

Roasted Baked Potatos

Corn on the Cob

Eric's Special Recipe Fresh Green Beans

Shrimp Scampi


Can you say YUM!

I got a phone call from Eric today.  As some of you know he is a chef.  So I already knew I would not get to see my child today. I will admit to you that this cause me to cry a couple of times but I do understand.

Then he says that he had planned a big surprise for me.  He was going to make me a surprise visit.  He was going to knock on my door today and greet me with hugs and kisses and flowers!

But.........I hate that word.........

This morning he slept in a little longer and decided to take his own car to work.  On the way there he saw a terrible accident.  He usually rides with his boss  Mr. C another chef from the club.

The car looked alot like Mr. C's car, he couldn't tell because the whole passenger side was crushed in.  It didn't look like who ever was in that car could have survived.  Certainly not a passenger...

When he got to work he learned that it was Mr. C's car and if he had ridden with him to work today he would have been the passenger.

Mr. C  is okay.  The car was totaled and the whole passenger side was wiped out.  If Eric had followed his normal routine he would have been in that car.

Life would have been very different.

That is why I titled this Praise the Lord and Pass the Shrimp.

Praise the Lord that Eric wasn't in that car.

It is the best mothers day present I have ever recieved.

All I want for MOthers Day is to know Eric is safe and happy.

So Thank You Lord for protecting my child

Thank You Lord for watching over C

Material things can be replaced....People can not!

God has blessed my life with the best kid in the world.  I am sad that I will not see him today or maybe not even soon but that is okay as long as he is happy and safe.

There will be other cars.

There will be other days

There could NEVER BE another Eric!

So from one mom to another I have this to say.

Love your babies

And hug them tight.

Pray for them each and every night.

Trust in the Lord

To Keep them in His care

And remember that they

Will alway know that you are there.

Happy Mothers Day to me.

I am truly blessed this day!



nikg2005 said...

This brought tears to my eyes.  Thank God he overslept!  The lord works in mysterious ways ;)  Happy Mother's Day to you!


mosie1944 said...

An incident like that sure does put things in perspective.  God was watching out for Eric.

thankful1b said...

I like your journal. Check out mine.

am4039 said...

Hope your Day was great. Your food looked great. Sorry you didn't get to see Eric and Mr. C is ok. But like you said thank heaven Eric is ok. Love

inquestoftruth said...

God IS good...and that food looked really good, too!

rayne1123 said...



tpiez4me said...

Holy Moly!  See?  We should all act on our instincts...Eric somehow KNEW to drive to work on his own....God works in mysterious ways and I'm glad of it!  Dinner looks scrumptious!  Glad you had a great day!
Sharon -

butterflies4me04 said...

O M G! You are so right, thank god he slept in and took his own car to work!


queenb8261 said...

God IS good.  And I thank Him that Eric slept in.  Glad the driver is OK.
As you said, a car can be replaced.

Dinner looks absolutely scrumptious.  Sorta like what we had tonight.  Porterhouse steaks, baked potatoes, (white and sweet), cottage cheese, salad with avacado,  sliced tomatoes, sauteed onions, garlic toast.
Hugs, Barb

cyandfayedavis said...

You are truely blessed, and so is anyone else that had a chance to eat that wonderful food.  

lifes2odd said...

Thank God he wasn't in that car! The Big Guy works in mysterious ways doesn't he?
Your Mother's Day meals looks delicious! YUM!!
Martha :-)

bhbner2him said...

Thank you dear Jesus!!!  I am a firm believer that things like remembering you left the coffee pot on and turning back, and Rick's oversleeping, are often God's way of getting us out of harm's way.  -  Barbara

cyndygee said...

What a reminder of how fragile our grasp is on life . . .  
Thank God.  What a special Mother's Day!  

aeelarual said...

May God Bless you Abundantly for sharing this example of exactly how Great our God is especially when we deny our own will and follow his.  Sometimes it is so very hard to find a way to explain to someone the differance between our will and God's will, I Believe that you have covered it completely.  Life is good I hope you are well.............

karenattho said...

I've never "blogged" until now and this is the first one I came across.  You are so right ~ what an incredible Mother's Day present.  Sometimes we don't see the positive through the apparent negative until later.  My Mother's Day was the best ever!  My three children (19, 17, 15) all came together and even let me take their picture as a group hugging AND smiling!  I'll treasure this memory forever.  Belated Happy Mother's Day to all!  Karen

fasttrack58 said...

Oh Wow, that is a miracle, but then they were just talking on the radio this morning that God has every single minute of our life planned, so he already knew that Eric would sleep a little longer that day...
Big hugs, Linda :)