Sunday, February 5, 2006

Skylights and High Lights

This is as close as I am going to get to a skylight.  Rick has vetoed the idea.  He said it would cause too many problems later.  What a shame to build a new room and have the skylight leak and ruin the whole thing...I agree.

This is just an update on what I have been doing lately


Today I work from 11 - 7.  So I will be quite busy selling refreshments to all the football fans.  I am sure I will be super busy all day long

Work is going great.  I like having different hours and having some mornings at home.  At my last job I had to be there every morning at 6am to set up the restaurant and usually worked by myself until around 10 or 11.

The manager I had at the end was quite a trip.  She was suppose to be there at 7 to help me set up and take care of the customers but she never showed up until around 10 and then she would go to the back and put on her makeup for an hour.  She would literally bring her makeup with her to work

Some days she wasn't even dressed for work and came in her pajamas and dressed at work....

At lunch time when we got busy her majesty would come out if we got extremely busy, but spent most of the time flirting with the male customers...useless.

I got tired of all this and left after working at that restaurant for 7 years.  This girl only had 2 months experience working in a restaurant and that was there.

When she came in she was a hostess and then the next thing you know they are announcing that she is our  new manager.

I trained her on everything the manager does from paperwork to the computer and when she thought she had learned all she needed to know started treating me like toilet paper.

I should have took the manager position myself, but I want to be tied down to the place.

I was offered the position 5 times.

I am so happy at my new job.  Of course like anywhere you go there are going to be problems...but at least I am not the only one trying to hold up a sinking ship.

Since I started my new job which, by the way, is right across the street from the restaurant where I had just left, all I hear need to get back over there!

The service is lousy, the food is either cold or gross and it takes forever to get the food.

These are people I spoiled as a waitress...sorry guys

I do miss the tips, but I don't miss the stress.

I don't see this restaurant being open a year from now, because no one who worked there really cares about the customer.

So sad.

I was remembering the other day this one guy M who was a retired Fire Chief who came in every  morning like clockwork. I would have his breakfast on the table when he walked in the door before he even ordered it.

He would get one pancake, bacon and fruit.  I would cut out the sections of his grapefruit for him and make sure that h coffee cup was filled and that he had his strawberry topping.

He came in the other day and said he doesn't go in there anymore because they ignore him when he walks in and sometimes it takes over an hour just to get his breakfast.

Sorry M.....

A lot of people have told me that they won't eat there anymore.

This is sad to me because I had really built up the business.  I would have a full house by 8am.

When I look over there at 11-12 in the afternoon and all I see are employees cars......I know there is a problem.

Oh well, I hate top see it happen, but you have to care about the people, or they will not be back.

I have tried to contact the owner of this restaurant, but he acts like he doesn't care either.....He stands behind his manager 100 percent.  I wonder if he will be standing behind her in the unemployment line???



rocketman685434 said...

The building is coming on great well done

robinngabster said...

Maybe he is doing more than just standing behind her???  

mawmellow said...

pat yourself on the back girlfriend !!  customers love being spoiled !
the additions look great !!
i see i missed a "round" of guess what it is !!!  congrats to the winner :)

lv2trnscrb said...

I have to agree with Rick; smart man to realize that the skylight, although a magnificient idea, could cause more headaches than joy down the road.

Its a shame the owner of the restaurant doesn't see what is going on to his business and care about it. Isn't it comforting to know that you did a good job there?

We're off to the grocery store; I know its going to be a mad house with people buying things for the game.

enjoy your day!


am4039 said...

Well it looks like Rick is going a great job.  But I really would like to say you sounded like an awesome waitress.  To bad to many places don't have them like  you.  

terra19728 said...

It sounds like it was their loss.  I hope you will be happy with your new job.


mtrib2 said...

Rick is doing an excellent job on the building.   You are a real business minded person that would be a asset to any restaurant or any business.   I think you would also be fair minded and someone that others would feel treats employees with respect if you were a manager.    mark

moodymyke7 said...

Dear Angel Waitress,

I saw your name on Vals journal and how on earth did you figure out those names?  I sat here for an hour and couldnt do any......well maybe one.

That is a shame about the restaurent.  The manager has to be one dumb thing.
I know the people miss you and they will eventually stop going there.  

Keep doing your journal it is very fun to read and you are a good writer.


curvyanglintexas said...

here is the direct link to the IF I COULD questions you posted on Feb 2. In case you don't want to scroll down when I make my other posts shortly LMAO

stansgirl2004 said...

They should be kissing your ass and begging you to come back!!
Love the way that room is coming along sorry about the sky light
Hugs, Marina

randlprysock said...

Wow... sounds like they should have never hired that goofy one who came to work in her pjs and with her makeup.  Good grief.  Hugs,

fasttrack58 said...

Both of our bathrooms have skylights in them. However when the next models of our house came out the builders decided no skylights, too expensive...

That's why I am so torn about going for supervisor positions anymore, when they pick people who are not even qualified, doesn't make me feel very special about having the position if just anybody can have it...
Glad you like your new job!!
Linda :)