Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's time to play Robin's 5'er...
1. Do you drink milk?  If you do what percent do you drink? 1%, 2%, Whole Milk, Skim?
I only drink 2%.  I started doing this when I was in Weight Watchers and just stayed with it.  Whole taste too fatty now.  I love a tall glass of ice cold milk and a brownie
2. You can't have a big glass of cold milk without what is your favorite cookie?

Ok cookies?  white chocolate chip and macadamia nut. OMgoodness now you've done it!!!

3.  What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to your spouse/best friend/significant other?

Cleaning out the refrigerator and leaving the leftover dishes food and all out on the table to harden...not like the man does dishes....  also constantly telling me how bad I drive.  Which no one else seems to notice. 

4.  Do you read the newspaper?  If so what section do you start in?

Only the Star and the coupons

5.  When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween and what were you?  Extra goodie gum drops if you have a picture and post it.

Every year I dress up for Halloween.  When Eric was small I would always dress up something to go along with him. We won many compititions.  One year that I remember with a smile is the year he went as a doctor in training and I was his patient.  I looked like I had just been in a terrible car accident.  That was when he was in the second grade over ten years ago and I had a young girl come through my line at work who remembered me from that LOL  She said she thought I was really hurt until she saw me up on the stage for the contest.



am4039 said...

can't stand milk but I love the cookies. Love the pictures. How cute.

lifes2odd said...

Love the pictures! You are a great mom (and see what I mean about you being great with kids?)! Martha :-)

robinngabster said...

Great pics.  I allergic to macadamia nuts...thank goodness!

fasttrack58 said...

Such cute pics of you and Eric!!
and when did Robin sneak this in, I've been checking... lol
gotta find my pics of me dressed up...
Linda :)

lv2trnscrb said...

loved the pictures of you and Eric, Barbara :)


queenb8261 said...

Cool pics.  I never dressed up much for Halloween.  My 2 youngest (Tommy & Robin) and the neighbor girl all 3 dressed up in theme.  One year they were DR, nurse and Tommy was the accident victim.  One year the girls were angels and Tommy was a little devil.  LOL It was fun.  THanks for sharing your pics.

lisa41076 said...

Barbara, you made me soooooo hungry for a glass of milk and a brownie, have a great Sunday, Hugs Lisa

plieck30 said...

Very cute pictures. Don't you read The Leader? I always thought it is printed Lytle. I read is sometime. Paula