Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Barbara...You've Got Mail!!!!

I got mail!!!!!!

Imagine my excitement when I found these two postcards in my mail box along with some letters from Mr. Bill.

Linda from Washington   sent me a gorgoious postcard of boats. 

Hello friend Barbara:

Here is your Washington postcard I wanted to send you one with our maountain, but couldn't find one with water and the mountain....imagine having your own mountain in your backyard!!!

The fancy domed building up in the right corner is our old Union Depot, now contains offices and federal court rooms.  When I was little that's where we went to catch the train to grandmas house....what a great memory

Take care and God Bless-L

Thank you so much Linda!  This made my day brighter knowing you thought of me. 

Then I got another card among the bad mail from Sharon

This girl is so crazy...she gets me and my sense of humor....

She writes:\

Let's get on this boat and vegg for awhile!  Don't we need it?

Now that is what I am talking about!!!! Love ya! Sharon

If you have not met these two wonderful ladies you are missing out BIG TIME.  They light up my life every day and sometimes into the wee mornings. 

Thanks girls...You Rock~!!!!



tpiez4me said...

You and me babe.....afloat with our cool ones!  That's the life.  Ya think Rick would come along and be our dock mate?!!  Love U!

lv2trnscrb said...

so sweet of them to send cards with such great thoughts written on them too.


robinngabster said...

I got some today too!!!! Linda in WA even sent one to Michael and Gabby too. What a sweetie!

radar446 said...

I've seen that Surf City one a few times before.  They have a similar one for Carolina beach as well.


am4039 said...

such  nice mail you got.

lifes2odd said...

Still didn't get either one of mine?!!

luddie343 said...

It makes one feel really wealthy, doesn't it? In the only way that matters.  Cathy