Wednesday, February 8, 2006

The I Survey and One Word

I Live: in Texas

I work: In a grocery store

I Talk: Non stop and too much sometimes to myself

I Wish: everyone could just get along

I Enjoy:  life and Making people laugh
I look: at the clouds and the wonderful pictures God paints for us daily

I Find:  things in this house that no one else can seem to know where it is.

I Smell: the roses every chance I get when I walk by them at the grocery store.

I Listen: for angel wings

I Hide: behind the one thinks to look there!!!

I Pray: everyday for all my family and friends

I Walk: on my own two feet

I Write: as much as I can

I see: pictures of all my family around me 

I Sing: as often as I can

I Laugh: when I see someone fall down...I don't know why I do this!  I always help them up though

I Can: still do a one handed cartwheel and a round off I can also beat anyone in a contest of who can stand on their head the longest.

I Watch: Survivor, Big Brother

I Yearn: to help others

I Daydream: while I am painting

I Fall: for a joke every time

  I Want: to take a cruise

I Cry:every time I watch Extreme Make over

I Burn:  Toast
I read: Fiction and Non Fiction-the best non fiction book ever created the Bible

I Love: Rick, Eric, Mom, Dad, all of my family and my Jland friends

I Rode: a elephant once at the zoo

I Sometimes: wish I had more children

I Touch: peoples hearts

I hurt: When others around me are sad

I Fear: getting lost



I Hope: you dance

I break: dance...just kidding

I Eat:  brownies for supper


I Bathe:  At least once a week, and if it is on Sunday I even use soap

I Drink:  too much Diet Pepsi

I Stop:  for school busses

I Save: to much, need to rent a dumpster

I Hug: anyone who needs one


  I Meditate: incorrectly according to Eric

I Play: piano and a few other instruments

I Miss: Christi

I Hold: onto my happy memories

I forgive: but have a hard time forgetting. Jesus forgives and forgets

I Drive: Christis car and feel her with me on long trips to Erics

I Learned:   Life is short, enjoy each moment

I Dream: weird things sometimes

I Have: family and friends who love me

I Don't: look back

I Made:  Robin a surprise for her birthday at 2:00 in the morning yesterday..I mean today..Shhh it's a secret!

I Believe: that God has a special plan for my life

I wait: to be discovered
I Need: nothing, God supplies all my needs

I owe:  I owe it's off to work I go!

I Hate: rude people

I Feel: with my fingers

I Know: you know that I know that you know!

I Wonder: what Heaven will be like

I applaud anyone else doing this with only one cup of coffee..........
I love: life

I got this from buggieboo1 
Okay now the other day I sent out an email called one word...what fascinates me is that I got a lot of replies to this and almost every single one was a different word.  All of you are so kind and I appreciate all the compliments I received.  As of now, here are the words that I was sent.

You are upbeat, creative,confident,fun (2), nice,sweet,cheerful,giving,uplifting,gifted,

vivacious, effervescent (i had to ask what this means bubbly),special,tender,precious,compassionate,

caring, sweetheart, alive (thank God!), friendly (2) and funny (4).

All I can say is Thanks! Guys!  You are all those things to me and so much more.  I wake up and start my day with you and end my day with you as well....I try to get a few things done during the day......too. Hugs, Barbara



lv2trnscrb said...

really? You can do a cartwheel? Wow! I never could when I was younger. And stand on your head??? You continue to amaze me :)

have a good day


mawmellow said...

loved your survey...i'll do it later and send....gotta friend is taking me to lunch for my birthday today....wished you were here to go along !

robinngabster said...

I love this! I smell the flowers too!  We gotta get your about me picture fixed!!

randlprysock said...

These are great answers Barbara!!  Awww, a discovery: we both talk to ourselves.  Hey great minds think alike.  Hugs,

lifes2odd said...

Hi Barbara! What a fun journal you have! I linked to you through Robin. I'm an old time J-lander who has just returned after almost 2 years. Stop by and visit when you can :-)
Martha -

am4039 said...

love your answers thanks

alphamoon65 said...

loved your answers....I would need at least a pot of coffee. lol

fasttrack58 said...

Great answers!!
I try to get a few things done in between journaling too... Today, not so much...
Linda :)

mtrib2 said...

Your I survey reads reads profoundly and sincere.    I appreciate your one word description for me Barbara.    mark