Thursday, February 9, 2006

The Bascis Of Barbara

New Journal Entry

Stolen from Hadon who stole it from Dawn, who stole it from Amanda...............................

First off what's your name -Barbara Lynn Masters

Age - 44 years old for 6 more days

Age you act - I act around 23 years old.  I don't want to grow up I'm a toys r us kid
Height - 4'11 and a half inches wish I was taller
Eye color - Blue
Hair Color - Blonde

Hair Style - Still long around to the middle of my back...was to my behind but I just got it cut
Shoe Size -  5 and a half

Home Town - Grew up in San Antonio Tx now live 20 miles south
Car U drive - Ford Explorer and 67 Buick Special

What are you wearing - Grey Swear Pants and a yellow and blue striped shirt...I don't match, but whose looking?  


Color - Blue
Playground equipment - Swings and Monkey Bars
Homecooked meal - Enchiladas-homemade

Place you've traveled - Illinois,California,Mexico, New Mexico,Texas,Wisconsin grocery store, video store.

Jungle Animal - Leopard

Lame Pickup Line? Don't I know you?

Guilty Music Pleasures- Country  
Odd Jobs-file clerk, bookkeeper for a bank, waitress,substitute teacher, convience store worker, children's choir director, librarian, cashier

Hangout -Baby Hueys karaoke place.  Use to go every Friday, but now I sing at home     Your hot and steamy romance going on 25 years of marriage  
 First Kiss - age 14

Single or Taken-He never takes me anywhere but I am married

x's... Friends or enemies - . friends but never see them

Someone you're destined to be with- Rick

favorite sign of affection -kissing my ears

This or That This and That

Curly or Straight Fries- Straight and thin

White or Chocolate Milk- Chocolate Baby!
Burn or Freeze-Freeze. I love to cuddle    
Clothes or nude - Clothes LOL  

Pokemon or Yu-Gi-O - Pog!    
X's or O's - Z's

Digital or um those other clocks - Digital so I don't have to use my brain.  
Candid or posed pictures - Candid pictures
Febreeze or Oust - Febreeze or candles  
Dots or Stripes - Dots

Candles or Lights - Candles.
Stars or Clouds - Clouds!

Rockies or Plains -Rockys  
Cds or Records  CD's      
Let's Boogie:  

Song that makes you cry-Sarabeth by Rascal Flatts   ‘

Laugh - I Love To Laugh from Mary Poppins  
Dance - The Dance  
Eat - Commercial Jingles       Scream - American Idol Try outs  
Sing - All of them  

Remember "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: and "Tonights the Night"  

The song that's always stuck in your head - “Doncha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me...and if you've seen my picture you will know just how funny this is LOL  
The song you turn up so loud no one can hear you scream - Red Red Wine  
Your break up song -Kiss Today Goodbye
Favorite Commercial jingle - Band aids  
Favorite holiday song - Mary Did YOu Know  

Favorite sitcom jingle - Partridge Family and Brady Bunch  

The song that never gets old - Jesus Loves Me  
Biggest pet peeve - grumpy people and rude ones too !

Favorite Gas Station - Our Main Street Exxon friendly people  
Mopeds anyone? I try to mop at least twice a week.  
Mullets... no thank you I'll stick with regular foods  
Your stripper name- it's a secret  
Favorite hiding spot - like I'm telling!!!  

Whew!  That was a long one!!! Barbara


hadonfield78 said...

Red Red Wine.................
I hear ya Sweetie......
I love to sing that song as well.

robinngabster said...

4'11??????????????  I am 5'9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lv2trnscrb said...

lots of February birthdays in J-Land; you and Robin and! Now I can finally figure out your screen name :)


rhondashkfree said...

Hey, in July I turn the big 40.  But I can assure you that I ain't over the hill by any means.  LOL!    I like your travlin places.  I've been on a few road trips myself. and that 'Jesuse Loves Me'  You can make up more verses to that one.
Bless always, ~Rhonda~

lifes2odd said...

Hi Barbara, Now it's my turn to say it, Are you sure you aren't me??? LOL!! The one that was the best part of these was...

"The song that's always stuck in your head - “Doncha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me...and if you've seen my picture you will know just how funny this is LOL"

Every morning when I get my kids up the first thing they do is turn on MTV. That song comes on evry weekday around the time I'm getting out of the shower. I dance in front of the TV in my big old terri cloth robe singing "Don't you wish your mama was hot like me" LOL!! The boys, only 8 and 11 start their day off laughing and just shaking their heads like I'm totally nuts. As the other Martha would say "It's a good thing" don't you agree?  
Martha :-)

mtrib2 said...

Did you know that a moped is a motorized bicycle ----  when I was a kid we would put lawnmower engines in the middle of the frame and a belt would turn a "shim" attached to the rear wheel.   The rider would have to straddle the engine with their legs and they had no brakes and were illegal to ride on the street.   Every now and then you would see one of us flying by.    I thought they were the greatest thing going.    I also bought a go-cart that was so loud and fast on the sidewalk that it was a nuisance in the neighborhood.   I ended up selling it.   Then there was the 5 different motorcylces and then a 1959 Karmen-Ghia (the first year from Volkswagon) and finally an MGB convertible, and it was a beautiful car that I sold when I went to college in the summer of 1970.   Your 67 Buick Special must be a great car!   I know that you were born in Carbondale, IL and I can let you know that my brother and his wife and 6 yr. old son live in San Antonio.   My Mom lives by herself in Kerrville since Dad died in June of 2004 of Luekemia.   mark

am4039 said...

cute stuff and thanks for sharing

stansgirl2004 said...

Wow learned alot about you there
love it!! Hugs, Marina

krspkrmmom said...

done with mine...

Annie =)