Monday, July 31, 2006

For Instance...I never got any of these comment alerts!!!!

I can not believe Tiny poses like that. My dog would never. Love all your postcards. In Feb. I want you to sing to me too.
Comment from am4039 - 7/30/06 11:07 PM

  Ok Miss Marla...I will remember to call you on Feb 22 and sing to you!!!!  Yes Tiny is quite the ham!!!!  The only problem is that she kept trying to shake hands and knocking the cards off the chair!!!! LOL Barbara 

Aren't j-friends the best? Love the pictures. Paula
Comment from plieck30 - 7/30/06 9:29 PM

  Yes!!!!!!! Jland friends are the best!!!!  I love you all!!!!

oops; forgot to say, Tiny is a great model :)

Comment from lv2trnscrb - 7/30/06 8:19 PM   

Barbara; great postcards you got! I follow most of those journals too :)

Comment from lv2trnscrb - 7/30/06 8:18 PM

   It was so cool to get mail besides bills!  And like I said...Miss Tiny is a ham!!

YAY!! You FINALLY got one of my postcards! The one from Disney never showed up? I'm so bummed out. I had a note to Tiny that Pluto said hi on it!
You are such a sweetie! Martha :-)
Comment from lifes2odd - 7/30/06 7:00 PM

  Yes!!!! Thank you Martha!!!  And I still have something to look forward to!!!! 

Tiny should model:)

Comment from jckfrstross - 7/30/06 4:34 PM

  She wants to be Lassie when she grows up. LOL  She is so spoiled!

I got a postcard from Linda in CA too.  It was a nice surprise.  Sorry I have not been around to visit much.  Have been sooooooooooooooo busy and had sooooooooooo much going on.  Love the pics of your baby with the postcards, toooooo cute!~

Blessings my friend!~
Comment from rjet33 - 7/30/06 3:06 PM

  Yes, LInda is a real doll!  I just love her and her family! I miss you!  Stop being so busy and come by more often!!!

How sweet to be spoiled like that
Tiny cracks me up modeling LOL
enjoy your sunday Luv, Marina
Comment from stansgirl2004 - 7/30/06 11:56 AM

  Hi Marina!  I miss our daily chats!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Let's talk soon! Barbara

Yippe!!!  I so love you!  Thank you for the pimp!  Tiny looks so natural posing for pictures!  She should be on the cover of a doggie magazine!  xoxoxoxo
Comment from tpiez4me - 7/30/06 11:42 AM

  I loves ya right back!!!!!  Tiny says to tell everyone Hi!....I wonder if I should send Tinys picture in for a calendar??? 

Again, thanks to our dear Robin for starting the postcard exchange.  The nice thing about it is, now we have addresses for future cards, postcards and notes. Little surprises from time to time.  Linda in WA
Comment from lsfp1960 - 7/30/06 11:31 AM

  Robin rocks!  She always has such great ideas!!!!  I am happy that I have some of your addresses so that I can spoil you back!!!!
OK guys...I know this is cheating....but do you realize how long it would take for me to do these separately?  I just hope that I start getting my comment alerts again....did they stop doing that?  If so...I don't like it.  I like sending everyone their own personal comments to my comments..... any comments????LOL
Until next time...Love you all Barbara 


emabecmar said...

LOL, i like the way you did this. I am getting some comments coming through, but I've had to visit some journals also. another glitch of AOL hell. I had to reset alerts, to get some of them. (((hugs))) Cindy

lv2trnscrb said...

I always think its neat that you write back when someone comments in your journal; I hardly ever do.

Yes, you should send Tiny's picture in for a calendar. I have thought the same to do with Koda; when I look at the Welsh Corgi calendar their corgis are not as cute as Koda. (am I biased or what)


radar446 said...

AOL has been having some issues lately.  I've been getting my comments, but others have told me that they never got alerts on my new entries.  More of AOL selectively screwing things up I guess.  Hopefully they will get it straightened out eventually.


randlprysock said...

I definitely don't think I get all of my alerts, and can't keep up with them when I do. LOL.  Hey I can't wait to send you a post card.  Hugs,

am4039 said...

we love you Miss Barbara.

tpiez4me said...

Yes, put Miss Tiny on a calendar................