Thursday, August 17, 2006

You Don't Know Me!

Today was something else.

I met a new manager/kid/I am so smart

He told me to be friendly and nice to the customers.

Um...I thought I was

He told me to talk and be friendly with the kids are talking to Miss Barbara who loves children and it is the highlight of her day to talk to them

He told me to thank the customers

Gee...that sounds like a good idea!  How long did you have to work here to learn that???

He told me to make sure the customers had a pleasant experience shopping and to be helpful.

Oh man!  I was really hoping to piss someone off today and now I have to be nice

He gave me a 20 minute lecture on behavior.

Yes really know me good.....NOT

All of this before he even allowed me to be on a register.

Shouldn't a "boss"  watch an employee first to see how they interact with customers and if there is a problem THEN>>>

He had me bagging for 3 hours straight.

Hello!  I am a checker!!!!!!

When I finally got on a register I had to check and then bag all my orders.

I guess that saves them some money......sure sucks for the customers who have to wait while this happens though, not to mention the fact that 500.00 worth of groceries does not fit on that little table,.


Someone forgot to sceudule baggers so when I was bagging I had to bag for 6 registers.

Normally most baggers are responsible for two at most....

I had to refuse to take out one of the orders because there was a 50 lb bag of dog I am going to be able to lift that!

The "managers" all stood around talking to each other.

So...what are your plans for tonight???blahblahblah

I had to go to the back of the store over 15 times to get a bag of ice.

As fast as possible because I had to be back to bag groceries

The front cooler was down.

FIX it!!

Definately need a different job!

I am off for two days...I refuse to go or do anything!




ally123130585918 said...

Barbara that is not what I would call a good day at work ~ and I agree he should have watched before the lecture ~ YES you definitely need a different job lol ~ Ally

herheadsnacloud said...

I love how the hierarchy loves to strut their stuff...and they do not have a clue what chivalry is...what asses! B. Lynne

bhbner2him said...

Sounds like the new kid manager only knew to say to you what he'd been told.  Not enough experience yet to think for himself.  -  Barbara

nelishianatl said...

I've actually had that same scenerio happen at a different job and I was thinking, hey, shouldn't I have been 'guilty' of those things before I get a lecture on it?  That kid has no idea.  Not a leader because he can't think for himself and just follows orders.  I hope that someone recognizes your customer service.  And demand help at the risk of embarrassing THEM.  Use the intercom and request it.  that would be hilarious.

am4039 said...

omg that's awful. How dear he talk that way to you. You are so sweet. What a jerk. For a new manager he needs to watch you work first. Get a new job, I think you are to nice for this place. Love you.

fasttrack58 said...

Sounds like my job...
and that the new manager is just reciting back the words he heard at the last meeting...
Big HUGS!!!!!!
Linda :)

lv2trnscrb said...

(((Barbara))) Yep; time to start looking for another job...........that is so sad when they lecture without observing first.

you enjoy your two days off


emabecmar said...

don't ya just hate it when the boss is'nt even dry behind the ears yet? I hope someday soon you find a new job. have a great 2 days off. (((hugs))))  Cindy

rgossett4195 said...

wow ... it does sound like you are able to multi task though!  :)  rose~

lifes2odd said...

I told you what to do -- it would be perfect Barbara!!

plieck30 said...

Betcha he was from the city. Everyone knows people from our little towns are friendly. Give 'em the devil Barb. Paula

luddie343 said...

LOL!  Ain't life a b___?  And they'll never get it so, do what makes ya feel better!  CATHY

queenb8261 said...

You should have spanked him and sent him home crying to his mother.