Saturday, July 15, 2006

They Want Me Back Now

Let me bring up up to date:

In October I will be at my new job as a cashier for a grocery store a year already.

Before this I was a waitress across the street at a restaurant.  I was there for 7 years,

I worked my way up to asst. manager and was offered the management position 4 times.

I always declined because I did not want to be tied down to a job.

I survived 6 managers.

The last one was an evil witch. She had no experience in a restaurant and I still cannot figure out how she got hired in this position.

After I taught her how to do everything she demoted me to waitress again and gave my title to her cousin who had worked there before and was doing credit card fraud on the customer.

I walked out the same day.

There was alot of people doing illegal activities there including drugs.

I called the owner to warn him of his restaurant going under with her as his manager.  He chose to side with her.

Finally he has seen her true colors and she has been fired.

Now they want me back.

The same cooks are there.  They talk bad about people when they aren't included and act like your best friend to your face.

 They have hired in new wait staff all family members of the last manager.

These girls have attitude and treat the customers terrible. They are rude, talk on their cell phones while taking an order forget to put in orders, bring out cold food.

The business has lost a of regular customers.

I hear everyday about how bad it is.

Now they want me to go back and straighten it all out.

There is a lotof back stabbing that goes on there.

I do not feel safe going back

But I do need more money and hours......

talk me out of it.

I love working where I do now except for the amount of hours and no tip money.

What do you think?


lsfp1960 said...

I wouldn't go back, I don't believe God wants his children in an atmosphere like that.  He will provide ......You've got a year in with the store and I would just really pray about more hours and pay there.  There...this old lady (who's been working for 46 years) says you deserve to be treated right and you've already been burned at the restaurant already, I wouldn't give them another chance to hurt you. Linda in WA    

emabecmar said...

Is the money worth all the aggrivation that will come with the job? Me? I'd tell them no thanks.  Good luck with whatever decision you make. (((Hugs))))

fasttrack58 said...

I only see cons, no pros, so I don't think you are going back... Are they wanting you as manager... Are the people even going to listen to you... Is there any talk of the hours going up at the grocery store.... Is there a third choice!!!!!
We'll get through this...
Linda :)

rayne1123 said...

maybe you can go back part time and still keep your job as a cashier. or just tell them to go to hell. they did not belive you when you tried to watn them so now they need you to clean up the mess. if youask me thats too much trouble

lifes2odd said...

You already know the right answer. If you want to waitress find a different place to do it. If you're happy where you are -- stay! Pick up another part time job somewhere for some extra cash. Don't go back, you'll be miserable -- it is only money -- not worth it! Martha :-)

ally123130585918 said...

whatever else you do don't go back there ~ just remember how unhappy you were ~ ask for extra hours where you are now if not find another part time job ~ or another full time job elsewhere ~ good luck with whatever you decide to do ~ Ally

lv2trnscrb said...

Barbara; if you go back, you would have to fire every single person and build your crew; otherwise to me there seems like more disadvantages to going back than advantages. But, if you could go back, keep the attitude that you are just working to work and not get involved in restaurant politics with others involved, you would probably be the busiest waitress there and make the most tips because you would provide the best service.

Hard decision to make; pray that the Lord directs you where He wants you to work


tpiez4me said...

Tell them to kiss your @ss you don't go backwards!

butterflies4me04 said...

I say don't go back ... it is going to cause you more stress than happiness! I am a firm believer in being happy at my job and possibly making less than making more and being miserable! But you also know what is best for you and your needs! But by the sounds of it, going back is not going to do much good for you! good luck with the decision making!


am4039 said...

NO way, don't go back. It's to much back stabbing and to many problems. You Barb will not be happy working with those people. Now you can either look for another job in a food store or stick it out were you are at.  Or a job doing whatever. But don't go back.

randlprysock said...

Don't go back Barbara.  Sounds like a terrible mess and too much stress.  Sign up and sell Avon for less stress for a little extra cash.  LOL.  Of course I would say that.  LOL.  Hugs,