Monday, July 24, 2006

Ya'll Be Good!!!

If you don't believe that God answers are quite mistaken.

I had some prayer request only a few days ago:


Things I need prayer for: 

1.  Eric will get a good and dependable car that he can afford Keep praying on this one!!!

2.  I will get more hours at work Last week I only got 11 hours for the whole week...with your prayer I got 20 this week!  Keep praying...I could use a few's a wonderful start though!

3.  My white car will get fixed Rick fixed my car!!! It was just a loose wire and didn't cost a dime to fix!  Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.  I will keep up beat and not let this get me down  I am still praying along with you and I have a happy outlook!

5.Everyone will stay healthy.We are all healthy and feeling great!

And an unexpected source bought a weeks worth of groceries and now we can pay Mr. Bill on time!

So if something or someone needs prayer in your life my best advice is to put it in the Lords hands.  Why worry when you can pray about it?  I know that something good will happen in the Eric situation.  I believe!!!!

Also I got a side job as a proof reader for a soon to be released book.  So if you don't see me around too much do not worry about me.

I am doing the Lords work!


Please continue to keep me and my family in yourprayers.  We have some awesome prayer warriors in this group and I am proud to call you friends!

Thank you and may God Bless you and your loved ones. 


robinngabster said...

Wonderful!!   Not only does HE listen but HE answers us as well.  He knows your needs and will always provide for you.   Yippeeeee!

buggieboo1 said...

YES the power of pray is wonderful....


butterflies4me04 said...

that's great that you got more hours!


radar446 said...

So glad things are turning around for you.  I bet this is only the beginning.


lv2trnscrb said...

Thank you Lord for answered prayers!!! We know Lord that you know what we need; we just need to trust you more. Help us to trust you and not to lose sight that you are for us not against us. Thank you Lord that you were able to meet Barbara's needs and then some and to give her unexpected blessings from others. We also know, Lord, that in your perfect timing and will that Eric's car problems will be taken care of by you. We trust in you Lord, in Jesus we pray, amen.

(Great news about the extra hours and you proof reading that book, Barbara; that sounds interesting :)


ally123130585918 said...

Glad all your prayers are being answered ~ thinking of you and hoping your hours will be increased and everything will be better for you ~ Ally

plieck30 said...

So happy things are looking up for you. Yes I believe prayer does work because God is good. paula

fasttrack58 said...

Praise God!!
and remember God always gives us what we need only at the exact moment that we need it....
On to a better week!
Linda :)

tpiez4me said...

Whew....this is why vacations are not good for me...I get behind on my friends needs!  I'm sorry you've been having concerns.  I do look so forward to your entries and I don't like it when you are down!  I hope God continues to answer your prayers!!!!  Love you!!!

am4039 said...

so happy about your side job and the unexpected food. That's great. Yes, we all need to have a good out look on life. It's to short. I'm so happy Rick was able to fix your car. Yeah. Also, happy you got more hours at work. I'll keep praying for a car for Eric and more hours at work for you. Love you.

luddie343 said...

He may've answered more prayers than you know...sometimes we get something we never asked for, but will need in the future, yes?  God is amazing.  Cathy

bhbner2him said...

I love the variety in God's answers.  Sometimes he is specific down to the last detail.  Others he exceeds our wildest dreams.  And then there are those answers that come clear out of left field.  He is amazing!  - Barbara