Monday, July 10, 2006


On Thursday Eric called us and told us something was wrong with his car...

I got upset and started to worry about the usual stuff.....

Then it was decided that Rick and I would go to visit and see what could be done about the car.

We left on Friday night and got there around 10pm.  Eric met us at our car and had a delicious pizza waiting for us to was very good!

The next morning we awoke to rain. We drank coffee out on his terrace and watched a squirrel in a tree.  Tiny loved that.  She was being so serious.

Then Rick and Eric went downstairs to check out the car.  I followed soon after with an umbrella

Luckily it was only a small 40 dollars for gas to get there and back and 12.00 for a little cap thing was all it cost.

Thank you God for letting it be something small!!!!!!

The rest of the weekend was ours to enjoy spending time with Eric.

We went out to eat at a mexican place by his apartment...the guys got gorditas...I got a hamburger.

Then we spent the afternoon swimming in the pool.  We were the only ones in the pool.  It was sooo nice.

We rented movies and spent the evening together .

Eric and I cooked dinner.  We made Erics special pork chops, fried potatos and baked beans.

We watched Failure to Launch....MATTHEW!!!  excellent!!!

The movie was great!  Then we saw Date not waste your money!

Eric, Tiny and I went for a walk and granpa went to sleep.

The next morning Eric had to work so we left around 10.

It was a great weekend and I got to see my kid. 

So that's the story...plain and simple...

Sorry for the delay.....Check out previous pictures for full effect/


robinngabster said...

Failure to Launch was a great movie.  And um...why did you have a HAMBURGER at a Mexican restaurant? Eh Gringa????

am4039 said...

and  your sticking to it. I'm happy that the car didn't  cost a lot of money to fix. How fun to spend the weekend with your son. You guys always have such a great time when you get together.

rayne1123 said...

sounds like so much fun..very relaxing. i am happy it was nothing big to worry about on erics car.

trickeytricky said...

Oh yes that Matthew . . . delicious . . . all though I have heard he has joined the Brad Pitt clan in poor sense of hygine, that is disappointing (did I spell that right?) disapointing? dissapointing? disappointing? hmm. . . none of those look right today.

Either way, Matthew, no shower, :-/ sniffle.

Glad you enjoyed your time with your son!

Amanda :)

butterflies4me04 said...

that's so good that it was only something little! :)

I am glad that you enjoyed your time seeing your son!


queenb8261 said...

It was just God's way of letting you spend the weekend with Eric.  Throw a little wrench into the works.  Isn't it funny how things work out?  I'm so glad you had the best time.  Eric's luckyto have you.
Hugs sis, Barb  

lv2trnscrb said...

sounds like a wonderful visit. I loved that you went to a Mexican restaurant and you got a hamburger :)

Matt rented Date Movie this past weekend. I agree; save your money.

I'm glad that the car problem was a minor one and you got to spend some time with your boy :)


lsfp1960 said...

What a miracle, a fix for the car for less than a gazillion dollars.  My "Check Engine" light is on in mine and I've already been told it will cost $90 just to put it on the machine to see what's wrong with it.   Happy you had a nice visit with Eric.   Linda in WA

tpiez4me said...

It's a great thing that the car repair was such a cheap fix...well, not if you count going out to eat and traveling and lounging by the pool..........