Saturday, May 20, 2006

We Have A First Time Winner! Miss Jana!

It is Popeye Spinach!  I told one of the young ladys at work about my journal and she came by to visit.

She got it right so fast.  You guys better watch out for her...She is a smart one!

I really admire her because she is always so nice to everyone at work.  The customers love her.  She is still in school and working on her off time.

It is rare that you find someone like her with such dedication to her job.

Her parents have raised a wonderful child.

It is a pleasure to work with her.

Great Job Jana...Come back and visit again soon!



am4039 said...

Hey I got it right too, lol just didn't look at it soon enough. Grrrr. Oh well.

debbiewebb4465 said...

And I missed my chance completely !!! I'll blame the time difference !! Well done Miss Jana :-)
hugs Debbie ~xxx~

butterflies4me04 said...

Everytime I get behind my alerts, you do one of these ... so I never win ... now I'm going to go whine in a corner somewhere and cry!