Saturday, August 12, 2006

New Job

I think I would like a new job.  I love people but I am begining not to like them very much.

There are many things that people do that drive me crazy.

A lady today yelled at me because she got a letter in the mail about a special at one of our other grocery stores.  It had some items on sale only in their store and she got mad at me because we weren't having the same specials...ummmm...not my fault!!!

Everyone is going crazy buying supplys for school.  Getting mad at me because they waited until the last minute and we are out of some items. ummmm not my fault!!!!

One lady came in and said she left her money at home and could I hold her sale until she went home to get the  not my fault!!!!

I see young and old struggling to buy groceries and making ends meet, most older people even if they do get assistantance is like around 10 dollars a month,

While some people LIE and say they have no support and drive fancy cars and wear diamond rings and have 10 children get the assistance and waste it on junk food.

I had this one lady come in today and use her whole food stamp allowance on a party for the adults.  Chips, Candy etc.

ONe young girl of about 16 years old came through my line today and bought a pregnancy test, diapers and condums.

Some times I just want to scream.

I had to count to ten while smiling at least ten times today.

I need a new job.

I do not want to work with the public anymore.

I wish I could find a proof reading job or learn how to do the medical transcribe.

I have been practicing my typing and am up to 64 words per minute.

I am also painting again.

Right now I am working on an underwater scene.

It calms me down.

If anyone knows of an idea...PLEASE!!!

I am also working on my book I am writing again.  Maybe I will be the next Danielle Stelle...who knows!!!

Keeping the smile on my face and counting to ten ALOT



am4039 said...

I could never work with the public. I did a few times and never again. I love people but they are so annoying. My oldest daughter worked at a food store for 5 months. She quit. Mom she says, I can't stand the customers. She cried a few times when they were so mean to her. She's looking for an office job now. LOL.

queenb8261 said...

Let us know how that works out for you.  Good luck!!

radar446 said...

"ONe young girl of about 16 years old came through my line today and bought a pregnancy test, diapers and condums."

I can say this, she was surely prepared for just about any contingency.  I understand about dealing with the public and sometimes they just make you want to scream.  Boy, do I have some stories!  Just remember that for the most part people are rational beings, with a fair amount of sense...the morons are just the ones that stand out.


ally123130585918 said...

Barbara I have often wondered how a cashier takes some of the treatment customers throw at them ~ I know I couldn't deal with it ~ can understand why sometimes you want to scream ~ Ally

nelishianatl said...

People can be so mean sometimes.  Working with the public and not going 'postal' is a gift.  My favorite line is, "I just work here."  Keep your head up and keep smiling.  Use as many numbers past ten as you need to.  lol

pharmolo said...

Dealing with the public can be a challenge, don't tell me. One little tip, probably useless: remember they yell at the uniform, not you. Good luck.

ashleekr said...

Yes, I hear ya, working with the public can be a major PAIN!!!  Keep your chin up!
Ash :)

lifes2odd said...

Have you ever thought about trying to get a job with the school board? I know you'd be great working with kids and the benefits are terrific! Think about that one :-)

herheadsnacloud said...

Just go for it.....Get in the paper and with your typing skills there are probably alot of jobs where you will qualify..reach for the stars! Hugs, B. Lynne

fasttrack58 said...

I want a new job too... do I not like people anymore because I have done retail too long or just because they are more crazy than ever before... lol... Hubby says people are getting worse... I think it is because we are older too now so what others do effect us more because we are wiser and know better and are not just self centered young folks...
Why don't you sell your paintings, they are very good and what is this book about that you are writing...
Have a better week!
Linda :)

lv2trnscrb said...

Barbara; look into some companies online that will help train transcriptionists. Just do a google search for medical transcription companies; I think the one I'm going to be working for MedQuist does something to help train. Its a thought to at least check it out.


mtrib2 said...

64 words a minute is great.     I can never get past 45.      Hope your painting is bringing you some serenity in a mad mad world.     mark