Saturday, August 12, 2006

Playing Hookie


Sorry I haven't been around lately.  We are adjusting to a new routine around here.

Rick has been working out of town.

Rick installs new pumps for gas stations.

Sometimes he has to work out of town.

For awhile there he was doing jobs close enough to come home every night.

For the next few weeks he will only be home on the weekends.

He left last Monday to go to Crystal City.

On Weds and Thurs I had a friend who I went shopping with.

He came home on Friday.

Next week he leaves again for the week.

I have been working more hours now and have less computer time.

I still read everyones journals and try to comment.

I will try to post better next week.

It is hard adjusting to being a bachorlette for the week days.

We are doing fine.

Eric is still car less, but is riding to work with his fellow chefs.

He has picked up extra work trying to save up for a car.

I talk to both of them via the phone now.

Tiny is here with me.  She gets very upset when Rick leaves.  She pouts.

I have been adopted by a few cats.  Tiny lets them hang around unless Rick is home.

I will write more next week.

Love ya, Barbara 


lv2trnscrb said...

love you too, Barbara. You are doing great; adjusting to the changes in your life. They might be temporary changes, but still you are going with the flow. Hang in there; you know who is in control and that's all that matters


am4039 said...

always love you and always miss you. That Tiny, what a spoiled brat. Love her. I'm sorry that Rick is out of town. Unless well you like it, a nice break for you. I know it get boring though. Now I'm  happy your working more hours and Eric is getting rides and saving for a car.

Love you.

queenb8261 said...

Don't get into TOO Much trouble with all your single time, now.  Give Tiny a scratch from me.

emabecmar said...

enjoy your weekends when rick is home. hope eric can get a car soon, i know how it is to depend on others for a ride. enjoy your quiet time on weekdays. (((hugs)))

lifes2odd said...

Boy do I ever know about adjusting to new schedules! This past week has been terrible for me! My DFH used to work away from home during the weeks, after I got adjusted to it I actually like it a lot (and our weekends were er... lets say... very passionate :-) Hope it all works out for you guys. (((Hugs))) Martha

herheadsnacloud said...

Good to see you..and glad all is well...Hugs, B. Lynne

fasttrack58 said...

I haven't had time for journaling too... and when I do, haven't been in the mood as much lately... just the end of summer blahs...
Have a great week!
Linda :)

rayne1123 said...

i would be so lonely! i hope it does not last too long. tell tiny i said hello

cyandfayedavis said...

Sounds wierd for a woman but I loved the pictures of the dump truck.  Trucks and heavy equipment....been around them so long I guess they're in my blood too.