Monday, July 10, 2006

Blame It On Robin and Meg!!!

Very Clever Dear Meg...
My friend Meg over at "In Quest Of" made up this little gem of a survey so I thought I would give it a shot. Which I got from Robin
The 22 Two Things Quiz... 
1.  Two weird things about yourself:  Only two?  There are so many...(.1).I make a list of all my chores and then assign a suit from a deck of playing cards to each room. Hearts for Living room, Diamonds for Kitchen, Spades for bedroom and Clover for other rooms.  Then I number the chores in each room from Ace through King and when I draw that card I go do that chore....(2) I work in a grocery store and I hate to shop.
2.  Two physical attributes you like about yourself.    My eyes and my hair
3.  Two personal attributes you are thankful for:   My wit and wisdom
4.  Two changes you feel could change the world:  If everyone could just get along...and no meanness allowed!
5.  Two things to be thankful for today:  My family and my Lord
6.  Two of your favorite things (not people):   Tiny and music
7.  Two things you detest doing:  Washing dishes that are left out of the refrigerator all day long by you know who...and saying goodbye
 8.  Two things you know you should do more:   Make Rick wash those dishes and never let anyone leave
9.   Two things you want to do before you leave this world:  Tell everyone about the only way to Heaven which is to accept Jesus into your heart and ask him to forgive you of your sins....and meet Marla,  Robin, Meg, Barbara, Linda in WA, Linda in California, Amanda, Holly, Marina, Marsha, Martha, Betty, Val and Krissy, Mosie, Jessica, Nana, Pennie, Lisa. Maria, and all my other jland friends
10.  Two things about your house you'd like to change:   Walls on the inside would be nice....and new floors
11.   Two favorite celebrities, and why:  Lisa Kudrow...she is funny and Matthew M...he is cute!!!!
12.  Two celebrities you don't like, and why:   Howard Stern and Ivette from last seasons Big Brother.
13.  Two favorite past (not necessarily passed) presidents:   Abraham Lincoln....we are related! and Kennedy
14.  Two cases of odd things that go together nicely. Ranch dressing and sweet and sour sauce......plain M&M's and honey roasted peanuts 
15.  Your two most "famous" scars:   I recently got about 20 burns....hopefully none will be scars...I have my scars from cesarian...almost invisable now and my tiny scars from knee surgery .
16.  Two things you've accomplished today:   I did cards 6 of spades which was a drawer in Erics room, I did the 6 of hearts which was clean off the couch....
17.  Two things you intend to accomplish today:   Since today is almost tomorrow I guess finish this survey and write an entry
18.   Two favorite things about Summer:  Swimming and picnics
19.  Two favorite things about Winter:   blankets and Christmas
20.  If you had the money and time, what two things would you do in the next year:   Visit Robin in California...and go to Port Aransas with Rick
21.  Two things you'd like to experience, but feel you aren't brave enough to do:  Skydive and assert myself more.
22.  Two people who've passed on with whom you'd like to have just one (or one more) conversation:  Jacob and Christi 
Send Meg a link if you brave the 22 Two's.

    Okay as long as you guys keep doing these cool surveys the report gets delayed...
    But this was ablast!!!


robinngabster said...

That was great!!!!!!  Love your little card cleaning game@

am4039 said...

love your answers but you didn't put me in there that you want to meet me. I know you put etc. etc. LOL.

trickeytricky said...

14. Milk Duds and Hot Butter Popcorn in the same bite, delicious AND French Fries dipped in a frosty or chips on a peanut butter and jelly, I can't decide.

Enjoyed that little survey!

Amanda :)

butterflies4me04 said...

cool survey!


lv2trnscrb said...

that was a good survey of Meg's. I love how you organize your chores. I'll have to try that sometime.


inquestoftruth said...

Great Answers!!   I bet you sneak a little game or two of Solitaire in when you are  , don't you!  lol  

inquestoftruth said...

LOL  Boss walked in and I had to stop my comment right in the middle...  what I was saying was I bet you get a game or two of solitaire in the middle of your chore...   Thanks for playing!!

tpiez4me said...

You have such wit and humor and I just love you!!!