Friday, February 24, 2006

Okay I'm Telling I Knew No one Would Guess it!

Twenty Six Comments and no one got it! I must say I did have a few determined people...first off Robin   how about you give us a hint
Comment from robinngabster - 2/24/06 11:54 AM    I told her it was orange hee hee

rubber bands, straws, toothpicks, pencils, your bra?
Comment from robinngabster - 2/24/06 11:53 AM Bra?  now thats a good one!

   something rick is using to build the room?
Comment from robinngabster - 2/23/06 11:23 PM
Not unless we are going to have a tree in the middle of the room

   coral for the snake cage?
Comment from robinngabster - 2/23/06 11:18 PM

   good guess....but no cactus
Comment from robinngabster - 2/23/06 11:17 PM

   no don't get out much do ya?

rotten carrots?
Comment from robinngabster - 2/23/06 11:17 PM hmmmm could have been I suppose

Comment from robinngabster - 2/23/06 10:20 PM No    wheel spokes
Comment from robinngabster - 2/23/06 10:07 PM   you ain't the only one who guessed this  So this is the one I am never going to get? Well let's first guess is...electrical cords?
Comment from robinngabster - 2/23/06 9:38 PM   YEP i give up
Comment from sharonna1955 - 2/24/06 11:11 AM so soon? You only guessed 5 times LOL

   flower or plant stems
Comment from sharonna1955 - 2/23/06 10:30 PM

   a push broom
Comment from sharonna1955 - 2/23/06 10:20 PM
been there done that

could it be a hair brush
Comment from sharonna1955 - 2/23/06 10:08 PM no is it crab legs ?
Comment from sharonna1955 - 2/23/06 9:41 PM

   I loved this answer!  But no No clue  LOL
~ Marina
Comment from stansgirl2004 - 2/24/06 4:16 AM



I personally think it looks like a brush or something like that.
Comment from am4039 - 2/23/06 11:16 PM

   personally you were wrong LOL

My dinner?...My wife was pissed  when I came home....then looks like a lot dinners she has served up!.....yeah I'm bad....Marc :)
Comment from grofsand - 2/23/06 10:22 PM

  Trouble in paradise? 


hair brush

Comment from jckfrstross - 2/23/06 10:14 PM

   no but thanks for playing

push broom

Comment from lv2trnscrb - 2/23/06 10:10 PM

   see above LOL

My daughter Bethany (6) says a bike wheel!

Comment from buggieboo1 - 2/23/06 10:09 PM

 That's what I love about this involvement 

my guess would have to be a wild guess... i guess a rake, with the "teeth" side down?

Comment from buggieboo1 - 2/23/06 9:42 PM



I swear it looks like an extension cord.....hmm, how about a water hose?
Comment from nikg2005 - 2/23/06 10:03 PM no

   a plastic slinky?
Comment from nikg2005 - 2/23/06 9:53 PM

   an air hose?
Comment from nikg2005 - 2/23/06 9:49 PM


hhmm...I have no clue...but I am thinking it looks like some kind of plan you keep in your fish!! *shrug* I don't know...

Holly :D
Comment from lvrs4evr28 - 2/23/06 9:53 PM


vegetable brush?
Comment from queenb8261 - 2/23/06 9:43 PM

   no   Thanks to everyone for playing my silly game..I hope I didn't strain your brains too much.....Another addition when you LEAST Suspect it   I am going to award an honorable mention to Robin and Suzanne for trying so hard.   Til next time.... barbara





robinngabster said...

that was my next guess

buggieboo1 said...

yeah that was going to be my next guess too Robin! lol...

never even knew one of those existed!


stansgirl2004 said...

How would someone from NY possibly know that was
I saw the full picture and still didn't know what it was
Play fair LOL Hugs, Marina

lv2trnscrb said...

I didn't know that such a thing existed! You done good this time, Barbara :)


am4039 said...

what is a pecan picker upper thingy? I never heard of such a thing.  Have a great one.

grofsand said...

I was right!!! My wife tried to serve me that for dinner last night...she told me it was pecan pie!    She's a horrible cook when she gets mad at me!
Marc :)

fasttrack58 said...

I would have never guessed that!!! lol...
Still lots of fun though...
Linda :)