Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Aha Gotcha Good!

No one got this!  Here are some of the guesses


Whats This?

Back by popular demand.....Barbara

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    The bottom of your mouse?
    ~ Marina
    Comment from stansgirl2004 - 2/21/06 4:31 AM

      What?  Silly girl! No!

    could it be a candle
    Comment from sharonna1955 - 2/21/06 1:41 AM


    Its a sugar cube with a decayed spot on it...................
    Comment from hadonfield78 - 2/20/06 7:16 PM

      LOL Hadon!!!

    aerosol can.   mark
    Comment from mtrib2 - 2/20/06 5:16 PM

      No, but kinda close Mark

    could it be the spray top on a airesol can
    Comment from sharonna1955 - 2/20/06 4:42 PM

      No Suzanne

    Comment from robinngabster - 2/20/06 4:00 PM

      No Robin HEE HEE!

    aerosol can...lysol?
    Comment from robinngabster - 2/20/06 4:00 PM

      No, good guess I guess LOL

    I know I know....
    Nozzle on top of a spray can....
    Linda :)

    Comment from fasttrack58 - 2/20/06 3:18 PM

       how about a tissue box?
    Comment from sharonna1955 -

      Not a tissue box...we use toilet paper around here!

    air freshner
    Comment from robinngabster - 2/20/06 11:56 AM

      It does freshen the air...but nope

    These are so hard! I'll guess candle or dice but I doubt if it's either.
    Martha :-)
    Comment from lifes2odd - 2/20/06 11:51 AM

      Should I make them easier? Nope!

    hi Barb is it an egg box
    Comment from sharonna1955 - 2/20/06 10:49 AM

      Not an egg box!

    candle? tooth?
    Comment from robinngabster - 2/20/06 9:42 AM

      What kind of teeth have you seen lately? No

    going with the majority here, dice???

    Comment from lv2trnscrb - 2/20/06 9:22 AM

      Sorry Betty but You are wrong!

    I agree...a dice.  Was going to say part of a domino but I think it is a dice
    Comment from cyandfayedavis - 2/20/06 8:17 AM


    a dice

    Comment from jckfrstross - 2/20/06 2:04 AM

      No Deb!

    after viewing it larger, I have no idea.  I'll keep looking.
    Comment from am4039 - 2/20/06 1:54 AM

      Keep trying oh yeah now you already know LOL 

    looks like a candle
    Comment from am4039 - 2/20/06 1:48 AM

      Looks can be decieving...are your eyes going because you are having a birthday soon?  Just Kidding!   So now I can say........I GOTCHA GOOD!!! Be watching again, because you never know when sometime, somewhere you will walk into my journal and see....What's This???????? Barbara 


rocketman685434 said...

I missed that one somewhere along the line lol.

robinngabster said...

what kind of perfume?

lv2trnscrb said...

you are so clever, Barbara! I would never have guessed that for a million of years


queenb8261 said...

Good one sis

randlprysock said...

Awww, man, I missed this one!!  That's a great one!!  Hugs,

am4039 said...

I never would have guessed it.  Grrr. Maybe someday I'll get one right.

fasttrack58 said...

Husband was right!! But I didn't put his guess in because you said no to spray nozzle... And it's funny he said purfume because I don't wear any because he is allergic...
This was a good one...
I love it...
Linda :)
Now have you figured out Val's yet because I have no clue...

mtrib2 said...

That was difficult to know exactly what it was attached to.    Make it a little easier on us the next time.   I had to delete several days alerts because I have been too far behind.   It is always fun playing the game.    mark

lifes2odd said...

I would have NEVER guessed that one!! I'll probably never get any- yes, make them easier, LOL! Martha :-)